Monday, December 27, 2004

I have been out of the news loop and recently caught up with what has been going on in the world. I was blown away at the massive loss of life from the tsunami. An estimated 20,000+ people dead. So many lost... So many impacted and hurting...

I just read that some experts believe that the earthquake was so massive that it bumped the earth's rotation slightly. This would cause a shortening of our days by micro-seconds. Amazing. Something so big - kicking a dent in the earth and affecting our rotation.

God - bring peace and healing and comfort to those in need. Amen.

I wonder how we could help?

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Deurty will be doing the vacation thing for a few days and will be out of blog range. I may audio blog. This morning we enjoyed a special worship gathering. I really sensed that I know so very little about God and the mystery, awe and wonder of God was very real to me. It was a heart warming experience.

Christmas was awesome! Yesterday I played basketball and even though I could not run or jump - I had a great time. I almost forgot that I had bum knees. :)

Wishing my knees were 15 again,

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

For unto us a child is born - unto us - a Son is given.


Friday, December 24, 2004

Can you say cold and snow? I am tired of this global warming! :)

Today is a lazy day of getting things finalized for Sunday and having a nice meal with the family and Vic's mom.

Merry Christmas and take a second to smile. :)

Botox me!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The picture above is allegedly the location of Jesus' birth in Bethleham. When you go to visit this location many people bend over and kiss the spot. A church is basically built on the location.

I lived and studied in Jerusalem for one month in January 1992. This was an amazing experience. It was an intense learning experience with a lot of work and fun. We lived on Mount Zion and around the corner from the alleged location of the upper room where Jesus had his final meal with His followers.

One of our stops was in Bethlehem where we went through an armed check point. It was a much different picture from the song "Oh little town Bethlehem..." or "Silent night." I encountered armed security and scrutiny. It is amazing to think that Jesus was born in a location within a walk from where we visited. It is bizarre to grasp the fact that we stood where the walls of Jericho tumbled and where Nehemiah led the people to rebuild the wall. It is moving to stand on the steps where Peter preached to the masses and where 3,000 people became followers of Jesus. Real places. Real stories. Real people.

Sometimes I forget that the stories of the Bible include flesh and blood imperfect people. Christmas involved a real man, a real young girl and a real baby. Christmas also involves real people like you and like me.

The Deurs are now healthy and we'll pray that it stays that way.

PS - had a great time away with Autumn and also had a fun night with family tonight. I rollerskated!!! It has been a long time!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The flu has hit the Deur home. Harrison started doing the upchuck thing a bit this morning, but we prayed he would be healed. (Remember - no flu shots for us!) :) Anyways, he may be not that sick... Time will tell. So our big two day away trip is getting gutted and half of us will be doing it.

Praying for health in the holiday season.

That's why the lady's a tramp,

Monday, December 20, 2004

Great day today! It was great because my whole side of the family gathered for an unbelievable dinner from my mom and a lot of gift giving for the kids. The kid's loved their gifts. Harrison suprisingly loved his new pajamas the most. (At least it wasn't a Barbie - huh Wade!) The older kids (everyone else over the age of five) opened their stockings. I received my yearly "Rolo" candy. (It is tradition and I may get into it some day.) I also received the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King DVD. It has like fifty extra minutes! Cool! (Doug M. would be proud - getting my money's worth! - love ya Fresh!) Anyways - one of the gifts was a baseball that helps you determine the speed. (see above pic).

Unfortunately I will be trying this out with two bad knees and a weak arm. When I was 18-25 I could wing the sucker fast and hard. But alas, I am a 33 year old wash up! :) Did you know I played baseball in Australia when I was 24 years old? It was fun. I pitched and played third base. I led the team in hitting and had a blast. Glory days. Now I'll clock this ball out at somewhere below 60! yikes.

I feel a big blog discussion coming up from me, but no promises... I have been just giving little updates lately and keeping it light, but stuff has been working in me. I may share stuff sometime or I may forget and you may have to put up with more discussion on 80's music. (Did I mention that I like Rick Astley? Never gonna give you up!!!!!)

Time with family for the next two days. Should be special. Tonight was awesome being all together.
Here is the rundown of my family:
Dave: My dad - he is 56, but yet is an emerging, postmodern, ancient future conversation waiting to deconstruct. :)
Gayle: My mom - she is 56, but she still can twirl and batton and she is practically an internet travel agent.
ME : I'm the oldest - I am married to Vicki and we have two kids: Autumn and Harrison.
Jody: She is next and is married to Brian (Bif). They live in Indiana and have two kids: Savannah and Hudson.
Lisa: She is the youngest and is married to Eric. They live in Arizona.
Pepper: our family dog who was put to sleep while I was on my way home from Australia and not told until we were driving home in the car from the airport. She was a good dog.

I am emo - hear me whine!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Just got back from the Van Andel arena where we saw the Trans Siberian Orchestra. We were invited to go by some friends and so we jumped into the phenomenon... It was very cool. It was dripping with 80's cliche's (that's why I loved it) like the big hair, drum solo, guitar solos, swaying back and forth, kicking at the air and musically battling back and forth with fellow band mates. THEY ALSO HAD LASERS! It was a very cool show! It united rock and classical and techno music into a total unique and amazing experience.

The light show was unbelievable. I realized again how much lighting and atmosphere add to the experience and make a good perfomance into an amazing performance.

Anyways, we also had our gathering this morning and that went smoothly. The message turned out okay and it was fun sharing the story like a personal experience. Gotta try new stuff or we sit and die.

Well gotta go to bed...

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Lazy day of light shopping, cleaning up the house and checking in on people through their blogs. I also spent time going over the message for tomorrow.

The message is taken from Luke 2 and it is the story of the angels telling the shepherds of Jesus' birth. I am doing it as a narative. So I'll be a shepherd and tell the story and I'll be an angel. (We all know that I am an angel.)

Anyways - I am excited about doing the message in this fashion. It has made me think differently about the story and has made it more real and personal. I also feel nervous about it. I have only done one other message like this. (as the thief on the cross at Easter time.) So, hopefully it will go well. I am taking a bit of a risk and stretching myself and I pray it will be impactful for those listening. I think that doing a story this way invites people to participate in the story themselves.

I received one of my Christmas gifts today in the mail. I ordered it for myself and it is from my wife. :) It is a t-shirt. It says, "The Smiths" and it has their picture for 'rank.' (SEE PIC ABOVE) If you are a Smith's fan you know what I'm talking about. If not, I am not talking about Nate Smith. :)

Time to go over the tic talk again. We just put the kids to bed after about a half hour of dancing in the basement to Erasure and New Order. mmmmmm my dance hall days...

In a Big Country,

Friday, December 17, 2004

I added daily prayers and readings that you can do in the morning, evening or late at night if you desire.

I also added "The Roach" and other links. I cleaned up some blogs that have not been updating regularly.

I think I am going to start doing more regular journaling and reflecting in this new year. Also I am going to be dropping some weight and getting into shape in this new year. DRURY - We need to get at it again!!!!

What would you do if you had time and freedom and resource to do a hobby? I am trying to figure out a hobby to be involved in. How pathetic that I am even asking that question. 2005 better be more healthy - or I'll be miffed. :)

I am getting addicted to ebay,

Thursday, December 16, 2004

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to go to "Showbiz Pizza." They had tons of video games and the mechanical critters playing knock off covers from current hits. The pizza was bad, but the video games ROCKED! I am not good at playing video games, but I get giddy around them. One game I really loved, but was HORRIBLE at was "Dragon's Lair." I was totally blown away at bringing animation and a video game together. It was like walking on the moon for me. I think it cost a whole $.50!!!! Can you believe it! That was a lot! Now adays you can't avoid paying $1.

Anyways - good meetings today. One of my meetings was with LOVE INC. This is a Christian organization that provides everything from food to cars to laundry facilities for people in need. It is a great ministry that truly is on the front lines of meeting practical needs. We are partnering with them in our effort to impact and invest in our community. I really want to see Watermark be a blessing to our neighbors wherever we live. Anyways - I am excited about the opportunity to work with other churches in meeting real needs and also seeing Watermarkers impacting their own neighborhood.

Cool beans,

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas memories...

> Being put to bed in my pajamas with my cousins at my grandparent's house and my dad taking me to the car in the snow.

> My grandma Deur's fudge.

> Going to church with my grandpa and grandma Van Wieren.

> Tennis ball wars and broken light bulbs.

> Stockings with rolos.

> Laughter and love.

> Wrapping paper and hugs around the circle.

> Bingo with grandpa Van Wieren.

I have a lot of amazing memories and one of my favorites includes my dad and my little sister Lisa. Years ago we all were celebrating Christmas and had finished opening up our gits to each other when my dad told my sister Lisa to cover her eyes. He darted out of the room toward the garage. What could this gift be? It had to be big! Anticipation grew... My dad came in and told her to open her eyes. There was my dad - laughing and wheeling in her old bike. Being a dad rocks! I learned from the master and I fear that my children will one day expect something amazing from the garage, only to find their battered old bike wheeled in for my pleasure. :)

Santa's number is 555,

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Here I go again on my own.... Whitesnake sang it best with that girl on the cars. I dig the 80's.

I went through many phases in high school from 1986-1990.
The little mullet and middle part with rugby shirts.
The shaved close with sweaters from the gap.
The middle part fluffy look with the button down shirts.
The long all over with the mock turtle neck and cardigan sweater - GQ wanna be.
The hair in the eyes dance club kid.

Anyways - i have morphed indeed. I think that for the most part I have never cared a great deal about having the latest and greatest stuff and items to wear. There were moments of desire to dress nicely until I realized I would need to hang my clothes back up when I was done. There were moments of reading GQ and Details, but then realizing that I can't afford to look that way. Mostly, the look I've kept is the, "I care, but not THAT much" look. :) Some of my best shoes in the past years have been hand-me-downs from N8 Dogg.

So - I am here to announce that I am going to officially go corporate. Ties, suit coats, slacks, thin patterned socks, shoes with tastles, uh.... if I can't even type these things - how am I supposed to wear them????

I gotta go - just thought I'd say hello quick.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

I spent two days reading, writing, thinking and praying at Maranatha in Norton Shores. It was very refreshing and I got a TON of stuff done. My messages are all done for the rest of 2004! As Carter would say, "thank you Jesus."

I am very excited about the message on December 19th! Should be fun. I was really motivated as I spent time studying the passage.

I went to see National Treasure. It was very good. Clean fun. That would be a good nickname for my dad, "Clean fun." He is Mr. Integrity with a healthy dash of fun.

So, I am feeling like I am getting ahead, which is good because the holidays drop me behind usually... So I guess I am just right.

My wife made Tandori Chicken tonight. We got some spice from Saugatuck and it tasted outstanding. The kids spent the night with my folks so we stopped by Nate and Jenn's house (along with a bunch of others there) late at night. We used to hang with them every Sunday night back in 1997-1999 when we did middle school ministry together. Good fun - before kids - with Vicki in school - and Nate working at a sports store. My oh my things change.

Anyways - I dig Jesus. really I do. He like totally kicks butt. Seriously. The dude is for real.

[this entry has been submitted at 1:20 am on December 10th - I changed the time to have it be relevant to my day on the 9th]

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Meeting, meeting, meeting, meeting... oh the joys of meetings! Actually I don't mind meetings, but I like to have a clue why we are meeting in the first place. :) But, today was one of those meeting days.

I am getting some great planning work time over the next two days. I will avoid the net in that time, but may call in some blogs. Refresh this page every five minutes to get the latest happenings! What the... huh?

Seriously though, I'll be working on the messages for the end of Decemeber and our new conversation series (TRUTH) starting in mid January. I would appreciate prayers for insight, innovation and wisdom. Thanks. If you don't pray you will go to hell. Pardon me? You read correctly. What the.. help. Just kidding.

In anycase - we watched ELF tonight. I really enjoyed seeing that movie again. Very funny.ork

By the way - I SAW THE DUMBEST STORY EVER on NBC early this morning. Some woman took her toddler son (maybe 2 or close to 3) from New York (flew) to Canada to get her son a flu shot! I find that insane and totally at the mercy of the media hype, but I am no doctor... She video taped her journey and the long waiting and frustrations. Anyways - it was whacked. If someone here takes their kid to Canada for a shot I will mock them until they cry or until I realize that I am not living like Jesus. (Which I guess that thought doesn't fit into that matrix)

My eyes are drooping - better go.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Served with a group of guys at the Muskegon Rescue Mission. It was a good time hanging with fellas in the drug treatement program and stocking in the food pantry. Quick Tip: when providing food for a food pantry - AVOID CORN and GREEN BEANS! That is what people send the most of... oh Tomato Soup too.

It was a good and rewarding time.

Jingle Bell parade tonight. Great time with friends. Lots of Watermarkers hanging around outside in the cold. It was cool to see so many meeting with their Life Groups.

Life is short - gulp it up,

Friday, December 03, 2004

I thought this picture would get us all in the Christmas spirit. Nate "the falcon" Smith as Sam X our Christmas planner.

Had a good meeting yesterday with a few gifted ladies that will be designing, refining and leading our global missions effort. I am excited because we are talking about building relationships. We have a partnership already built with New Zealand (Shore Grace) and Bosnia, and we want to focus on those efforts and look for a potential humanitarian opportunities. One idea was to adopt a town or orphanage or something (maybe in Bosnia) and meet practical needs there.

Why take the time to do stuff overseas when we need to be doing it in our own back yard? Why does it have to be either/or? I believe it is both/and. Not to mention Acts 1:8 and the Great Commission in Matthew 28 and the example of the apostles.

I think we all need to get out of our regular routine, life style, comfort and worldviews for a while to practically share the love of Jesus through service. I know that when I have done this I have been changed, lives have been touched and I began to see my own culture and neighborhood with new eyes. You become a missionary to your own community. It also is a stretching and faith building experience.

I do however believe we can lose sight of our own neighborhood and serving here. (But not because we are too focused overseas or in other cultures.) So, I guess the question is for me - have I taken more time serving in an overseas missions experience than I have in my own neighborhood?

Enough chit chat. I am excited about where God is leading.

Life Group last night was swell. I love my group.

My son needs to be changed - his pants are rank if you know what I mean.

Day off today and I am going to try to take it.



Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Did I mention that I still have to return my rental of "Saved?" What the? Check out my Nov. 17th entry... oops. Now that is what I call solid stewardship. I totally forgot it was in my basement. I guess we haven't been watching a lot of TV down stairs or much at all for that matter.

But, it is not a new thing for me to have a late charge. Let me relay a brief encounter with my brother in law Bif. (His name is Brian, and he has his PHD and he is a college professor, but he goes by the name "Bif.") Anyways - Vicki and I are in the car with Bif and my sister and getting a new rental from Blockbuster. We knew we had a late fee and so when Vicki and my sister returned after paying the fee and sporting a new video I casually asked what the late fee was. Vicki responded with the amount and I wasn't listening closely so I misunderstood her. I exclaimed, "$35 dollars!" She calmly said, "No - not $35 - it was $15 dollars." I then casually said, "oh - that's good."

At this Bif is laughing and telling me that a good trip to Blockbuster for us is if we only have a $15 late fee. He was cracking up that we were not phased by a fee like that... But then again - we are the Deurs. :) But, we have been doing great until I realized that today.... Oh well... Looks like my kids aren't gonna have Christmas full of gifts! Just kidding.

I am locked and loaded for Sunday already! Already working on three weeks from now. I love getting ahead.

Got to hang at a little gathering to say farewell to Roach and Judy. I hope their time here will always be looked at with joy.

Lean back...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Holy shnikies! Today we were over run by new people, visitors and watermarkers in our gatherings! It was awesome, but much different than what I anticipated. I figured it would be a quiet reflective week with a small intimate feel, but alas everyone and their brother showed up. It was cool. Mike Morgan spoke and did a swell job at communicating the life of THANKSLIVING.... Get it? Yeah baby.

Spent some time at Taco Bell and went to Vredeveld's tonight for pizza and chatting and America's Funiest Hom Videos. That is my favorite comedy on TV. It is the only show I will laugh out loud at. I love watching people fall and get hurt. Sick and wrong.

Watched the movie, "It's a wonderful life" and I again saw the power of one generous life on a community. Pretty cool. George Bailey could have been wealthy in monetary means, but rather in the end he was the wealthiest man around in influence and love. Pretty cool.

Reading a new book: "The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society" by Lesslie Newbiggin. Good stuff so far. I may share stuff as I go. Or I will bore you with dribble from my uneventful life.

Daddy macka make a, "jump jump..."

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Friday, November 26, 2004


Spent time with Pete and Shawn and the fam tonight. I don't know why we don't hang out with friends more often. Maybe because I am sick from not getting a flu shot earlier this year. What the? DUDE! :)

Anyways - what is truth? Is there an absolute truth standard? Takers? giddy.

deurty creeky bone man,

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

We got dumped on today! A whole lotta snow and slippery roads...

Above is our forecast for the next few days. Inviting isn't it. :)

And I chose to live here because.....? Because God put us here sucka and he cares more about his plan than your weather comfort! What the? Now I'm talking to my self. Huh? You heard me. Stop complaining about the weather. Get off my back. What? Anyways - time to shut the voices off.

Anyways - I am feeling real good. Had a good meeting today with my friend Ed who encourages me and challenges me from his time alone with God. Also had a good time with our intern (on the way out) Roach. It has been fun to see how he has grown. I am proud of how he has allowed God to move in his heart. (Even though he is french canadian). :)

I also have my message done for December 5th which means I am officially ahead. But, I am sure something will drop in and highjack this proactive time. Maybe another knee injury. I have been known to fall on the ice.

Well gotta go to bed. Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!

Thanks for being in my life and for making it fun. This blog is more than rambling ideas or thoughts. This blog in a wierd way is a part of a community. I think of a lot of you as I write and I am aware that I may not know all of you personally, but thanks for taking the time. My hope is that each person would experience the joy and freedom of life together with God. Or, at least being able to comment on my site as someone completely different and get a good slam on me! :) Anyways - thanks!

mmmmmm turkey,

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Well nothing much to write.

Meetings today...
Got the rest of the year (to the end of May) pretty much laid out for message topics...
Had the Boeve's over for dinner... great white chilli from my wife...
Farted around on the computer... playing BZ Flag... (i am not very good.) :)

Tomorrow should be good. I am geared up for Thanksgiving!!!!!! I love Thanksgiving!

Have a good day and lots of love to Wade Breeden for taking the time to read this stuff.

I finished the third book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Cool - can't wait to read book four.

Burrito boy,

Monday, November 22, 2004

Have you ever "googled" yourself? Sure you have. What did you find? Anyways - I looked up some people I know under the images category and found pictures of people I know with a different look. So which person, by the same name, resembles the people listed the most?

This is David Drury:

This is Nate Smith:

This is Steve Thompson:

This is ROACH:

Looking forward to any feedback. By the way - which one is the real David Drury? Nate Smith? Steve Thompson? And Roach?

We will never know - just like we won't know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. Amen.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Anyways I guess I could mention that Vicki's Grandpa had a great birthday party to celebrate 100 years! It was amazing to think about the influence one person can have in a life time. As a result of his age he has been able to see generation after generation after generation born and impacted. The power of a life. So where am I investing mine?

The gathering went smoothly and we handled the oh so fun topic of giving. :) Brad put together an awesome video for SURF CITY! You can check it out at his Vinmark Productions under the motion page. Great job Brad - epic!

Tonight we enjoyed Core Focus together. We celebrated Roach and Mrs. Roach. It was cool and there was a great spirit. There is something very real and special about our life together. Thanks God!

By the way my wife made an AWESOME roast today... mmmmm food.

Cole Trickle,

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Awesome Life Group tonight! We have been going through a little booklet put together by Willow Creek Community Church entitled: Fully Devoted. Anyways - it hits on their five "G's" Tonight we discussed "GRACE." One thing I kept hearing from our group is that it seems easier to be "saved by grace" than to "live in grace" and extend it to others. Good stuff sucka.

This week's message is bocky. Is that a word? :) I am unsure if that is how you spell it, but you may get the idea. I am hating what I have and have no time for the next two days to change it. AWESOME! So - it will have to be gutted and reworked in the cracks of free time tomorrow.

This Saturday we are going to celebrate Vicki's grand father's birthday. The dude just turned 100! Holy mad cow!

What would I look like at 100? Yikes. My gut would hang to the floor and my back hair would resemble a chia pet.

Well have a funky fresh day...

PS - As I mentioned before - Shore Grace is celebrating their first anniversary this Sunday. Shoot up a prayer for Mike as he prepares to cast vision for the year ahead. Also throw in a prayer for the flying KIWI - that his "emerging" child will look like Kristin! :) Love ya Brett!

Back in black,

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Well - I finally saw the movie, "saved." It was good, but... I don't feel like going into the things that I didn't dig - mainly because the movie wasn't meant to be an accurate portrayal of the Christian life and it pretty much lived up to the producer's desired outcomes. So - yes - good and humorous movie on taking the Christian sub culture to an EXTREME level, but it left me with a bad after taste and it wasn't toward the whole "Christians give Christ a bad reputation" thing. Anyways - entertaining and lived up to what it was.

Here is a side note that I thought of as a result of the film and it has been in me for a spell. Do we waste too much time commenting on, mocking and pulling down the Christian sub culture? Do we know what we want to become and have something to look forward to? Can't we become who we are made to be - without spending a chunk of our time avoiding that which we don't want to be?

I am looking to live the optimistic, hopefilled, authentic (as possible) life with Jesus and I am getting the sense more and more that it has less to do with eluding something and more to do with embracing someone.

To all my "emergent" friends. Do we really need to be so angry? Is this the central fuel behind us?

Anyways - it is late - I am a nobody who is tired and thinking on the screen. So - I should stop and delete all of this. :)

REALITY IS not what it used to be,

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

We worked today on a few things including a coaching flow. In other words we are laying out lines of responsibility and relationships. This will help ensure that people are communicated with, coached and cared for... So yeah.

We had two computers generously donated to our team. This is badly needed and now we have one available for use in the office area. Thanks God!

I am in need of some inspiration like right now!!!! AHHHHH! :)

The sun always shines on TV,

Monday, November 15, 2004

Shore Grace is celebrating their first anniversary this Sunday! Congrats to our New Zealand partner church!

Had a great time with the kids tonight - wrestling with Harrison is good fun. The dude is a brick.

I am feeling uninspired and I need some soak time to get tapped into some vision for the future...

"I dreamed I went to heaven..."

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Today was an enjoyable morning together. We did the stewardship thing and gave out $1000 in fifties to 20 teams of people for the purpose of investing in God's kingdom. We will hear what happened from this in the next few monthes.

The Lions were losing when I was watching. I don't care what anyone says... THE LIONS STINK AND JOEY HARRINGTON IS A BUST! At least that is how I feel when I see him passing two yard passes to the running back. COME ON! We might as well play Darko as QB! What?

Anyways - I need to take a big nap, but the kids are awake and there is no break until 7:30 pm! :) The joys!

I stand in unity with the big and tall guys!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Today I play Mr.Mom as Vicki is out of town doing a home makeover for her mom's home. Her mom is out of town and Vicki joined her sisters in working on her home.

So as she is in the Detroit area today - I am hanging with two awesome little critters.

I also need to finalize my message for tomorrow. It is pretty much set, but needs some serious refining and smoothing out.

So today will be a busy day of diaper changes, getting drinks, staying active, having fun and praying for a long nap for the kids! :)

Hush little baby...

Friday, November 12, 2004

I was a big "Cult" fan and still listen to their stuff. I thought that Ian Astbury had an awesome presence and voice and that Billy Duffy could flat out rock out. Anyways - this album, "Electric" was a great hard rock album with the classic song, "Wildflower." Good stuff. Owwww yeaaaah!

Anyways - I am enjoying working at the office and find myself better informed on what is up and finding more focused time to get stuff done. Thank you God.

Recorded "Family Stuff" today with Dan. To learn more about Family Stuff go to: or to listen: go to - then find family stuff or Dan Seaborn and click it. You can listen to our broadcast. Fun stuff. I gave up a broadcasting degree and potential career for ministry and now I get a taste of that through this nationally broadcasted show. God is good... All the time. And all the time.... God is good.

I need to finish up my message. The kids spent the night at my folks and Vicki and I had fun going to Chilis where we ate a ton of appetizers and I drank way too many Cherry Coke's. Oh the joys of being Wesleyan. What? :)

By the way - I finally saw the "Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless mind" and loved it! Great choice Kevin! I am not telling anyone to see it, but I really liked it. (I say that b/c someone will see it and maybe will be offended... but then again some people are offended by PBS.)

BIG DOG - when am I going to get to meet you? Also -the garden lady? You guys should pop over to a gathering sometime. 9:30 and 11:00 am at the high school. No pressure - just wanted to put faces with names (or nicknames). :)

See ya!
deurty little man (since my dad is the deurty old man).

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

In high school I was into The Smiths. I particularly enjoyed the album: "louder than bombs." It was kind of a hits album in a way. Anyways - I enjoyed the amusing and semi depressing lyrics and the great guitar riffs of Johnny Marr. Anyways - good memories and I still find myself listening to them from time to time.

Today was a good day with solid message prep. time as well as some good meetings.

Tomorrow is the big ole 6 am meeting! Gross! Tomorrow I hope to be in a good groove for the message and also have the Christmas conversation series laid out. I am thinking about dealing with the context of the first Christmas... What was the world like when Jesus arrived on the scene...

PS - I enjoy the show, "LOST." I dig the idea of survival on an island, but don't think I'd like to do it. :)

Wade B. - the drum soldier,

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I am in need of inspiration to blog. Anyways - a few of us went to a little morning conference regarding, "The emotionally healthy church." In anycase, much of it was good and the nugget I took away was that I needed more time to think, to be, to pray, to listen, to understand, to soak, to dream, to visioneer, to relax, to unpack the past, to embrace the present, to chart the future, to say I can't do it all, to depend, to learn to love... Time...

Going to "crank the beast" (as Brian King used to say) tomorrow on my message. All morning is message prep and the afternoon is a string of meetings.

Can I just say that doing things out of guilt really stinks. I have come to understand that guilt has been a chief motivator for me for most of my life. Maybe it isn't guilt... maybe it is not wanting someone to be disappointed... maybe it is deeper... maybe it is fear or maybe even pride... either way I find myself in the middle of it all. Funny - if someone is at the core of guilt motivation to do something you don't want to do - why not just not do it? That did not make sense when I typed it, but it did in my head. :) That means it's time for bed.

I am enjoying the Stephen King book: "The Dark Tower- book 3."

The Outfield should not be forgotten,

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Finally done with my talk for tomorrow. I may just trash it and talk from my gut, but that gets me in trouble... Can you say ramblin man?

Hung out with family today and did the front yard leaves. Thanks to the Boeve's for helping pick up and dump a bunch of our bags for us! Not so random acts of kindness!

Gotta jet -

Friday, November 05, 2004

Where do I start?

Fantastic time in New Zealand. I am very excited about our partnership with Shore Grace. To learn more about Shore Grace check them out under the 'churches' link.

I am trying to wake up. We had great flights, but the jet lag is tough. I hope I will find some time to think clearly and work through what I am sharing this Sunday.

We will be talking a bit on the things God is teaching me through this experience this Sunday at the gathering.

I can't think straight yet. But wanted to say hello!

sweet as,

Monday, November 01, 2004

I am still alive.
This will not be long.
I miss you all and will be back sooner rather than later.

I have gorged myself with fish and chips and indian food. mmmmm curry.
My messages seemed to all go well.

A special hello to Jay McCammon who misses this blog. :)

Anyways - I do not have the energy to share everything - I will have to preach on it this Sunday... Check your email staff fellas. Sorry.

Love you all and talk to you soon. I want to leave you with this one brief sentence:


ps - vote and vote correctly. :) just kidding - kinda

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Core Focus was great. Jim Cymbala was the speaker via video. All I can say is: PRAY.

Two gatherings went awesome again - praise God. Good job to N8 Dogg on the message.


Saturday, October 23, 2004

I heard a little Erwin McManus Q & A session where he describes "Postmodern churches" as a movement that is led by "angry church-going white kids." I thought this was brilliant! I am trying to piece together an article called, "emerging arrogance" which deals with the attitudes of those in the "emerging church" movement toward other churches and leaders. Another great point that McManus makes is that if your movement's primary drive is anger and you are defined by what you are not - then the movement will not live - afterall - God's kingdom runs on love and what we are called to be.

So - before we make our lists of what we aren't - let's define ourselves by God's Word and who we are to be. That sounds refreshing. It just isn't as fun as getting together with younger pastors and doing behind the scenes gossip on how our leaders just don't get it.

Blah blah blah Steve. :)

Countdown to NZ. Working on messages and laying things out. Looking forward to the experience and serving God in this way, but I will miss the family BIG time.

We got some offices to use from IPA in Grand Haven. They had some open space and are generosly allowing us to use four spaces. Very cool.

I have been hanging with two other fellas for a weekly Bible Study. We are reading the same chapter of the Bible every day. This week it has been James 2. I am struck by the fact that faith is not just passive belief, but action.

Got my haircut today at "Gingers" from Michelle. She is great at the hair stuff and helps me eliminate my dork look. If possible.

It's da Flav homes, cold chilling in effect,

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Well my talk at Spring Arbor University went well. I really enjoy speaking to college aged students. They were very much into it and I had a blast. I was able to see Mike "Dontrell" Willis and some of my old "real." students. Did a quick A & W run with some of them.

One cool note. It looks like we may be able to use some offices for free for a period of time. I'll let you know more later. I don't see this as solving the need for a "hub," but it is a start to improving efficiency and communication.

On a sad note - some friends in our life group lost a cousin and friend. He was in his thirties with two kids and a wife. Very sad. There is nothing in this world that shakes you to your foundation like a death of a loved one. Everything else falls away and a heavy blanket covers every day life. Anyways - lift up this family that lost their dad and husband. Thanks.

Ronny, Bobby, Ricky and Mike,

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I went to the Gideon Pastor's Appreciation banquet. It was nice to get together with area pastors.

Speaking tomorrow morning at Spring Arbor University's chapel. I ask for your prayers. It is a weird thing to go back to where a lot of things started, including the original Watermark dream (when it was just a seed.) It has been over ten years since I graduated.

Time to go into the hot tub.

Eternity is now,

Monday, October 18, 2004

I am beginning the amazing journey of preparing for New Zealand. There is a lot to do:
1. Figure out what to pack and pack it
2. Prepare messages for a variety of environments
3. Bring additional resources for anything that may pop up
4. Make sure everything is taken care of back here for while I'm away
5. Organize my prayer team
6. And other stuff that I can't even think about until I've gotten to the day!!!!! :)

Wednesday I get to speak at Spring Arbor University. Going back to my roots.

Go cougars,

Sunday, October 17, 2004

We launched 2 gatherings today and it went great! Smooth...
Thanks yo!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Here is a picture of my newest nephew: Hudson. He reside near Marion, IN where his daddy is a prof. at Indiana Wesleyan University. Congrats again to Brian and Jody and looking forward to seeing the little man.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by little things that you know you should be doing, but you can't even hardly remember these little things because you feel bombarded by them. It feels like I grab an idea I should be doing, but before I can think it through - it is gone. Kind of like on the tip of your mind. Anyways - it'll all work out - it always does.

I have a wedding today in Shelbyville and then tomorrow is two gatherings with the Watermark crew! If you can make it - please come and hang with us! 9:30 and 11:00 am. That would be cool.

Uncle steve,

Friday, October 15, 2004

I am an uncle once again! Hudson Nelson Fry is in the house. I hope to see him before I fly out to New Zealand, but we'll see.

I wish I had something cool to say. But, I am feeling less and less like I have something to say.

So, let me write out a quote from a unique Bible paraphrase called, "the word on the street."
"See, right on cue, with precision timing, when we were flailing around totally helpless, Jesus died for the messed up. How often does someone die for someone else? It's not daily news, is it?! Alright, for a really happening guy, maybe some would die. It does happen. But get your head round this: God proved his love to us, 'cos it was when we were totally messed up that Jesus died for us." - Romans 5:6-8

please, please, please let me get what i want,

Thursday, October 14, 2004

My sister is gearing up to have her second child. His name will be Hudson and he will be a stud. Just waiting... Any time...

Had life group tonight. Great time with great friends! Visited a young man in prison today.

I am still plugging away on the message. I will have to finish up tomorrow. I also have a wedding on Saturday - so it will be a busy weekend.

911's a joke, :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How did I live to be thirty three years old without ever getting a flu shot?

The television makes it sound like the flu vacine shortage will produce millions of deaths! Be afraid! Stay in doors! Rush to your doctors and demand a shot or face death!

Seriously - I think it would be great if we all had a shot to prevent getting the flu. I hate the flu. I hate puking. I know it stinks, but can we tone down the fear? Can we see through the media's need for a story and puffing up of the story?

In protest of how this is being handled - I will dunk myself in a vat of germs. What?

Maybe I'll take time and pray for protective healing from God for me and measure it with the flu shot gang. Any takers? :)

Having a little fun so chill,

ps - final debate is done. I will not make a comment on it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I wrote a little diddy at Emergent Wesleyan. Feel free to check it out. Link to the left (

I am still wrestling with this week's message - thanks for the prayers!


Monday, October 11, 2004

I need prayer for God's clear guidance and insight. The message that I was going to prepare is not the right one for this week. The cool thing is that I sense God in this... The bad thing is that I am scratching my head on what to teach.

Anyways - Say a prayer for God's Words and message to be clearly articulated.


Sunday, October 10, 2004

We celebrated our one year anniversary today!

God is awesome and I like forward to seeing what He has in store for year two.

This upcoming Sunday: 2 Gatherings! 9:30 and 11:00 am. Pray with us!!!! :)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Congrats to my favorite Aussie politician, John Howard.
John beat Paul Keating to become Prime Minister while I lived in Sydney and I have been pulling for him ever since.

He thrashed Mark Latham in the election!

Good on ya Johnny!
Vicki has landed home. She had a great conference and I think it was a refresher for her. Awesome!

I handled the kids with ease... with the help of Chucky Cheese, reading books, cinnamon rolls, going to the zoo with my dad and hitting Wendy's for lunch. A guy like me needs to get out of the house when I have the kids on my own. Playing barbies in the basement is like a death sentence. :)

I had a great time with the kids and I love them so much. I appreciated my dad hanging with me - he is a guy I respect and love. He knows how to have a little sarcastic fun with me. The dude can show.

Gotta close out some items for tomorrow. IF YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING TOMORROW - COME CELEBRATE OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY AS A CHURCH! 10 am @ Grand Haven High School. More details:

Had a little article in the paper regarding our anniversary. Cool. The Onpoint gang put together a little ad we ran as well.

Keep your eyes peeled on the watermark web site. Refreshed site coming soon!

George W. Bush quote from debate: "need some wood?"

Friday, October 08, 2004

My wife is at a Beth Moore women's conference with my mom. They are overnight in GR and I am doing the Mr. Mom thing today and tomorrow.

I went to a family birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. That pizza is like cardboard with cheese on it. The ticket games provide you an opportunity to win fabulous $.15 prizes and only have to pay $10 to earn enough tickets to win it! Crazy! The ticket games are an addicting element that I believe resembles child gambling. We need to start a kid's version of "ticket game anonymous."

"My name is Billy Thomas and I can't stop playing skeeball for tickets."
"Hi Billy."

Just about to watch the debate. By the way I have my ballot (since I'll be in NZ during the election) - so I'll be voting tomorrow. Then I can focus all my energy to convince others to vote for "2 for 2!" What?

The Watermark Web site is being updated so keep your eyes open. Thanks to OPMG (onpoint). Need a site? Need a logo? Connect with this awesome team! They know ministry. They work hard. They love God. They are awesome!

Flava flave!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I have an unbelievable, awesome, amazing, gifted, beautiful wife!
Thank you God for my honey...

I have a few big speaking events coming up.

October 17 - I speak at Watermark for our first week in two gatherings.
October 20 - I speak at Spring Arbor University for chapel. This is where I went to school.
October 30 - I speak to the leaders of The Wesleyan Church in New Zealand. I also do a seminar.

So, I am asking you to please take a second while reading this and pray that God would guide the preparation and give creativity and insight. Thanks!!!! I really need it.

Reading, "Seizing Your Divine Moment" again, by Erwin R. McManus. Good book. We are reading it with a leadership life group that meets 2/month. Today, I said this comment (with sarcasm) and it hit me on how I don't want to live: "I really want to die someday and have people say that I 'was careful and played it safe,' at my memorial service. Yuck! What kind of legacy is that and yet it is so easy to play it safe and careful and not ruffle feathers and to walk on egg shells and end of missing life in the process.

So - my call is to get out there and live! Don't sleep through your dreams.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I thought this photo was interesting because of the sharp contrast of religion and politics.

If I could have a presidential candidate talk and give a speech at Watermark - I would decline.
Yes, come and participate. Yes, let us pray for you and your family. But, no on the stump speech please - no matter your political persuasion.

Could that be turning the house of prayer into the den of the money changers? Anyways - I thought it was a powerful picture that brings up different questions for me as a follower of Jesus.

For example: Am I so consumed with this presidential race that my focus is on the man and not the one whose name is in the background? Am I putting my trust in politics first and not in the truth of the line on the screen? Is the screen declaring something that is not being lived out in that photo or in my life?

Jesus Christ, only, always,

Monday, October 04, 2004

My friend, accountability partner and fan of Spinal Tap - Dave Drury has a blog: Double D and a place for his writings David Drury. Check it out on the left under blogs and study, growth and conversation. Also look into Emergent Wesleyan. I am going to be contributing to this.

Just got out of the hot tub... oh baby.
Well the birthday was a good one. Thanks to all who gave me love.

We are gearing up for one year of Watermark public gatherings. This Sunday will be our first birthday. We are planning on hearing stories, having cake, watching videos from the past and looking ahead to what God has for us.

We made political yard signs entitled with the "2 for 2" logo and they have the address on the top and bottom. We gave out fifty and now I see them in different yards and people are trying to figure out what it is about. Fun!

I have been enjoying reading a bit of "The Word on the Street" by Rob Lacey. It is a rough paraphrase of parts of the Bible. Just an interesting way to discover some of the passages I have read time after time.

There is no "I" in team, but there are two in KIWI.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

We have been calling my son, "The path of destruction" or "the symphony of destruction." Don't worry we don't say it to his face even though he wouldn't understand as an eighteen month old. The dude is relentless. He climbs, he smashes, he destroys, he bucks and grabs.. BUT, he also is the cutest little cuddliest monster ever.

He smashs his head into the wall one moment crying and the next moment he is laughing at something. My son is living life to the full from what I can tell. He takes risks. He explores. He has a focus on one thing that is unbelievable.


I guess I want to live life full on like him. How did I get so reserved and careful? He just jumps in. I have a lot to learn from my son. And he has a lot to learn about not playing with a barbie radio!

Wrapped up the message last night late. God help! :)

Tomorrow I turn 33.


Thursday, September 30, 2004

Just got done watching the debate and after coverage. Wow - I can't imagine being on live television and having questions flying at you and getting attacked and pushed and prodded, but both men went through the gauntlet. It was a lot of what we have been hearing over the course of the last few monthes. I just tried to picture myself in that situation and having to clearly articulate a position. I guess it wouldn't be hard if you know your position and you have been stumping with that position for weeks...

I need a complete overhaul of my message. This is a disappointment, but it will take us to where we need to go. We are talking about healing this week.

Here is a question for the blogsphere... Does God heal people? Do you believe that? If so, how do you reflect that belief? Have you seen it? Have you prayed for it?

I think that if we really truly believed that God was active and involved in our world today we would be breaking down the doors of prayer meetings and treating hang out times as miracle centers. But that is coming from a closet charismatic. :)

Stay cool,
I have been mad swamped yo!

I wanted to share one thing that happened that was pretty impacting for me on Tuesday. We as a staff team strolled through some neighborhoods in two's. We prayer walked. It was a heart opening experience to really take time and look at the homes and to be open to God to reveal different prayer needs in each home. It was impacting to think about where each family or individual may be if they never connect to a local church. Where else will they receive living hope? Where else will they learn about eternal life - right now? It was a compassion filled experience.

I encourage you to take a half hour and walk through your apartment complex, your neighborhood or dorm floor and ask God to help you see people through His eyes and to love them with His heart. Pray for needs God may have brought to mind. Pray that God would use you to impact the community and to love them.

Anyways - we have some big invites into our lives coming up. Pray that our neighbors will be open to connecting.

The Stone Roses were supposed to be the next Beatles,

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hey. Here is a rundown...

Sunday: Gathering - spoke on ABBA
Lunch - with Roach and Jude
Core Focus - taking in Hybel's and talking the "local church."

Monday: Studied for this weeks message.
Had a burger at Big Dogs
Programming time with the gang.
Great family time

Tomorrow: Staff meeting (got something unique planned)
Lunch with mentor (Dennis J)
Meeting with Roach
Evening with my folks

Something fun I'm working on (my new hobby for a while): I am contributing articles and ideas for the "emergent wesleyan" site. I am working on a few articles at the moment and the one I can't wait to write is "emerging arrogance." Get it? Wait and I'll let you know when it hits the site.

In the meantime - good night, or rather, good morning! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Say hello to Dan the Arizona Man. Dan is a great finder of golf balls and is connected to me through family marriage. Welcome Dan!
I will post more later, but for now I want to say a blogger goodbye to Nate Smith (N8 the Falcon). After over two monthes of no blogging he has decided to hang up the key board and enter real life. I will be removing his link and wish him well. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Quick idea: You pick the next discussion or topic for a post. Comment below and submit a subject matter to share on. I will give my two cents and hear what the rest have to say. Or if this idea bites you can just ignore me. :)

The message for this week is already in the bag! Wow - I haven't finished one by Wednesday in a long time! It is about the name: "ABBA." Not the stylish singing group, but rather the aramaic word for father. Hebrews used this word as a more intimate version of father - kind of like saying, "daddy." Anyways, it is cool to think of God as "Daddy."

Working today on the devotionals for 2 for 2. Big project! I may go to Holland to Western Theological Seminary to do it in their wonderful library.

Speaking of "2 for 2" how is it going for you? (If you are a Watermarker).
How are the prayer times during the day?
Who has God been laying on your heart to bring?

Last night we had the Konings over for dinner. It was really nice hanging out with them and we really value them. They are Watermark. Vicki made her broccoli potato soup and it was as usual awesome!

Crank the beast!

A few special hellos to: Dan the arizona man, Wade the ionia silver back, Dougie Fresh, Brandon the Bruce, the Jackson clan, and other friends outside the Watermark zone.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Finished reading Andy Stanley's book entitled, "Fields of Gold." It was about giving and recognizing God as owner of all and seeing ourselves as stewards. Basic stewardship and generosity book, but great logic and good examples to make it approachable for a lot of people.

I love to give and after reading this book I want to find more ways to up our generosity and maximize our stewardship.

Imagine if every person lived a life of generosity... Wow - would we need government programs? Would we need financial aid? Would we all need a lawn mower of our own? I am convinced that this life of generosity is just not possible in a long lasting, life altering and authentic way apart from Jesus and the power of the gospel.

Only Christ has the resource to have us live differently. Everything else is nice ideals based in other belief systems that I don't think have the power for the peculiar life of a Christ follower.

As Bill Hybels says, "Here I stand."

Monday, September 20, 2004

Went well sharing the "2 for 2" campaign at the gathering. Yesterday we had a great lunch with friends and then had an amazingly fun time at the Road Rally. There were quite a few people there and we had a great team. We did not do well, but we had fun!

One clue we missed was - "A cowboy, cop and construction worker stay here." What do you think? I can't believe we missed this and needed help! It is the YMCA! Duh! :) Great clues and great work by the Myers Life Group!

Had a breakfast meeting and now I am heading out to work on studying for the message this Sunday. Also have programming. Have a good day!


Saturday, September 18, 2004

Since you are a dedicated reader of "deurty," I want to share something with you before everyone else and it has nothing to do with having another child or anything like that. It has to do with Watermark.

As you may know we have been in the process of gearing up to add a second gathering on Sunday mornings. One is planned for 9:30 and the other for 11:00. The scheduled launch date for that is September 26th which is about a week away.

Anyways - our team has been phenominal in getting everything organized! People have been recruited and placed in service opportunities, timelines and systems have been established and structurally we are ready.

However, I have sensed uneasiness. The uneasiness I have felt has a few different sources, but one main foundational point. The sources are... There are still a lot of people who just don't know about adding a gathering. Also there is a lack of excitement surrounding the change. SOOOOOO - being that I am SUPPOSED to be leading I take these two things seriously and wonder where it comes from... hmmmm... maybe I am involved? :)

I recognize that I have been working hard at communicating about the systems and structures and the "little" whys to add a gathering and I have missed the HEART of the matter, which is reaching our lost friends and neighbors. As a result I have not been communicating the "BIG" why: which again comes back to making more room in our gatherings and in our lives to bring people not connected to Christ.

So - what do you do when you are leading and you realize this two weeks prior to launching a gathering? We have it all organized, but I see a passive spirit of why we are doing it in my own heart and in the people around me...

So - we have decided to push the date back to October 17th so that we will have more time to actively prepare our hearts for what God wants to do. That is the first Sunday following our one year anniversary. It is the start of year two! So we are launching a fun and vision oriented campaign called, "2 for 2." The idea is to play into the political campaign genre. We will have commercials, a fake candidate, flyers, posters, signs, etc... All to begin to get the purpose of why we are adding a gathering out to the team. "2 for 2" can be broken down into: 2 gatherings in year 2; 2 min. to pray at 2; and 2 people to bring to 2 gatherings. We also will be doing a devotional together that focusses on Christ's heart for the lost and our role in reaching our friends. We will have a week of prayer and fasting prior to starting the second gathering.

Anyways - please pray for God to move in our hearts! I wanted you to know - thanks!

Learning to be a follower,

Friday, September 17, 2004

Today is my honey's birthday! 31 today! Feel free to contact her and say hello... :)

My wife is an amazing partner in life and phenominal mother and wife. I thank God for her and pray she has an outstanding day today!

Also, on her birthday, a little baby is being born. Wade and Michelle are having Peyton today. Visit them today through Monday at NOCH. CONGRATS!

Going out for my honey's birthday tonight - should be great!

Lucky fella,

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Quick run down of today:
Morning: began working on a three week devotional for Watermark to do together.
Lunch hours: met with Pete Yoshonis for coaching and talking through upcoming stuff.
Afternoon: continued work on devotional; gathered some resources for message; read
Tonight: met with Life Group!

We finally got together with our life group tonight and it was soooo nice. I really love our group. Great people with a desire to connect and be real. I chatted with them about some leadership stuff and it was great getting their feedback.

Tonight Ed Hatt called me and we were trying to think through some names of men in their late 50's or 60's who are mature followers of Jesus and solid family guys and great investors in people. I thought of my dad and a few other guys, but otherwise it seems that older men are missing - or they don't invest in me - or I don't know them - or I don't think they have anything to offer me. hmmm. Anyways, it made me appreciate my dad who is 56 this year and growing with God, in family life, in understanding culture and trends and investing in the next generation. I DON'T SEE THAT ENOUGH and DOG GONE IT - THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST NEEDS IT! I need to be in the game in my 80's! Maybe I am blind.

God bring people into our lives who are mature and who can bring wisdom and investment to your Body.

Feeling young with a pair of old man knees,

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Recap of my week to date...

Monday: Went and saw President Bush in Holland and had some meetings.
Tuesday: Staff day working through two gathering stuff and then some meetings. Hung with the folks at night.
Today: Meetings, meetings and working on our two gathering communications.

Anyways - I feel like my leadership is heavy in personal vision casting right now. I am realizing more and more the importance of one on one vision casting to moving the church forward in God's power.

I'll lay out some cool stuff coming up in Watermark soon...


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Good morning this morning at the gathering. I enjoyed speaking and felt like it was fairly clear... :)

One thing I took away from the message this morning is that God and God alone is in control. No matter what comes on the news, no matter what people say, no matter how much power and control we think we have and no matter the odds or obstacles - God is the Most High God - El Elyon. Why then do I fight Him for control. He is wise and I am foolish. He is truth and He loves me. He knows what is best. SOOOOO why is it hard to release control to Him. But, is it possible to release control of something or someone to God if He is really in control in the first place? Is releasing control to God more for us than for Him?

I am looking forward to New Zealand and entering the kiwi paradise of Brett Jones. I can't believe I will be there over the election, but I think it will be good for me. I tend to get just slightly on edge and worked up over election day - so doing God's work will be a good perspective help! :)

Have a good night sleep-

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Today is the three year anniversary of 9/11. A lot has happened since then... In fact the world and the way we live has changed. We have learned first hand the face of terrorism in our nation. We remember the brave soldiers today. We remember those that gave of their lives to rescue people. We remember the almost 3,000 dead. We remember that united we stand. I pray that God would bring peace to the earth and to the hearts of those who hate - no matter who they are. I thank God for the opportunity to live in our country and worship Him in freedom. We don't have it all together, but we do have freedom and opportunity and this nation has shown itself to be generous. I pray that God would guide us in the years ahead... I pray that the church will be an 'unstopable force' for truth, justice and Christ centered action.

Tomorrow is a special gathering time. It is the first gathering of the school year. It is the gathering in which most people come back to after a summer of vacation, family time and being out of town. It is the beginning of our ministry season. I am filled with optimism and excitement as we approach our second season of ministry together.

Today we cleaned out the hot tub. We are getting it ready for the cool nights coming. I love being in the hot tub on a cool night - just relaxing - looking at the stars and chatting with Vicki.

Today was a good family day and now that the kids are in bed I need to crank some stuff out for tomorrow. :)

United we stand,

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Can you say 'modern day slaughter?' Wow - we had an awesome time at the Tiger's game (games in fact - yesterday's was rained out so we watched two instead of one!). BUT, they lost the first game to the Royals 26 to 5! That was not a typo. 26 runs on 26 hits. I have never seen such poor pitching or fielding! I have never seen so many lucky hits! Wow - it was horrible and painful to watch, but the Tigers roared back to a shutout in the next game thanks to a pitching gem from Jeremy Bonderman.

A few exciting details:
> We got the tickets and parking for free. (so everything is better)
> We saw two games instead of one.
> We had amazing seats only about 7 rows back from the visitors dug out.
> We saw George Brett only a few rows down from us and I spotted him before others.
He got up to get food or whatever and I said very non-challantly, "Hey George." Cool seeing a legend.
> I was able to spend great time with my grandfather, dad and sister.

An interesting fact:
Food is expensive! Wow! I don't drink beer and don't know prices, but they were selling cans for $7.25! I think that is high. Hot dogs: $3; Bottle of soda: $3.25; Nachos: $5 Man they give you heart attack meals to consume and make you pay heart attack prices. But there is nothing like a hot dog at the ball park!

Thanks to the fellas for recording their gift scores - looking forward to hearing others...

Tommy Brookens,

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Been working toward upgrades in our structures, leadership reproduction and gatherings. I spent a chunk of the day working through the book of Daniel and exploring God's name of "El Elyon" or in other words: "God Most High." This name speaks of God's ultimate sovreignty and control. This is something I wrestle with. I KNOW He is smarter, better, more just, more purposeful and perfect, but I still KNOW what should happen! :) What is it to let go of CONTROL to God? How do you let God take your life and let it be?

I added a spiritual gifts test that you can take online under the links heading. Take it and share your results with us if you'd like.

Tomorrow I am taking my day off and will work Friday all day instead. I am going to a Tigers game with my grandfather, my dad and my sister. Thanks to my father in law's connection we have incredible seats, free parking and all for the price of an email. That my friends is priceless! I can't wait to watch the game - I freaking love baseball! I may yell random things at the players... Maybe I'll preach Sunday's message to them... Huh?

Servant of the Most High God,

Monday, September 06, 2004

Went to the beach with the family today. Great time with the kids and body surfing! Oh man I love body surfing! Above is a pic of the lake... This is why I like to live here!

Big week gearing up for the launch of the fall ministry season. Lots to do and little time.

Have a great day.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

As a senior in high school I was a regular at a club called, "The Park." It received that name because it was the old "Park Theater." We would go every Saturday night until midnight and dance and hang out with friends and the ghouls of the city. It was filled with all kinds of people... From goths (before it was terribly cool), to "progressive" people, to european styled dance freaks and even skin heads. It was a great time that taught me to care for and accept people different than me.

Anyways - in that time - I was growing my hair out and looking as "progressive" as I could. Putting the molding mud in my hair and throwing some cologne on was a ritual. I loved to dance and would dance hard for hours. Rarely did I take a break and by the end of the night I would be smelling like smoke, cologne and sweat. I loved it.

In anycase - those days are gone, but I made a mix CD of some old music I have and I thought I;d post it here to give you a feel for the music that was played. This is a sample.

Debaser Pixies
Join in the Chant Nitzer Ebb
Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division
No New Tale to Tell Love and Rockets
I Want Your (Hands on Me) Sinead O'Connor
Lucretia my reflection Sisters of Mercy
How soon is now? The Smiths
I wanna be adored The Stone Roses
In between days The Cure
She sells sanctuary The Cult
Please, please, please… The Smiths
A strange kind of love Peter Murphy
Shine On The House of Love
Cuts you up Peter Murphy
Getting away with it Electronic
Living in Oblivion Anything Box
Boys don't cry The Cure

Turned the table, turned the tide, left Joe Keith, without a ride.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Just got back a while ago from my sister and brother in law's place in Indiana. He is a professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. We left yesterday, on my day off, and came back today. It was a nice time of recharging.

I am currently taking votes and/or suggestions for hobbies. I don't really have any at the moment and I am trying to move beyond just work and sitting doing nothing. (Just know that I can't run or jump with my bum knee).

Here are some options:
> ART (I enjoy drawing and would maybe enjoy painting.)
> HIKING (I like walking trails and love the woods.)
> GOLF (I think it is too expensive and I am not good enough, but I'll put it on here.)
> MAKING FILMS (I desire to make a movie with Kevin Stinehart, but need to get cracking!)
> COOKING ETHNIC FOODS (Maybe I could find exotic dishes to cook.)
> ASTRONOMY (I have always wanted a telescope and a chart of the stars.)

What do you think? Do you have a hobby? Is it possible to have a hobby with two little kids?

Tomorrow we have a special family Labor Day gathering - should be enjoyable.

i be watermark,

Thursday, September 02, 2004

I just got done watching the President deliver his acceptance speach at the GOP convention. Great speach - no matter your political background. Anyways - I was thinking how much I would love to have a moment to address the nation like that. It would be amazing to speak to millions with 15,000 supporters cheering you on and being able to state a vision clearly and with conviction. Man I get goose bumps thinking about that.

Then I think about the opportunity I have to stand in front of Watermarkers and to equip and cast vision and be used by God to call us to be world changers. The only way we can be a world changer is to help people encounter the heart changer personally. So, even though I would love to someday speak in a situation like that... I still think the role of teaching and equiping and leading in my current God-given capacity is where the eternal action is at... It is the action that touches this life and the life to come. It changes lives and gives hope to hearts. Government is a good and needed thing, but Jesus is where the action and change is at.

So - I enter my role as teacher with renewed focus, passion, excitement and energy - believing that God desires to move and renew people through His guiding Word and abiding presence. And guess what? We all are instruct and declare the truth if we know Jesus!

Heaven is watching... The world is watching... Let's get on with it.

Servant of the life changer,

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I have been watching the Republican National Convention in NYC when I get a chance or reading the speaches online when possible. I did the same for the Democratic Convention. This is the first time I am trying to follow these conventions more fully. It is interesting to see people wear their beliefs on their sleeves - literally! At both conventions - you see signs - you see buttons - you see hats - you see passion - etc... Anyways - being someone who loves politics, I have enjoyed both conventions so far.

I am going to New Zealand (in case I forgot to mention that) in late October / early Novemeber with a friend and fellow Watermarker, Peter Newhouse. We will be going to the Kiwi national conference of the Wesleyan church. I think I may be doing a seminar as well - still laying out details. The reason for our trip is to strengthen and more clearly layout our partnership with the church in New Zealand. I look forward to seeing our friends, Brett and Kristin Jones as well. There is a very young movement of churches that became Wesleyan and some church plants as well. In any case we are hoping to encourage the leaders, set up future short and long term missions opportunities, speak, connect more deeply with our partner church (Shore Grace) and learn as much as we can as we observe churches launching in a clearly post-christian nation. I look forward to going - it will be the sort of growth that I have not had is some time. My most intense spiritual gift (according to the three colors test) is 'missionary.' This means I am effective at adapting to new cultures and enjoy the process and being able to share life and Christ in culturally relevant ways. So, my soul is fed in new ways by God when I enter different cultures. I see God much more clearly in different cultures... From the inner city to over seas... Planting a church in West Michigan has helped me utilize this gift as well, because we connect with people different than us and people who are far from God.

In any case - I am excited.

We have two days of planning and growth for staff and interns today and tomorrow. We are working on our roles and reproducing ourselves, the pathway of a new person into the life of Watermark and working through our gathering upgrades we need to make. I pray God would give us energy, wisdom and unity in that time.

Oh - Autumn did awesome at Kindergarten!

Duran Duran was not just for the ladies,

Monday, August 30, 2004

In the middle of some work and thought I'd take three minutes and ask your opinion:

What should be the result of preaching?

How should we define or identify growth we experience from a message?

What do you think? I think people "grow" from different style messages and communicators... Topical people... Line by line studies... Personal stories... Philosophical talks... Practical how to's for living...

SO WHAT IS THE MAIN POINT and how do we know if we are doing it right?

Brett will have some ideas because he has been wrestling with this (probably b/c he got an opinion that he is trying to check out the validity to... or is just me?)

reimagining God's giftings,

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Put my message to bed after working it over like an early Mike Tyson fight.

I look forward to our next conversation series entitled: "THE NAME." It deals with the names of God to reveal His character.


Friday, August 27, 2004

I once again began to read. I added two books that I am reading. "The Prince" was recommended from Steven Sample from the Leadership Summit and it is the perfect mix for me! I love History and I love Leadership stuff... I am just getting started with that. The other book is one I've been picking at for a while and started to get into it more purposeful.

Today I am going to finish my message and spend the day with my folks and sister and niece from Indiana. I read that there may be waves today! BODY SURFING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, I added a link to Grand Haven Beach Web Cam. Check out the conditions and look at one of my favorite places to walk to - the pier.

Aha was a good band,
Ever have a day where you seem unproductive? Where you get a migrane headache that slows you down? Where your motivation is low? Where your inspiration is empty?

I never do.

What? Just kidding - today was kind of like that, but nothing to get uptight about. In fact I don't dare act like I would have a struggle with something, because I would get three comments telling me to be more positive. :) KIDDING!!!!!!! I love you!

Anyways - watched Cold Mountain late tonight with Vicki. That movie is disturbing. The pain of the Civil War and the disregard for human life makes people look like animals.

But, if we don't recognize God as creator and as a personal being we encounter who offers absolute truth and therefore, values and a moral code to live for, and therefore something called sin.... then we should expect people to live like animals and not to act with mercy and justice. Nature is dog eat dog and only the strong survive. SOOOOO, how can someone who doesn't buy into God or sin or absolute truth demand people to act justly and with respect and mercy? YOU CAN'T!

However, if you have a moral code from something or someone bigger than yourself (a faith) then you are starting from a different place. With faith we can aspire to live at a higher level of kindness, goodness and justice. With faith we can call others to do the same.

This raises a question for me:
> Are people who are into social causes and social justice, but do not believe in a higher truth in it for themselves? Can they really be in it for more apart from a faith and higher truth?

Anyways - I am too tired to get into this and I am not thinking clearly enough.

Mother nature is not a nurturer,

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Great meeting time with the staff fellas today.

We worked through the following:
> Had a time of prayer and commitment to Christ.
> Walked through a typical gathering from driving in to driving out and graded each area.
> Talked through how to improve each of the areas we listed and gave assignments.
> Laid out more details for our fall conversation series.
> Discussions on how to raise up more servants to assume many of our current responsibilities.

We have follow up times next week to go deeper on the gathering improvements and raising up leaders.

We hung out at my folks for the first half of the day and it was a great place to hang and chat. (see my dad blog for his thoughts on that.)

Finally I want to confess that I feel like a failure in some of my fatherly duties. I realized that my almost five year old daughter can't swim without a floatation device and can't ride a bike without training wheels. I am not really training my daughter in things that are givens... Am I paranoid? She is a smart kid with a heart of gold, but I don't think to teach her those most basic things. Man. I am going to make a list with the things I need to teach the kids and start working on them. Don't worry, I won't make them dull... I think... Is it okay that I am behind the eight ball? (not magic 8 ball - then I'd need a freedom appointment.)

Just a bit of confession from a selfish dad who wants to be more conformed to Christ.

Willis is the Goldbond King!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My daughter had three shots this morning for school. Tonight I went to a meeting for her school with her teacher and other parents. I am getting old.

I need to go to bed. Tomorrow we have a staff meeting day. We are going to my folks house and working through the details of the fall conversation series and working through some role related stuff.

I feel very impressed to move us toward a deeper dependancy on servants within the church. I really want to see our values of 'reproduction' and 'everyone a minister' become more lived out. Structurally how do we encourage that? How set up that environment? Etc...

Anyways - I have nothing else to say I guess. Maybe I'll do a big post soon - full of hot sauce material!

Read a few newspapers to get the real story,

Sunday, August 22, 2004

I really enjoyed the day and the people in my day.

It started at the set up time a bit after 7 am. Great team. Amazing servants. Good connection time.
The gathering was meaningful with a focus on living life together with Jesus.
We then spent time with family celebrating some birthdays at my grandmother's home in Holland.
Finally we had Core Focus and were challenged by a DVD featuring Mike Breaux from Willow Creek.

Anyways - we live life with an amazing group of people. When people discuss what makes Watermark special - I always have to come back to God's movement through people who are willing to make Jesus the center of their lives. Thanks God for allowing us to be on this journey.

Does anyone know when the Olympics start? I think they start in the next week or so... (I say that because they seem to be a total non-factor in my life and it seems like there is a lot less focus on them this time. I may be just seeing it from my perspective.)

Gotta get up EARLY!


Saturday, August 21, 2004

My message is done.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Check out my dad's new emerging postmodern ancient future look! Go to DAVE DEUR (Dibs) and feel inspired! Gotta get back to my message! AHHHHHH help!

PS - Had an awesome time last night with the Van Timmerans at their cottage near Fremont (home of Deur-Speet motors).

Having Christmas in Cambodia (what?)

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Went out and met the neighbors yesterday. This was really cool and we ended up chatting for a while. I desire to see our neighborhood become more of a community where we live life together. Vicki and I are kicking around some ideas to facilitate this deeper connection. We'll keep you posted.

I was reading a bit of "Reviving Ophelia" by Mary Pipher. It discusses the difficulty of adolescent girls in society. I hope and pray that we will be able to assist Autumn as she grows and stretches and faces many challenges. Parenting is tough work.

I am all over the place today! Meeting this morning in Allendale. Running back to Grand Haven for another thing. Heading up to Grand Rapids and then back to Grand Haven. I hope I can have enough time to help Wade paint for a bit. :)

I am excited about Core Focus this week Sunday night! We are utilizing leadership teachings from Willow Creek and other items to make those times into little leadership summit's. If you are a part of Watermark - it starts at 5 pm at the GH YMCA!

Have a great day,

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Leadership Summit was outstanding and I had some great take-aways. My biggest take-away was the reminder that we are in a story much bigger than we can imagine and the stakes are high. I may talk more about stuff later.

In the meantime we had people share their stories this morning at the gathering and then we had a baptism at Lake Michigan tonight. We had dinner together from 5-6 pm and then we sang and heading down to the lake. We baptized a total of 14 people tonight if my count is correct. (And last week we baptized Sue) I love baptisms and I love living life alongside Watermarkers. We are in a special community and I believe that it is only going to become more meaningful and deep and life changing as we continue to follow Christ.

I am planning on going to New Zealand at the end of October and early Novemeber. I look forward to hanging with our sister church (Shore Grace) and checking in with the Jones'.

Well - gotta put my daughter to bed and then maybe do a fire outside. I love to use our fire pit - it is so relaxing. Ahhhh my dog is barking and I want to throw her in the fire! Gotta go! :)

Praise God for changed lives,

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I am about to enter a non-stop, mind filling, leadership intensive few days. This will be a time of growth and absorbing new ideas and challenging old ones. Tonight it begins. Thompson and I are going to meet with a bunch of small group pastors for dinner with Randy Frazee and then hear him speak later. He may talk about his "Making room for life" book I told you about and I recommend for simplifying life. Then tomorrow we are off to the Leadership Summit with about 12 people. That is always a good time and I love to take it all in.

Today I need to crank on my message and prepare for the next few days. One way I need to prepare is to spiritually be more in tune with God. These things can cloud my vision and cause me to chase rabbit trails, but I want to be clear with God on who we are to be and what we are to do and utilize these new ideas to advance those - rather than finding new vision for the year from people who are smart, but outside of our context. I think... :)


Saturday, August 07, 2004

Praise God for allowing my family to be involved in this community of faith within this community of Grand Haven!

We had the Coast Guard parade again this year and walked through the parade with an estimated sixty plus people (including little ones) and passed out around 10,000 Flava-Ices! Awesome! It was a remarkable time of community building and loving the community. We had a great and very creative float thanks to the art teachers among us (thank God for spiritual gifts). I was so thankful to God throughout the morning and afternoon.

I just finished going over my message again for tomorrow. I have not spoken for over three weeks and I look forward to teaching this conversation series we are entering entitled: REIMAGINE. I pray that God will move and equip and that I will be true to His Word and His praise alone.

Anyways - I want to live differently and I am working on that a bit. First of all I need to help around the house more and secondly I need to eat better and work out more regularly (hear that Dave Drury - that is you and me buddy!) I'll keep you posted.

Swiftboats for Jesus,
this is an audio post - click to play

Friday, August 06, 2004

Deurty is back in the pocket and ready to rocket. Stop touching my socket and looking in my locket.

refreshed like this web page,

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Friday, July 30, 2004

Well - we are getting ready to go drop off the kids at my folks, do a wedding tonight in Jackson, MI and tomorrow head to a cottage with the rest of my extended family near Traverse City.

I have been going to this cottage since I was a baby. It is cool to share the lake, the fishing and fun with my kids now. A great relaxing and recharging time that we take annually.

I may end up doing some Audio Blogs from time to time.

Picked up the van today.

Everybody wang chung tonight!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I was just thinking about a dude from college who used to tell his girlfriend that she looked more beautiful to him everyday and today was tomorrow. Get it? I guess he was trying to persuade her that she was more beautiful than he could articulate, but then again he did articulate it. Why am I saying this? So that you single guys have a sappy line to use on the ladies! Just kidding - you should stay single - that is the Biblical way... WHAT! How do you read your Bible? :)

I have been watching the Democratic National Convention the last few days when the work day is done. I saw Al Sharpton yesterday. That dude is funny and his hair should be a national treasure. He made a comment that said (roughly quoted): "We need to stop trying to control what people are doing in the bedroom and start worrying about putting food on the table in the kitchen!" He got a big cheer for that - and then he basically said the same thing again. It was almost like he accidently said the line again. Anyways - he seems to speak without any regard for facts, but he is entertaining - unlike the drone of many other speakers. I am amazed how people can look so stiff and struggle to look human in front of others... But I guess speaking in front of thousands for many people would be like me getting on my roof. (I am afraid of heights).

WHAT FEAR DO YOU HAVE? (heights? dogs? Kiwi's?, etc...)

Today I am running down to Spring Arbor, Michigan to walk through a wedding rehearsal for my buddy Paul. I will enjoy the drive and listen to a talk for the hundreth time by a dude named TIM KELLER. He is from NYC and has a talk on postmodern ministry from the Mars Hill Conference in 1999. That tape has been an incredible tape to mine and grow from in ministry philosphy and his understanding is phenominal. I am going to track down more copies of that tape, but I don't see the average Watermarker getting into it - but those who dig that stuff will like it.

In the tape he works through different models of ministry:
(rough from memory - with some of my terminology)
1. Absorbed model (Where Christians look and act like the culture in everyway - inside and out)
2. Military model (Where Christians fight the surrounding culture and try to institude Christiandom - politics is the method)
3. Subculture model (Where Christians on the outside look pious [no drink, no smoke, etc...] but inside are like the world)
In this model the Christians have their own coffee shops, television, etc... but are not changed inside.
4. Revivalist model (Where Christians get as many people as possible into the church and don't engage in the community.)
In this model the believers are waiting for a movement of God to change the culure and we are just waiting.
5. Countercultural model (Where Christians look on the outside like the culture [not in areas of sin] but inside like Christ.
In this model Christians are active in the community, but live out generosity, humility, peace, joy, etc...

He makes the case for the fifth model. One thing he said that I always could relate to was the fourth model (revivalist). In this model the community's problems were not mine. The public school is going down the tubes, but it is not my problem. I saw myself utterly disconnected from responsibility and involvement in my community. Even in ministry I didn't get involved much in the schools (even as a youth pastor) and cared more about getting them into the church. So I confess I have struggled with many of these, but particularly that one. What do you think?

This is a long post. By the way we bought a mini van. I am now the family man.

Running for House of Representatives in 2016,

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Another friend (and former Spring Arbor Alumni) Doug McPherson (Dougie Fresh) started blogging. Doug is a great guy with a great heart and his family is active in a very young church reaching the lost. The name of the church is Heartland and it is in Ionia. Read about Doug under the link entitled: "D Fresh."

Just got back from a late night fire at Takas'. We chatted with some guys about what we want our legacy to be. One thing I said was that I wanted my family to say that I listened to them - that I always had time for them - that I valued them. I first thought of all the spiritual things, but went with this one, because it is easier to be held accountable for.

So - am I listening to my family? Am I putting down this stupid computer and listening? :)

Can you hear me now? Good.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Watermark Update:
We are going to be adding another gathering and are currently looking for the exact timing, but have a phenominal team working on details and waiting to get insights from people on stuff. I will send out a letter and FAQ sheet to Watermarkers this week. I will lay out more reasons why later - probably tomorrow... But don't hold me to it! :)

Blogging World:
I am pleased to introduce you to a good friend and a blogger to his core: Wade Breeden. He plays the didge, has an awesome family and follows Jesus. Check this dude out and feel the vibe at: "Wade da drumma" link to the left.

My throat:
Still hurts and I am popping Ibuprofin like a mad man.

My son:
Wears his plaid hat all day and even sleeps in it! I have no idea where he gets the idea to wear his hat all the time! :)

We have a vacation coming up the first week of August in the Traverse City area. I'll hit that soon.

I really want to follow Him more and love Him more and live in Him more.

Brett Jones:
Has my deepest respect and I need to talk with him.

You have my vote,

Saturday, July 24, 2004

For the last few days I have had a terrible sore throat. Today I woke up and went to the emergency room to visit with a doctor. I am not someone who goes to see a doctor. When I was a kid the philosphy of my folks was that eventually we would get better - why see a doctor? So - stubborn Steve rarely goes and when I do they don't seem to give me anything to help. Today was an example of this. It is a virus that I have to wait out. Before hearing that it was a virus I suggested that the doctor give me the anti-biotics needed and I would be on my way... (kind of a joke) the doctor went into his belief that we are pushing too many anti-biotics on people and that the medical community is having people wait out sickness, I felt like a guy who came acting sick to score some drugs and he was setting the record straight. Some people have a difficult time picking up joking - especially when it is done in a serious manner with not enough sarcasm in the tone of my voice.

Kinda funny - so I hung out on the couch, got a bunch of paper work done for the gathering and worked on my Surf City talk for tomorrow. Also tomorrow we are going to announce that we are looking into adding a gathering. We have a team of people working on this and the timing of it all, but planting a gathering would be a great step forward for us in effectiveness and making room for others. I will go into more detail on the reasoning. My hope and prayer is that Watermark will be unified in the vision and mission God has given us and that we would plant a gathering to provide greater effectiveness in our kid's ministry and more room for people to belong.

Nate Smithy is bringing the thunder tomorrow and next week one of my spiritual mentors is speaking. His name is Ron Kopicko and he is an awesome Bible teacher and chaplain of Spring Arbor University. He made a huge impact on me following college while I worked at Spring Lake Wesleyan. I would drive to meet him half way and he challenged me and encouraged me. So it is an honor to have him with us at Watermark on August 1st.

Anything Box was a good band,