Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Did I mention that I still have to return my rental of "Saved?" What the? Check out my Nov. 17th entry... oops. Now that is what I call solid stewardship. I totally forgot it was in my basement. I guess we haven't been watching a lot of TV down stairs or much at all for that matter.

But, it is not a new thing for me to have a late charge. Let me relay a brief encounter with my brother in law Bif. (His name is Brian, and he has his PHD and he is a college professor, but he goes by the name "Bif.") Anyways - Vicki and I are in the car with Bif and my sister and getting a new rental from Blockbuster. We knew we had a late fee and so when Vicki and my sister returned after paying the fee and sporting a new video I casually asked what the late fee was. Vicki responded with the amount and I wasn't listening closely so I misunderstood her. I exclaimed, "$35 dollars!" She calmly said, "No - not $35 - it was $15 dollars." I then casually said, "oh - that's good."

At this Bif is laughing and telling me that a good trip to Blockbuster for us is if we only have a $15 late fee. He was cracking up that we were not phased by a fee like that... But then again - we are the Deurs. :) But, we have been doing great until I realized that today.... Oh well... Looks like my kids aren't gonna have Christmas full of gifts! Just kidding.

I am locked and loaded for Sunday already! Already working on three weeks from now. I love getting ahead.

Got to hang at a little gathering to say farewell to Roach and Judy. I hope their time here will always be looked at with joy.

Lean back...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Holy shnikies! Today we were over run by new people, visitors and watermarkers in our gatherings! It was awesome, but much different than what I anticipated. I figured it would be a quiet reflective week with a small intimate feel, but alas everyone and their brother showed up. It was cool. Mike Morgan spoke and did a swell job at communicating the life of THANKSLIVING.... Get it? Yeah baby.

Spent some time at Taco Bell and went to Vredeveld's tonight for pizza and chatting and America's Funiest Hom Videos. That is my favorite comedy on TV. It is the only show I will laugh out loud at. I love watching people fall and get hurt. Sick and wrong.

Watched the movie, "It's a wonderful life" and I again saw the power of one generous life on a community. Pretty cool. George Bailey could have been wealthy in monetary means, but rather in the end he was the wealthiest man around in influence and love. Pretty cool.

Reading a new book: "The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society" by Lesslie Newbiggin. Good stuff so far. I may share stuff as I go. Or I will bore you with dribble from my uneventful life.

Daddy macka make a, "jump jump..."

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Friday, November 26, 2004


Spent time with Pete and Shawn and the fam tonight. I don't know why we don't hang out with friends more often. Maybe because I am sick from not getting a flu shot earlier this year. What the? DUDE! :)

Anyways - what is truth? Is there an absolute truth standard? Takers? giddy.

deurty creeky bone man,

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

We got dumped on today! A whole lotta snow and slippery roads...

Above is our forecast for the next few days. Inviting isn't it. :)

And I chose to live here because.....? Because God put us here sucka and he cares more about his plan than your weather comfort! What the? Now I'm talking to my self. Huh? You heard me. Stop complaining about the weather. Get off my back. What? Anyways - time to shut the voices off.

Anyways - I am feeling real good. Had a good meeting today with my friend Ed who encourages me and challenges me from his time alone with God. Also had a good time with our intern (on the way out) Roach. It has been fun to see how he has grown. I am proud of how he has allowed God to move in his heart. (Even though he is french canadian). :)

I also have my message done for December 5th which means I am officially ahead. But, I am sure something will drop in and highjack this proactive time. Maybe another knee injury. I have been known to fall on the ice.

Well gotta go to bed. Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!

Thanks for being in my life and for making it fun. This blog is more than rambling ideas or thoughts. This blog in a wierd way is a part of a community. I think of a lot of you as I write and I am aware that I may not know all of you personally, but thanks for taking the time. My hope is that each person would experience the joy and freedom of life together with God. Or, at least being able to comment on my site as someone completely different and get a good slam on me! :) Anyways - thanks!

mmmmmm turkey,

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Well nothing much to write.

Meetings today...
Got the rest of the year (to the end of May) pretty much laid out for message topics...
Had the Boeve's over for dinner... great white chilli from my wife...
Farted around on the computer... playing BZ Flag... (i am not very good.) :)

Tomorrow should be good. I am geared up for Thanksgiving!!!!!! I love Thanksgiving!

Have a good day and lots of love to Wade Breeden for taking the time to read this stuff.

I finished the third book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Cool - can't wait to read book four.

Burrito boy,

Monday, November 22, 2004

Have you ever "googled" yourself? Sure you have. What did you find? Anyways - I looked up some people I know under the images category and found pictures of people I know with a different look. So which person, by the same name, resembles the people listed the most?

This is David Drury:

This is Nate Smith:

This is Steve Thompson:

This is ROACH:

Looking forward to any feedback. By the way - which one is the real David Drury? Nate Smith? Steve Thompson? And Roach?

We will never know - just like we won't know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. Amen.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Anyways I guess I could mention that Vicki's Grandpa had a great birthday party to celebrate 100 years! It was amazing to think about the influence one person can have in a life time. As a result of his age he has been able to see generation after generation after generation born and impacted. The power of a life. So where am I investing mine?

The gathering went smoothly and we handled the oh so fun topic of giving. :) Brad put together an awesome video for SURF CITY! You can check it out at his Vinmark Productions under the motion page. Great job Brad - epic!

Tonight we enjoyed Core Focus together. We celebrated Roach and Mrs. Roach. It was cool and there was a great spirit. There is something very real and special about our life together. Thanks God!

By the way my wife made an AWESOME roast today... mmmmm food.

Cole Trickle,

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Awesome Life Group tonight! We have been going through a little booklet put together by Willow Creek Community Church entitled: Fully Devoted. Anyways - it hits on their five "G's" Tonight we discussed "GRACE." One thing I kept hearing from our group is that it seems easier to be "saved by grace" than to "live in grace" and extend it to others. Good stuff sucka.

This week's message is bocky. Is that a word? :) I am unsure if that is how you spell it, but you may get the idea. I am hating what I have and have no time for the next two days to change it. AWESOME! So - it will have to be gutted and reworked in the cracks of free time tomorrow.

This Saturday we are going to celebrate Vicki's grand father's birthday. The dude just turned 100! Holy mad cow!

What would I look like at 100? Yikes. My gut would hang to the floor and my back hair would resemble a chia pet.

Well have a funky fresh day...

PS - As I mentioned before - Shore Grace is celebrating their first anniversary this Sunday. Shoot up a prayer for Mike as he prepares to cast vision for the year ahead. Also throw in a prayer for the flying KIWI - that his "emerging" child will look like Kristin! :) Love ya Brett!

Back in black,

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Well - I finally saw the movie, "saved." It was good, but... I don't feel like going into the things that I didn't dig - mainly because the movie wasn't meant to be an accurate portrayal of the Christian life and it pretty much lived up to the producer's desired outcomes. So - yes - good and humorous movie on taking the Christian sub culture to an EXTREME level, but it left me with a bad after taste and it wasn't toward the whole "Christians give Christ a bad reputation" thing. Anyways - entertaining and lived up to what it was.

Here is a side note that I thought of as a result of the film and it has been in me for a spell. Do we waste too much time commenting on, mocking and pulling down the Christian sub culture? Do we know what we want to become and have something to look forward to? Can't we become who we are made to be - without spending a chunk of our time avoiding that which we don't want to be?

I am looking to live the optimistic, hopefilled, authentic (as possible) life with Jesus and I am getting the sense more and more that it has less to do with eluding something and more to do with embracing someone.

To all my "emergent" friends. Do we really need to be so angry? Is this the central fuel behind us?

Anyways - it is late - I am a nobody who is tired and thinking on the screen. So - I should stop and delete all of this. :)

REALITY IS not what it used to be,

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

We worked today on a few things including a coaching flow. In other words we are laying out lines of responsibility and relationships. This will help ensure that people are communicated with, coached and cared for... So yeah.

We had two computers generously donated to our team. This is badly needed and now we have one available for use in the office area. Thanks God!

I am in need of some inspiration like right now!!!! AHHHHH! :)

The sun always shines on TV,

Monday, November 15, 2004

Shore Grace is celebrating their first anniversary this Sunday! Congrats to our New Zealand partner church!

Had a great time with the kids tonight - wrestling with Harrison is good fun. The dude is a brick.

I am feeling uninspired and I need some soak time to get tapped into some vision for the future...

"I dreamed I went to heaven..."

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Today was an enjoyable morning together. We did the stewardship thing and gave out $1000 in fifties to 20 teams of people for the purpose of investing in God's kingdom. We will hear what happened from this in the next few monthes.

The Lions were losing when I was watching. I don't care what anyone says... THE LIONS STINK AND JOEY HARRINGTON IS A BUST! At least that is how I feel when I see him passing two yard passes to the running back. COME ON! We might as well play Darko as QB! What?

Anyways - I need to take a big nap, but the kids are awake and there is no break until 7:30 pm! :) The joys!

I stand in unity with the big and tall guys!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Today I play Mr.Mom as Vicki is out of town doing a home makeover for her mom's home. Her mom is out of town and Vicki joined her sisters in working on her home.

So as she is in the Detroit area today - I am hanging with two awesome little critters.

I also need to finalize my message for tomorrow. It is pretty much set, but needs some serious refining and smoothing out.

So today will be a busy day of diaper changes, getting drinks, staying active, having fun and praying for a long nap for the kids! :)

Hush little baby...

Friday, November 12, 2004

I was a big "Cult" fan and still listen to their stuff. I thought that Ian Astbury had an awesome presence and voice and that Billy Duffy could flat out rock out. Anyways - this album, "Electric" was a great hard rock album with the classic song, "Wildflower." Good stuff. Owwww yeaaaah!

Anyways - I am enjoying working at the office and find myself better informed on what is up and finding more focused time to get stuff done. Thank you God.

Recorded "Family Stuff" today with Dan. To learn more about Family Stuff go to: winningathome.com or to listen: go to oneplace.com - then find family stuff or Dan Seaborn and click it. You can listen to our broadcast. Fun stuff. I gave up a broadcasting degree and potential career for ministry and now I get a taste of that through this nationally broadcasted show. God is good... All the time. And all the time.... God is good.

I need to finish up my message. The kids spent the night at my folks and Vicki and I had fun going to Chilis where we ate a ton of appetizers and I drank way too many Cherry Coke's. Oh the joys of being Wesleyan. What? :)

By the way - I finally saw the "Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless mind" and loved it! Great choice Kevin! I am not telling anyone to see it, but I really liked it. (I say that b/c someone will see it and maybe will be offended... but then again some people are offended by PBS.)

BIG DOG - when am I going to get to meet you? Also -the garden lady? You guys should pop over to a gathering sometime. 9:30 and 11:00 am at the high school. No pressure - just wanted to put faces with names (or nicknames). :)

See ya!
deurty little man (since my dad is the deurty old man).

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

In high school I was into The Smiths. I particularly enjoyed the album: "louder than bombs." It was kind of a hits album in a way. Anyways - I enjoyed the amusing and semi depressing lyrics and the great guitar riffs of Johnny Marr. Anyways - good memories and I still find myself listening to them from time to time.

Today was a good day with solid message prep. time as well as some good meetings.

Tomorrow is the big ole 6 am meeting! Gross! Tomorrow I hope to be in a good groove for the message and also have the Christmas conversation series laid out. I am thinking about dealing with the context of the first Christmas... What was the world like when Jesus arrived on the scene...

PS - I enjoy the show, "LOST." I dig the idea of survival on an island, but don't think I'd like to do it. :)

Wade B. - the drum soldier,

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I am in need of inspiration to blog. Anyways - a few of us went to a little morning conference regarding, "The emotionally healthy church." In anycase, much of it was good and the nugget I took away was that I needed more time to think, to be, to pray, to listen, to understand, to soak, to dream, to visioneer, to relax, to unpack the past, to embrace the present, to chart the future, to say I can't do it all, to depend, to learn to love... Time...

Going to "crank the beast" (as Brian King used to say) tomorrow on my message. All morning is message prep and the afternoon is a string of meetings.

Can I just say that doing things out of guilt really stinks. I have come to understand that guilt has been a chief motivator for me for most of my life. Maybe it isn't guilt... maybe it is not wanting someone to be disappointed... maybe it is deeper... maybe it is fear or maybe even pride... either way I find myself in the middle of it all. Funny - if someone is at the core of guilt motivation to do something you don't want to do - why not just not do it? That did not make sense when I typed it, but it did in my head. :) That means it's time for bed.

I am enjoying the Stephen King book: "The Dark Tower- book 3."

The Outfield should not be forgotten,

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Finally done with my talk for tomorrow. I may just trash it and talk from my gut, but that gets me in trouble... Can you say ramblin man?

Hung out with family today and did the front yard leaves. Thanks to the Boeve's for helping pick up and dump a bunch of our bags for us! Not so random acts of kindness!

Gotta jet -

Friday, November 05, 2004

Where do I start?

Fantastic time in New Zealand. I am very excited about our partnership with Shore Grace. To learn more about Shore Grace check them out under the 'churches' link.

I am trying to wake up. We had great flights, but the jet lag is tough. I hope I will find some time to think clearly and work through what I am sharing this Sunday.

We will be talking a bit on the things God is teaching me through this experience this Sunday at the gathering.

I can't think straight yet. But wanted to say hello!

sweet as,

Monday, November 01, 2004

I am still alive.
This will not be long.
I miss you all and will be back sooner rather than later.

I have gorged myself with fish and chips and indian food. mmmmm curry.
My messages seemed to all go well.

A special hello to Jay McCammon who misses this blog. :)

Anyways - I do not have the energy to share everything - I will have to preach on it this Sunday... Check your email staff fellas. Sorry.

Love you all and talk to you soon. I want to leave you with this one brief sentence:


ps - vote and vote correctly. :) just kidding - kinda