Friday, June 30, 2006

This Sunday: Waterfront Stadium - 10 am

See you this Sunday at the Waterfront Stadium at 10 am.
In fact all gatherings in July will be at 10 am.
Here is the schedule:

July 02 Waterfront Stadium - 10 am
July 09 Grand Haven High School - 10 am
July 16 Mulligan's Hollow (behind YMCA on the lawn) - 10 am
July 23 Mulligan's Hollow (behind YMCA on the lawn) - 10 am
July 30 Waterfront Stadium - 10 am

In case of rain on the days we are outside we will be meeting at the YMCA at 10 am.

Hope to see you there... Bring your own chairs and blankets when we are at Mulligan's Hollow.

Pray for sun!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I guess I don't need to ask for permission to slowly plow through some stuff, but I wanted to give you a heads up. Last year I began to find words, books, ideas and feelings to describe and speak to what was stirring inside me. I read an amazing book and gained great insights and courage, but found all the momentum gained from this was lost in a very tough, but fruitful year.

So, I am going to take my time and try to see some positive changes take place in my life and call of being a pastor. I must be patient.

Here are some questions: What is a pastor? What is it to "succeed" as a pastor? With these questions in mind...what does a pastor's schedule look like? How does a pastor live? How can you pastor and serve without your own soul and life deteriorating and finding your self becoming bitter and angry?

I have been in some sort of pastor role since 1993 and I may be too far in to this to be asking such basic questions... AGAIN, but I don't think the first few times these questions came up were resolved with answers that aligned with how God put me together.

So - I am re-reading and taking time with two books particularly.
"The contemplative pastor" and "the unnecessary pastor" - by Eugene Peterson and Peterson and Marva Dawn respectively.
Peterson has been the most patient and helpful guide for me in the past year.
Here are the books:

My question for you: what is the role of a pastor?

Softball is pain,

Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

I thank God for my father and grand fathers.
They are great examples and inspirations for me as a man, husband and father.

The Tigers blew out the Cubs! Excellent. I have been a long suffering Tiger fan and now it is finally paying off. My favorite thing to do is to listen to the Tigers on the radio - old school! (minus Ernie Harwell) :(

Anyways - hope all you dads had a great fathers day.

July 2 we will be at the waterfront stadium in Grand Haven at 10 am.
You are invited.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Summer feeling

Summer is here and with it comes a fresh season of life.
I tend to think I am more relaxed and relational in the summer.
I don't know if this is the case, but it is a strong perception that I have.
It is amazing how often I find my life, my feelings, my focuses going in seasons.

So... for now I'll stop analyzing, give myself a break, and enjoy the sun.

Sunny side up,

PS - I had my first aussie burger of the summer. A big fat burger with friend egg on top... no beatroot though.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The streak is broken

Well - I did hit 8 out of 10 free throws but the Pistons lost...maybe though I was supposed to hit 10 out of 10???? hmmmm. Or maybe the world doesn't revolve around me. nah - I need to hit 10 out of 10. :)

Anyways - bummer the Pistons lost, but they played horrible in the play offs.

Vicki and I actually slept more than four hours last night! Thanks to Willem (our new baby) for sleeping a little bit.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here we go again!

Well last night the Pistons won. Many people would think it was because they played hard, worked together as a team, and made their shots, but I know better. The reason was... that I made 10 out of 10 free throws at home before the game.

Now, before you shoot down this down as just superstition and think I am being to full of myself (to think that the world and a dumb sporting event outcome would hinge on me making free throws... let me submit last years track record for your consideration: (here is an excerpt from last year's blog entry detailing my own little quirks of thinking everything depends on me):

BUT - I have proof that it all depends on me (aka: I am a god) During the Detroit Pistons Finals series with the Spurs I often would shoot hoops in my front yard before the game. I started to hit a bunch of free throws and told myself that I hd to hit eight out of ten free throws for the Pistons to win. I did not do it for games one and two and the results were losses for the Pistons. I hit 8 of ten for games 3-4 in which the Pistons won. I didn't do it for the next Pistons loss, but did make 8 of 10 for their game six win. For game 7 we were in a hurry to leave out of town and I realized I needed to hit my free throws before leaving... so while the kids were getting loaded into the mini-van I was frantically trying to make 8 of 10... Finally after Vicki's third pleading with me to go and give up my stupid free throws I stopped at hitting only 7 of 10. I got in the car and said - "it doesn't depend on me... silly." That night the Pistons lost.

Anyways - I need to figure out what to do before our softball games so we can start winning! :P

Oh, but I am so small - so very very very very very small... I went to a funeral today and was again reminded of how short life is... mmmmmm free throws. :)

Hub a dub dub,