Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Staff day today. Enjoyed time with Master Brett Jones, our Kiwi buddy, and downed a monster burger at "the station."

I have missed Brett's unique gift of articulating thoughts, motives, ideals and structures. He was such an unbelievable asset to us in our early days and we still benefit from his gifts. Thank God for the Body of Jesus Christ.

Well, I thought I'd check in quick... I need to get to work on some things for this weekend and plan the following weeks message. Also, just a heads up for some of you: we will be gathering on the lawn behind the school this Sunday. Should be fun.

What's my name?

Saturday, June 26, 2004

It looks like my final audio post from last night didn't make it... Oh well.

Last night's message went well and we had an awesome time of worship following the talk. Mike Morgan, Mike Klintworth, Nate Lyons and Drew Hunt have been doing an outstanding job with the worship. Yesterday there was a monster crud war. Tons of food and yucky stuff were tossed at each other in a mud field. TASTY! Last night they did a game where they blended up camp food from the week and had people drink it! AHHHHH! I could not be in the room - my weak stomach would have lost the plot!

Today I am going up to camp with the family and speaking tonight. Pray that it will be a challenging closing rally.

Anyways - I am looking forward to getting back into a groove, but have NEEDED this ministry opportunity to read, to pray, to worship, to think, to be active and to rest...

I am reading a book by Randy Frazee called:"Making Room for Life." Good and challenging book. I am considering major life style changes.

Heading up to camp and praying for Thompson as he prepares to speak tomorrow! Go get em Tiger! :)

More like Gideon than I'd like to admit,

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

this is an audio post - click to play
Well - I am just about ready to leave for camp. I would like to ask you to pray that this camp will be impacting to our middle school students and leaders. Also - please pray that God would guide me clearly each evening for the message and that it will connect well with the students.

I will audio blog a bit if my phone has range to keep you updated. No range=no audio blog updates. I'd like to audio post so you can have an idea of what is happening and how to pray. Vicki and the kids went to visit my sister Jody and brother in law Bif (Brian) for a few days in Indiana.

Yesterday I played ping pong with my friend Jeff VK and had a good time. I haven't played in a while, but played suprisingly good. I had a lot of fun, but I think just hanging and chatting is the most fun. Following this adventure in "sports" I headed over to GR to hang with people from the GC2004 web site forum community. We chatted about membership and other denominational issues. It was great to chew on stuff and hear different people's perspective. I find that I gravitate toward people who tell me things I already believe... NO WAY! Yes way. :) But seriously, I do see a change in the way my generation approaches church, membership and all that jazz... Thank you God for moving. (I guess others would see it as the devil moving.) Funny how our perspective changes things. Makes you wonder sometimes... To use the 90's song: "Things that make you go hmmmmmm."

Well - gotta finish up. Thanks for being a part of this online community! I'll hopefully be checking in, but in the meantime check out the Jesus videos in my post below.

Shoplifters of the world; unite and take over,

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

We did the staff thing today. Great lunch with a bunch of fellas from Watermark. Anyways I want to give you a link to some hilarious videos of Jesus. They are from VINTAGE 21. They were made to show our whacked views about Jesus. If you have a fast connection and quicktime check them out here:
Jesus Movies

Last night I had the opportunity to hang out with the New Zealand gang and West Michigan pastors. We have a partnership with churches in NZ. We have a close partnership with a church called "Shore Grace" and also are connected to Cession Community. (LINKS TO LEFT.)

Anyways - I'm tired and not really inspired to write. A great online game that I play and invite you to join is: BZ FLAG. Check it out.

I'm flying without wings,

Monday, June 21, 2004

Well first I need to apologize to Dave Drury for not showing up to work out. I did get to bed late, but I could not sleep. I had a bunch of things turning over in my mind and nothing seemed to help. Needless to say I hardly slept. I need to get to bed earlier and not think too much before bed!

Moving on... Today I got my second message done (out of four) for our middle school camp starting Weds. It has been good to go through the story of Gideon and learn from him. I had forgotten how Gideon basically blew it in the end. Gideon is called by God to call His people Israel back to Him and away from idols... Gideon begins his leadership by tearing down idols and then at the end of his leadership he creates a golden ephod and people begin to worship it as an idol. It is amazing how we can start with a solid vision and strong conviction in leadership, but then compromise and make it more about yourself...

God keep me humble and make me all about You.

Thristy Gathering tonight at the Grand Haven Community Center. This is a time of deeper prayer, worship and connection. tonight I am planning on visiting with some New Zealanders in Kentwood. Hopefully I'll see Brett and Kristin. (aka: the flying KIWI)

Taking the army down to 300,

Sunday, June 20, 2004

My dad is Dave Deur. He is the greatest father I could have ever asked for. Thanks Dibs! Happy Father's Day gang!
I have no idea how I am going to get up early tomorrow to work out! AHHHHH 6 am comes way too early and I am up way too late.


Friday, June 18, 2004

Came across these fake Budweiser Commercials from a ministry convention. I thought they were funny. Here is a funny one paying out on the whole pomo obsessed people. Check it out:
Purveyor of all things POMO

Have fun,
I just got back from working out. Tired and sweaty and feeling oh so good... Today my folks are going to hang with the kiddos. Vicki and I are going to get some work done and then do lunch together. I look forward to lunch with her alone - it will be great to just chat and connect. Vic's mom is coming into town later today as well.

Anyways - this week was mildly productive in the future message planning. I have been studying a lot about two subjects that are intertwined:
1) What is the Gospel and the Kingdom of Heaven?
2) What is the essence of the Church and Christ's intentions for her?

We are going to be doing a four week conversation, in August, regarding the subject of the Church and how we then should live and move and have our being... I am very excited about being a follower of Jesus as I read and study more and more. We truly are a part of something bigger and we have something to LIVE for! Anyways - I'll talk more about that later... But I look forward to a total rethinking of who we are and who God is calling us to be. It will be freeing, challenging and inpsiring! (I hope and pray!)

Just as I am,

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Welcome Roberto Deckert to the blogging world... We'll link him as "RJ"
Feel the burn,

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

WELCOME SUZIE Q to the blogging world. Sue and Jay Z are husband and wife and mighty fine people. She has a great first post and I encourage you to make her blog a part of your well balanced diet of blogs each day. :) You may know Sue as "The O.C." in Jay's blog... Anyways - our blogger community is growing.

Heading out today to work on camp talks for our middle school camp. I have four messages I need to put together so I am heading to Holland soon.



I woke up today with a smile. I have been a Piston fan for a looooonnnnnnggggg time and this feels awesome! Congrats to the Stones and thanks for dismantling the team I love to hate.


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Wow, leading is hard, but also the most natural thing in the world.

It is hard to be used of God to move people in a direction. Why?
> People have different values and thoughts and agendas.
> People seek comfort and stability rather than change and being pushed.
> People give lip service to something, but don't always give it heart service.
> Only God can change a human heart.
> People need time and clear communication and understanding to buy in.
> Other thoughts on the difficulty????????

It is natural to lead because...
> We all influence people and leadership is in some ways just directed influence.
> When you care so much about God you can't help but want people to grow toward Him and His plan.
> When you care about others who can't help, but want to see them grow.
> People are looking for leadership and direction and want to be involved in something bigger than themselves.
> God CAN and DOES change human hearts.
> When you are aligned with God's vision - He is in it and empowering it.
> Other thoughts on in being natural??????

Just some random thoughts today when I feel more encouraged than ever to lead and I also am seeing the big mountain before us. Praise God that He is the center. Praise God that He makes it happen. It will take a miraculous move of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the vision set before us. WOULD I WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY?


Sunday, June 13, 2004

It has been one year since "Deurty" was launched in this big bad blog world of ours. I have shared a lot of different things ranging from church planting thoughts to personal ideas to family issues. Thanks for reading and for commenting and for doing life with me in this bizarre way! :)

Below is my first post from a year ago. I welcome comments. Also I posted an audio blog for the fun of it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Friday, June 13, 2003

I titled this BLOG - "Deurty" since "Deur" was taken. The content will not be dirty, but I assume my thoughts will seem a bit messy at times as I wrestle with ideas and have competing values to work through. So that is a justification for the name I guess - I also thought it was clever. Most uses of my last name deal with potential kid names.

For example:
Eleva - Deur
Float - Deur
Escala - Deur

You can have fun with that later I suppose. I'd love to hear from you on some other ones - in case we have another kid.

Well - I subtitled this thing: Inside the mind of a guy starting a church. That is true - we are starting a church and I'm sure there will be plenty to chat about on that and other relating subjects. So feel free to stop in and hang a bit.

The name of our new church is: Watermark.

# posted by Steve Deur @ 9:40 AM
this is an audio post - click to play

Saturday, June 12, 2004

My dad (Dave Deur) in his subversive emerging holistic blog (formerly 'Dave's Dusty', but now titled: 'Dibs') has put together a wonderful piece on the Lakers. I especially like the pic of Kobe with the heading... If you hate the Lakers like me you will enjoy the post: DIBS

Also, I will be trying this audio blogging thing soon. It said it is free "to post it", but it looks like there is a cost for the call itself. So, I will charge my home phone (which will conviently be Wade Breeden's number.) :)

Went to bread shop for some free slices of bread.
Flat tire on our car.
Vicki works this afternoon.
Going over my message and visiting some open houses.


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Just wanted to thank God again for my awesome family. My wife is the most unbelievablely loving partner and my kids are incredible! Thanks God!

This morning I had breakfast with our leadership life group. It is great getting together with these fellas. I really appreciate the fact we make it a priority to pray together. Following that meeting I came home and spent a chunk of the day chasing down statistics and filling in forms for our district. I understand the importance of statistics, but I am not a big stats fan. A few ended up being quite interesting... But one question that I found difficult to answer was "number saved."

Our church has a lot of people new to church and to God. I have seen people embracing Jesus over the course of the year and we can't pin point a date. We have seen people's lives changed, but it is much more process oriented. That question: "number saved," is built for crusade ministry - for altar calls - for sign on the dotted line in the moment ministry. And we have had a few of those! Praise God, but I wish there was a stat that asked: "number in process." :) We need to have moments and processes.

I may come back to this later, but in any case I praise God for helping people connect with Him... He is the one that draws and calls and it is a joy to be used by Him to show His love and share His truth.

A good book on sharing Jesus is: "More ready than you realize." by Brian McLaren.

Well tonight we had a good life group. Celebrated Christy VK's birthday. We had a great summer meal of burgers, baked beans and homemade salsa that freaking rocked! Good time with good friends. We chatted a bit about what the gospel is and how it was shared with us when we came to follow Jesus.

GO PISTONS!!!!! Early morning workout tomorrow! I am enjoying becoming a morning person...

Fair Dinkum,

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

"She bangs, she bangs..." - William Hung

Well today I "cranked the beast" (to use old college terminology) on my message.
It is done - it is finished - it is laid to rest - it is put down like a rabid dog!

I learned a lot about God from doing the message.
One thing I took aways was that God is generous and his generosity can cause us to be stingy and jealous. (Because I am a pretty selfish fella.)

I watched a bit of Ronald Reagan's procession into Washington DC. I really liked him alot. I think most people liked him. Afterall he did win 49 out of 50 states in the 1984 election! Holy Landslide Batman! His optimism and confidence made you proud to be an American. He seemed to embody a positive vision for our country. Good leader.

Well I have successfully worked out two mornings starting at around 6:15 am! I really like this morning person thing, but I miss going to bed late. I need to rant sometime soon on the Lakers and the media that is so taken with them that they can't help but drool and wet themselves in Kobe's presence. What if they were on the jury in his ALLEGED rape case? Yikes! Come on Pistons - send Karl packing! Send SHAQ to a rapping career (is that what you call it?)

Last night I worked with Kevin on our film: "Dutch Mafia." We are hoping to shoot this summer. It will be a 15-20 minute movie. It is kind of a sarcastic look at west michigan religious dutch culture - in other words my background! Should be fun!

If you are someone who likes to study the Bible or is communicating God's Word then I recommend a blog called: communicate. Josh Jackson started it. I will link to it at the left under the title "communicate."

Talk to me, tell me your name...

Monday, June 07, 2004

"Wetting your pants is cool!"
The power of peer pressure!

I cranked out some great study today at the library of Western Theological Seminary. We are looking at Matthew 20 this week and the story of the workers in the vineyard. The story really drives home the generosity and grace of God. I really love to study a passage of Scripture. I really have ignored this parable for some time. I'd read it, but skim over it for other stories and thoughts so I thought it would be good to cover some parables that are not typically studied or taught. Let's see what God wants to say...

When my daughter prays she pleads with Jesus. She prays something like this...
"Jesus - thank you for all the food you give us - it is really good. Please do everything that I want, please, please Jesus, please! Help Mr. Ron to feel better and I love you so much - so much Jesus - please please help the spirit be with us - Amen."

The Pistons won! All the commentators are saying the Lakers lost it themselves and Shaq basically said the same thing, but could it be that the Pistons actually had something to do with the win? Was it just poor Laker play or was it also great Detroit play and defense? The media is so taken by the Lakers that they can't help themselves.

President Reagan's memorial services are underway.
We will all die.

Eternity is now,

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I need to get back on the right track!

Tomorrow I begin the early morning workout routine. I need inspiration! 6 am here I come. Dave Drury you better be there! :)

Today's gathering was swell. Jeff Johnson shared his story and did a phenominal job. It was very moving and impacting. Thompson pinch hit for Morgan as he hangs out in Galilee and Turkey retracing the steps of the early church. Thanks Steve and good job... We had a nice time with the Myers life group over lunch. It is awesome to hang out with such great people and hear how God is moving in their lives.

I am sure you noticed my pic of Ronald Reagan. I was truly saddened by his death even though it was a long time coming. He was the dominate President in my life. From when I was nine to seventeen. I was always proud to call him my President. He was an incredible communicator, a man of vision and focus. So - I take a second and remember him.

The Pistons are on TV and I fear that they aren't going to win (but in honor of Reagan's optimism) I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THEY CAN DO IT! GO STONES!

Good night - big day ahead of message prep.


Saturday, June 05, 2004

Ronald Reagan
Forgive the animated gifs. I enjoy spicing up the blog a bit with some motion - hope they are only mildly annoying. Vicki is working in a parade home and I am sitting here with sleeping kids. Ahhhh... it feels good to just sit.

One thing I would like to mention quickly is this thing I am thinking about and I think I may have shared this a bit already... But here goes again (maybe)... I believe that God has truly called us to be his people on a mission. That mission is to bring his Kingdom and reign and therefore, his influence and relationship. I guess you could say that I have an evangelist heart. But, how I have seen sharing my faith has been shifting. I never felt comfortable in just walking up to someone and asking them about Jesus. I always thought it was extremely cheesy to ask an almost stranger if I could share with them the most important thing to me and then procede into my testimony (story.) I think this is the least desirable way to share, because there is little to no relational connection and investment. BUT, I believed that cheesy or not - sharing is more important than anything else... Except when people are totally blindsided and feel used by the experience. So - I have always been challenged to share my faith and be bold, but I despise that methodology even with my passion for reaching the lost... Perhaps some of you came to know Jesus in this quick confrontational approach with an almost stranger. If so great, but I don't like it personally.

So - I moved my efforts to becoming a lost person's friend for the purpose of sharing Jesus with them. This moves me away from my schedule, time and comfort zone and into their lives and world. I befriend them and I look for opportunities to share Jesus. This is a great methodolgy, but I am still not 100% behind this because I have not been a genuine friend. Often in this case the "friend" is a friend until they come to Christ and then they are pushed off for new lost friends. The friendship is not purely about developing a friendship as much as providing a caring and personal way to share. This is FRIENDSHIP FOR SHARING and it is good, but think there is still a better way - where people do not feel like a project....

So - I am exploring the idea of SHARING FROM FRIENDSHIP. This is different from the friendship for sharing model because it puts the focus on the relationship. The love and care of the friendship is vital and the friendship is valued beyond just an opportunity to share - so whether they accept God's story or not they are still your friend. This model has sharing Jesus out of a legitimate growing friendship. This puts the priority on the actual person... Loving that person... Caring for that person... Letting your life and words be a constant story teller of Jesus.

Do you see a difference. It always seems to come down to the heart issue. MOTIVES ARE KEY AS ALWAYS!



Friday, June 04, 2004

Got a bunch of stuff done around the house including mowing the lawn. We also got together with Jason and Judy with the Smiths and Thompsons - kinda a get to know ya experience.

Tomorrow I am golfing. Thanks to Ryan for the invite! It is a best ball which is awesome because I am on a team rather than doing it on my own and I am not good.

Well I am going to go to bed.


Thursday, June 03, 2004

Nice day... lots of vision stuff and nailed down some things.

06:00 am Early morning meeting with Jeff B. at the BK.
08:00 am Home and pull together final details for the day / communication.
09:30 am Head to Spring Lake Wesleyan to speak to their interns regarding church planting.
10:00 am Speaking and interacting with the interns.
11:30 am Done speaking and head to Cantina for lunch with Dennis Jackson.
11:45 am Lunch with Dennis - dreaming about partnering in a church plant with Watermark and SLWC...
01:20 pm Heading home to do some work.
01:30 pm Reading and prep for my message next week on Matthew 20 (get ahead!!!)
03:00 pm Communication and organization.
03:30 pm Headed out to meet "The Roach" and his wife Judy (intern couple)
04:00 pm Checked out a potential place for them to stay in Muskegon.
05:30 pm Headed home and picked up some tortillas for dinner. (I also bought a charleston chew)
05:45 pm Ate with the family - Tacos and Quesidillas. (My wife is awesome!)
06:30 pm Went to the park so the kids could play with the Thompson kids.
07:30 pm Met Jeff and Christy at Scoops for ice cream with the Thompsons.
08:15 pm Headed home after consuming a large chocolate malt!
08:25 pm Put kids to bed.
08:30 pm Takas, Newhouse and Thompson stop by and we ride bikes to the pier.
10:30 pm Returned tired, worn out and refreshed - sat around with Vicki.
11:20 pm Blogging, checking the GC2004 site and heading to bed.

Times may be off a bit from memory... Good day of relational connection and vision casting. I love living here it is so beautiful.
Here is a photo of where we rode our bikes to...

We are a part of a bigger story...

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

June 19-23 the international Wesleyan church will be in GR for our 'general conference.' Anyways - there is a site to learn about the memorials and other discussions regarding the wider wesleyan church. If interested: GC2004.com

Tomorrow I am chatting to the interns at Spring Lake Wesleyan about church planting. Cool. I look forward to whacking out their thinking. I might make stuff up and push it like it's real. Here are some main points that would be fun to push (pretend we are living these out...) :

> The return of BUS MINISTRY! Watermark is actively trying to purchase ten busses to send all over the community. COME AND SEE!
> Evangelism as CONFRONTATION! Watermark is training God's people to get in people's faces, to get aggresive and seeing results!

Any other thoughts that would be totally whacked?

Finally, Mike Morgan is on his way to Galilee and Turkey to study the New Testament. Pray for Mikey as he is gone for two weeks.

WAY TO GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Saw Shrek 2 tonight with my little lady Aub-bob (as the Smith kids call her.) I am trying to organize housing still for our interns (Jason and Judy.) We have two options, but I was hoping that something extremely cheap would have opened up or someone would have opened up their home, but alas having a married couple with you is much different than just having a single guy or gal with you. Anyways - that should be set up in a few days.

I am working on a passage of scripture for a message on June 13th. Read ahead and give me your take in the comments section on what you would say or do with this... How does God speak to you through it? Just curious. >> Matthew 20:1-16. <<

Wade Breeden - dude - I've missed seeing you and Michelle. Hope camping has been swell, but let's get together! I'll call you or vice versa!

Mike - have an awesome time in Israel. Take lots of pictures, stand close to the tour guide and work the ladies... huh?

Ked - man thanks for being so supa! Your generosity with the gifts God has given you amazes me - thanks again for everything!

Nate - keep your heart in your chest and remember to embrace the capacity of the ideal visioneering future of relationships in deep intimate community. The passion is here - it is time to dance. WHAT THE?

Enough shout outs - I can't hit everyone so sorry.

the gooch is loose!