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My laptop monitor is fried and I am using the Watermark desktop at the moment until I figure out what to do. It is full on busted and a warranty is long gone... Oh well. I am going to try to hook it up to a monitor and see if I can get stuff from it and use it that way for a while. In the meantime - and advancement I made on my message is toast. The good news is that I wasn't planning on doing a ton of writing for the chat this Sunday, but still - it is a pain. But - at least I have a working computer to use!!!

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

"A good person produces good deeds from a good heart, and an evil person produces evil deeds from an evil heart. Whatever is in your heart determines what you say." - Jesus Christ in Luke 6:44

I watched a leadership teaching from Andy Stanley yesterday and he stated that we lead from our hearts. What is in our hearts will determine how we lead, because it determines how we live. He gave some different examples... like having anger, jealousy, greed, guilt etc... in our hearts and how that impacts our lives and the lives around us.

I totally agree with the statement Jesus made and Andy taught about, but I am slow to grow my leadership in the heart. Maybe it is because growing the heart is a long and difficult process. Maybe (most likely) because that growing the heart involves times of quiet and not activity. It grows from times of looking in rather than looking out. It develops from activity that looks like inactivity and the pressing emergencies of the day breathe down my neck.

I am more than positive that I have been in this place before and have blogged about it. So, time to allow God to again touch my heart and to start there. It is not glamorous or seemingly active, but to neglect it is to remove the God-given engine of leadership and life.

Now let me give you three tips on growing your heart... bah humbug. :) I do not jive with three easy tips... but the walk has to go deeper and the quiet time has to increase.

I think you get my drift...

Has anyone seen the sun around West Michigan or is it on strike?

I have to get back into my workout routine... the cruise put back some weight that I had lost and I lost all motivation for working out! Ahhhh! Today is the day I will get back on that horse and kick it in the sides and ride it into studville. (WHAT!)

"If lovin the Lord is wrong... I don't wanna be right!" - Coming to America

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I walk alone... I walk alone.

The potential hub is coming together... A few more signatures and a lot of work and we are good to go.
I will fill you all in more when things are more finalized.

My face is peeling and it looks like I have a skin disease! LEPER - UNCLEAN - UNCLEAN! But the sun was worth every second!

Anyways - that's all I have to say about that.

Monday, February 14, 2005

I am back from our four day vacation! It was refreshing and fun. I laughed, I danced, I burned and I ate and ate and ate.

Here are some images I found googling...

This was our itinerary... A trip to Nassau, Bahamas and back to Port Caniveral.

Our ship was called, the "Fantasy," from Carnival Cruise Lines.

Once we arrived in Nassau we spent the day in front of the Wyndham Hotel on Cable beach. I was burned and loved every moment. The picture below is the back of the hotel looking toward the beach we were on.

It was a relaxing and fun trip. I'll have to tell some stories in the next few days including the inspiration I gained from a drunk girl who danced with an older slimey dude and when she found herself in the position of being stared at by a crowd of people she burst out with a preachy, "You only live once! Live it up!" (You only live once - so make it short!) :)

Anyways we are glad to be with the kids and in the comfort of our own home, but I needed one more week.

Have a day filled with gumdrops and glitter,

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Went to the father / daughter dance last night. It was a special time for Autumn and me. They did a little square dancing. It was fun and a good way to dance with your five year old. :) Lots of fun. When we were finished and we stopped by the store and I bought her an orange Crush in a glass bottle. mmmmm the memories.

When I was a kid we used to get this pop called (I think) "Town and Club"??? Anyways - it would come in a crate and be full of all kinds of exotic and fun flavors. You would return the bottles and then pick up a new batch. Red pop was always a highlight. I think they even had Rocky Road. Anyways - I love anything that is not mass packaged and marketed. I think that is something I enjoyed about living in Sydney. There were a lot of family owned places to eat and visit. There were more options that McDonalds and all the other big named national chains. I like character and individuality. I find myself drawn to places that don't always fit the masses. Maybe it is because I like to try new things.

This past week was enormously busy. I think I pushed a bit too hard and as a result I was exhausted Sunday afternoon. Vicki and I stayed home on Super Bowl night and ordered a pizza while our son was sick throwing up. :) I think I want to start an UN-Super Bowl party for those of us who don't care a lot, but would like to get together. I thought about starting a party called, "The Souper Bowl Party" and have it be a get together with people and have every one bring a pot of soup to pass. What do you think? Unless the Lions are in it... yeah right.

Lots to do today and trying to get over a bit of sickness before our vacation.

Bring the noize,

Friday, February 04, 2005

Wrapped up the River Packet. If you would like to read it or see what it is about you can get it here: RIVER PACKET

We went to the mall with the Thompsons and the kids. Lots of fun watching the kids play in the play area. My son is often approached by little girls who think he is cute. When they get close... he slaps them in the face! They giggle and he tries to do it again. Dad enters the scene and asks him to apologize. He hugs the girl who forgives him because he give the sweetest little man hugs. His pants were riding low tonight and his hair was mullet-esque. I love my son. He, Autumn and I have been playing a form of baseball in the house. He pitches, Autumn hits and I catch with his little mit. When there is a strike I yell out - STTTRRIKE ONE! and I point a one in the air. He responds with a yell and finger thrusted upward. Funny.

I am blessed with a great family. I am blessed most by having a marriage that is centered on trying to follow God. This is something that has impacted us together and brought health that I am not sure how we could have had otherwise. Anyways - sorry to get familia on ya.

Let me see... I am excited about this potential hub we could be leasing. Good price... Good potential... Good reason for you guys to stop in and hang out... Tell me what you drink and I'll have something for ya... Even you Big Dog! :)

Anyways - I have an important life changing announcement. After monthes in hiding... I have again noticed that Mike Willis aka: Trellis is blogging actively. I have linked back to him with great rejoicing and pride. More will follow...

Life is lived in the spaces,

Thursday, February 03, 2005

We have been able to use some office space for free the last five months or so, but that space will be unavailable at the beginning of March. So, we are in the search for a ministry center (or centre) that we can use as a hub or drop zone or whatever you want to call it. We are looking today at a potential space that popped up.

Let me give a bit of a church planting lesson or thought that I have been learning, but not figuring out...
The first year - everyone is happy to help and there are not a lot of areas that need deeper leadership. However, there is a ton of get your hands dirty type stuff to do. This is a season in which the 'starter' or leader tyes enjoy because it is action oriented and something new is being launched.

The second year - the year of execution and going deeper in leadership. At this time people desire to play a more active role in leadership. They still set up chairs, but they want to see other ways to serve that better fit their skills and style. This is where we are at. We have amazing leaders and people a part of the community of Watermark, but I am seeking to strategically see people step into greater roles of leadership. The leadership web needs to increase.

Just something I am trying to figure out.

Tonight we hang with some friends which is awesome. We will be doing, "Mexican Night" and having home made salsa and guacamole and all that stuff I am not supposed to eat on this diet gig. But I throw caution to the wind and then I break wind.

I taped the State of the Union address because I was gone at a meeting, but if it dealt with Social Security I am all over that. Letting younger workers put some of their own money into an account with our name on it would be awesome, but I don't see it happening for years. I am glad that we are talking about it, because when you Baby Boomers start collecting your checks it will be rugged on the system and I fear that we may experience social insecuirty for my generation. That was boring to write about. It was probably more boring to read.

Brett - I haven't had time to get on the site to read your article, but I'll get on it and comment on it. How's the baby thing coming?

Ice Ice Baby,

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hello February.

Well I have not made enough headway into my pile of stuff I need to get done. Looks like it will be a long weekend.

I wanted to share with you a thought that my wife shared with me following her conference in sunny Florida. She went to a breakout that dealt with marriage and the speaker spoke about core fears. These core fears drive our arguments as couples and heavily impact us. Anyways - she told me that the guy mentioned that women's core fear often is being abandoned or rejected and that men's core fear most often is feeling helpless.

So anyways we chatted as a couple and I think my core fear is disappointing people. My whole life I was about gaining approval and praise from others in a people pleasing manner... oldest kid... oldest cousin... be a role model... the peace maker... the relational glue to friendships... you name it - I was the people pleaser that didn't want to have anyone dissappointed in me.

So now I'm 33 and still dealing with it. Crap. I think it is especially hard because my role as a pastor breeds this core fear in some ways (or at least provides an ideal environment for it to grow and be masked as something more spiritual.) So because I am on call 24/7 and the church has become a volunteer organization rather than an interdependent organic body - it drives leaders of churches to keep the sheep happy, fed and not looking for another pasture. Stupid. But - alas - I don't like to let people down.

So in this year I am going to pray that my core fear will wither. I plan on disappointing you. :)

That was just a taste of what she shared... but the conference was very impacting for her and I thank God that she went, because it refreshed her and encouraged her.

Tomorrow is staff evaluations...
Next week is fun in the sun... huh?

Seacrest out,

ps - no one better write - "You disappoint me" in the comments. :)