Saturday, February 28, 2004

Thanks for those who prayed for us. We had an awesome marriage retreat with North Holland Reformed at Camp Geneva in Holland. It was awesome for our own marriage. We did four sessions with them.

1) Marriage made in Heaven - talking about God's design and intent of marriage
2) Living it out on Earth - talking about how to deal with conflict, communication and balancing time
3) Marriage Exploration - various exercises used to discover your spouse and their love language
4) Making the connection - dealing with putting God at the center of your marriage

We closed with a foot washing, which was very powerful. It was a great day to be reminded by God how special my wife is and how fortunate I am to be married to her. She is an amazing wife and mother. So thanks for the prayers. My voice held up, but just barely and I believe God did some great work in the marriages of those that were there.

I am geeked to be at the gathering with everyone tomorrow! NY-QUIL is calling my name...

mmmmmmm ny-quil,

Friday, February 27, 2004

Gary talked about sex baby - he talked about you and me - he talked about all the good.... what? What was the name of that band? Not salt-n-pepa...not TLC... no wait it was salt-n-pepa. Who cares. Anyways - he did an epic job of laying out the holiness of sex and how it is an awesome God ordained thing.

One quote to leave you with - "My body is a temple of God and my wife's body is a temple of God - so when we get together we are having church." I AM WATERMARK! He takes it to a whole new level. Anyways - it was a great seminar dealing with a topic that is so easy to avoid and go surfacy on and hit it straight on and at a foundational level.

"We don't need to spice up our marriages as much as we need to grow deeper with God."

I am sniffly, sneazing, coughing, aching sick, fever so I can't rest. SO - I'm taking NYQUIL and putting myself out of my misery. Tomorrow is the big marriage conference we are speaking at. Say a prayer for us if you want to... no pressure! :)

"If God looked at nothing more than my sexuality - would I be seen as a mature follower of Jesus or as a pagan?"

If I was invisible...

I am supposed to be typing a message at the moment. Vicki and I are in high gear getting ready for a marriage retreat we are doing for a local church tomorrow. This always gives us an opportunity to look at our marriage and realize that we have a lot of work to do. Man! One insight that we've been reminded of lately is that we are married to sinners.

My wife is a saint in God's eyes through Jesus' sacrifice, but she still does what she does not want to do and does not do the things she wants to do. I still am a sinner and fall short of the glory of God - along with the rest of us! We are married to sinners in word and deed - even though we are saints with God... So - here is my question... Why do I have so little grace for my wife (a sinner in need of a savior / a saint only through God's grace)? And why do I have so much grace for myself and others? I almost am blown away if she is selfish... I am taken aback if she lacks forgiveness... But I can justify my "little" quirks and malfunctions. After all nobody's perfect - but my wife should be. What? Anyways - I think you are getting the idea.

So - we had a great life group meeting last night at the VanKuikens... We ate together an awesome meal of ham and fixens (we usually have pizza at the deur home) and chatted about life and God. I love hearing the questions about God and my group is growing alot. More and more of them feel comfortable to share and pray outloud. Anyways - we are going with a few of our life groupers to a marriage retreat tonight. Gary Thomas!

I am in love with Gary Thomas!
I have been a fan of his since reading the AWESOME book (read it you lazy internet junkie! What?) called: "Seeking the Face of God." If you haven't read his books - "sacred marriage" or "sacred parenting" you are to be flogged! :)
Photo of Gary below:

I gotta run and get back to work. I have 2 more messages to write!!!! I love it though.
Thanks to my mom for hanging with the kids today so Vicki and I could work on the messages together... My family is the freaking bomb!

I be a saint sucka,

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

DAVE DEUR is the blogger of Dave's Dusty... Need wisdom? Looking for a little insight and fun?
Check it out at the DAVE DEUR link to the left under blogs.
Good time with the staff fellas today going over more details and nailing down some stuff for next year including budget thoughts. We went over to the Thompsons tonight for dinner. It was great just hanging out with them. Weird to think we all went to college together so many years ago... Now kids abound... Now we are in this movement together called Watermark. Cool how God has a way of working. Also interesting to think that the relationships around you today may become something more significant in the future... Kinda changes the way you view random relationships. If not - just chalk it up to me trying to say something of depth.

The Passion opens up tomorrow and all I have heard so far is amazement... at the story... at the the violence... Anyways - one thing I have found interesting is that Jesus is such a divisive issue... Maybe because the issue is a person who still lives. You wonder what he thinks as this film is shown... But I guess it is foolishness to some.

Just a little plug to see the movie...

Anyways - tomorrow Vicki and I have to crank out the rest of our marriage talks for Saturday. We are speaking at a marriage retreat on the weekend together and need to finalize some stuff. Little "H" has been cranky and has a bit of a cold. When he gets that way he gets klutzy and falls when he is standing next to whatever he is holding... kaboom - weepy - give me mommy. He is a mammas boy big time. I think I annoy him.

We pretty much sold out of our passion tickets... I think we secured 155 tickets total. Pretty cool. We are going to do some follow up discussion on March 7th.

I got in trouble with my physical therapist for not using a cane. oops. come on!

Hey if you are looking for Holy Land photos - here is a great site - some free stuff...

Bust a move,

Monday, February 23, 2004

Now that I have your attention - I added a new poll. Please take time to fill it in.
Last monthes poll indicated a tie on the color scheme of this page - so it will be up to me to decide...

I also added a comment section under each post.

I had physical therapy today on my knee - AHHH! Pain that feels good, because I'm getting better.
I am just picturing snorkeling in the clear waters of Honduras in the near future! Hopefully the hair on my left leg will come back by then... Otherwise I'll shave both legs and be MR. SILKY SMOOTH... What?

So - anyways - I got a great start on my message for this week and I have a ton to do so I'm happy about that. Prayer tonight. I feel a real urgency to pray for God to make some breakthroughs in the lives of people in Watermark.

Well - take a second and go to if you haven't yet.

Take me down to paradise city,

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Find your spiritual fit... SHAPE
by vinmark productions
Ralph Nader is in the presidential race... interesting... at least it was four years ago. I do wonder if we will ever have more than two dominating political parties... A little secret about me is that I love to follow politics as a hobby. I don't ever get into it much because it isn't relevant to what I want to share with you and because it is such a huge divisive issue now-adays. (Just like the Yankees)

Anyways - this morning we had a gathering and it seemed to be a good morning. I so badly want to effectively communicate the importance of being a family that follows Jesus, but it is so easy to miss the supremacy of that with human limitations. In other words I sometimes get frustrated because I feel more than I can speak - if that makes sense. I be whacked.

I am trying to get ahead on work tonight.

We sold about 100 tickets already for the passion and will probably have to buy more for people! Cool. I have been reading a lot of editorials of people slaughtering the movie and Mel Gibson without actually seeing it. Interesting, because that is usually the argument against "close minded" Christians who boycott films without actually seeing it...
Makes you understand how to approach future issues and that Jesus is one controversial Son of Man! :)

Simon says,

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Nate has a blog... Go to the link for "N8 - the falcon."

the falcon takes flight!
Looking forward to going to the passion movie. We had gotten tickets for March 7th, but were able to get opening weekend tickets instead! So we are going on February 29th. I am very excited to see what an actual artist will do with this rather than TBN.

I went to a ministerial convention in Dearborne Michigan. It was good to get away and hear speakers, connect with other church planters and think through stuff. One thing that I took away from my time is that we have an outstanding team of people that live out God's vision! I thank God for watermark the people. We are blessed.

This upcoming week is going to be a killer! Tuesday - Mini Life Group teaching / Thursday - Life Group / Friday - Sacred Marriage Conf. / Saturday - Vicki and I doing a marriage conference all day / Sunday - preach and then the movie!

SO - hold me accountable to spend focused time with the family! :) Maybe I should have you hold me accountable to not waste a moment.

Want more info. on what is going on at Watermark? Go to: and click on news and events for the latest and greatest.

A special hello to Wade H. from Heartland! You are the razor back bomb yo!


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Worked on my message today and felt like I didn't get anywhere. Sometimes I face this situation - where I feel like I am wading through deep mud to put together a clear teaching. I have a few different directions this could go... We are discussing being an influence in your family. The game is Simon.

Had a couple over from Watermark and their last name is Deur. He is a distant cousin, but it is kinda cool how they got plugged into Watermark and we have the same freaking name! That may not seem wierd if your last name is Jones or Smith (both falcon names - you know who you are - but "DEUR!" dutch for 'door.') They are great and we enjoyed our time together.

Tomorrow I go to the Detroit area for a ministerial convention. They usually have good speakers that are challenging and I enjoy my time with other pastors. I hope that I can effectively share God's story through Watermark and encourage other churches to plant.

I got a book on preaching that I am looking forward to reading and growing from. I really want to be more effective in my communication and feel such a burden in that area. Well - I wanted to highlight a book written for those church leaders who want to be involved in starting church planting movements. It is by Phil Stevenson and it is called: Ripple Church. Link to the left under books.

PS - I was struck again that the Bible and its stories are true and real! I read my daughter the story of God speaking to Samuel and Jesus walking on the water and again told her that these stories were real. I explained that I was on a boat on the same lake Jesus walked on... She just got wide eyed... Then I told her that Jesus lives in us and she asked if I can walk on water. :) Jesus - the same Jesus who walked on water resides in me through His Spirit! Man - He is real - He has power - He is active in my life - that changes the way you live. Sorry - sometimes I get hit with a sense of clarity. :)


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

We had an awesome Sunday morning focusing on forgiveness. Nate spoke and did a great job communicating and sharing from his own personal story. Today I spent a chunk of the day with the staff team working through a bunch of issues, planning and getting some work done. One of the things we are planning is going as a group to the Mel Gibson film: "The Passion." We are going to begin a conversation series springing off that movie called: His passion. The thought is to share the thing that drove Jesus to live, to die and to rise - His passion. So...we are going to share stories of real people encountering Jesus from the Bible.

Gotta go... 24 is on.


Monday, February 16, 2004

Our graphic guru / web eye popper / all around creative team: onpoint media ahs a blog. Catch up with Ked and Amelia and their journey with God, each other and other stuff at their blog! Link to left...


Saturday, February 14, 2004

This week's video intro for the talk.

Going out with our life group for a meal tonight.

Just say no to gluttony,

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Had a few morning meetings today that went great and then had lunch with 2 other church planters and my district superintendent. We went to the DeeLite and my DS paid - bonus! It was cool to hear the stories of how God is moving in their new churches. Phil is one of the church planters who started the same time as us and have had wonderful God sized results with people coming to Jesus. I am rooming with Phil next week for our Wesleyan Ministerial Convention in Detroit. I hope that we can chat with pastors about church planting and be able to raise the value.

I spent time thinking through who is a part of Watermark and realized that at least 50% of those who are involved, in my rough calculation, are previously unchurched, dechurched or recently disconnected. I was encouraged by that observation, but I still think that can be a lot higher and should be. As we get older as a church we should see that number rise instead of fall. It seems though, that as a church gets older it would go the other way... Hmmm I don't know - but what I do know is that God is moving and bringing people to Jesus and I am hungry to see that happen in the lives of more people!

I am adding a reading section again. I will list books that I am currently reading. I have been slacking off on the reading lately and need to regain that passion for growth! - As my dad says to my daughter, "You gotta learn!" :)

Humbled to be on the journey,

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

deur 2.jpg

Click above for photo of me in my very serious GQ wanna be progressive european days.

It all added up to me looking dorky. :) Circa 1989.

Shoplifters of the world... unite and take over,
Had meetings today with the staff team. We spent time planning and worked through ideas for Easter Sunday. I am excited about what we are planning for that morning. That morning is going to showcase God's work in the lives of people. Anyways - it was great to dream a little.

I found out that a friend became a follower of Jesus - which is AWESOME! Anyways - I'll update on that more later... Cool stuff that came through the RIVER focus.

Right now my family is trapped at home. Both of our cars are busted! BUMMER! The Honda is in the shop and hopefully will be done tomorrow and then we'll get the Trooper in. In the meantime I am in need of rides to get where I need to go...

My dad is enhancing his blog a bit and did a bit of a review and Christian insight into the movie on the US hockey team. Goto Dave Deur in the blog section for "dave's dusty." Also - I have a tie in my survey section regarding the color of my blog. If you haven't voted and you want to have your voice heard on this life changing issue - vote below the archive section... :)

cars are from the devil,

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Great day today... Gathering dealing with Family issues went well. The Core Focus was good tonight. We took time to share encouragement with each other. We just opened up a time of sharing where we've seen people being the church and making disciples. It was great.

Anyways it was nice to worship at the core focus with my kids. I love singing with my kids in my arms. It changes the words from focussed on God and me to God and we. I feel much more resposible to truly believe and live out the words with my kids there...

Had our weekly pizza and wings tonight. The diet I am on gives us a day off a week and Sundays are the junk food day and pizza and wings are just a part of the experience. :)

Good night sweet falcon,


Saturday, February 07, 2004

"Sorry sir, botox doesn't just wipe off."

I found that photo of John Kerry amusing considering the make up dude is all over that forehead that is under scrutiny from the media for possibly getting botoxed. What was once ripply is now smoother than my sons bald head.

That is my attempt to be funny. I guess I'll stick to the stuff I do. :)

Hanging with the family today and going over my message.

God forgive winter,

Friday, February 06, 2004


Opening video for this week's message. We are in a series (or we call conversations) called "FAMILY GAMES." This week we are talking about getting into the lives of your family... Hence the image of Twister and getting intwined with your family.

Thanks to Vinmark Productions for the video production.

Today is a message / family day. I am really trying to be present within my family and try to live out the truths I've been learning from God's Word regarding family. I need to model it.

Quick story: I typically pray with my daughter before pre-school. Today - I was working in my room and my daughter was running late for school a bit and when it was time to go she announced: "Dad has to pray with me first." She runs up stairs and we pray. Kids always bring about the right perspective. I often run off without running to my dad (God) to pray. Thanks to my daughter for the perspective I needed as God's kid.

Take on me, (a ha)

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Looking for a fun experience for your party or kid's event?
I highly recommend my friend Wade and his new venture called: "and the beat goes on..."

Anyways - Wade is our resident drum and didge guru for Watermark.
I thought the little drummer dudes were cool.

I had a great and challenging breakfast appointment today with some guys. Good stuff on keeping focussed.

I also got the okay from the doctor to start trying to walk with crutches for the next 2 weeks and then a cane.
I will be free from that stuff in 4 weeks God willing.

I had a nice and encouraging lunch with Dennis J. today - he is such a great mentor and friend.
I highly value my relationship with him. I want to be someone who invests in others that way.

Now I am beginning to formulate some stuff for Sunday. Life Group tonight.

Caught up? Don't care? No fair. My ligament has a tear.

If I was invisible (I want to be Clay),

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I am the church. I am the Body of Christ. I am Watermark.
Header from Web site... Thought it looked cool.


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Meetings all day. Lots of stuff to work through. I haven't even made a dent on my message for Sunday and tomorrow is Weds. I will focus tomorrow on that. Yeah right. Anyways - my aunt and uncle came over and brought us food and ate with us. It was great! It was nice to just hang out and catch up. I have awesome relatives and I so appreciate the investment and love that they consistently show.

My uncle finished off my driveway where joe or one of the other snow plow guys built a wall of snow.

Watched '24' tonight - that show rocks!

Heard some great stuff on family today as I prepared for this series... Here is a thought from the study...

Nowadays the church organization is the central religious sphere of activity and we hope that it overlaps and expands to the home.
There is sometimes even competition b/w the home and church as an organization.

HOWEVER, the church is the community – the people – I am the church – what do I do in my home that is the church?
Do we study? Worship? Bless? The home is to be the centrreligiousous center in my life and in my family's life. I am to be a priest to my family. It starts with the family. We are the church.

Anyways - just some thoughts... How can we inspire and equip God's people to make their home into a little temple where we honor and lift up God?

Things that make you go hmmmm,
Being active in the Grand Haven / West Michigan community is much different in the summer than in the winter. This place just shuts down. Anyways - I need to figure out how to utilize people's disgust with the winter and hibernation mentality to help connect new people to God. What if we supported families who are sick of being indoors with something fun to do together. Even if we just encouraged them to do it... A section in the paper or neighborhood games or something.

In the summer I was all over the town meeting people. Now people are trapped indoors.

Prayer and thought has to go into this.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Yesterdays gathering was fun and I think the I message was okay - even though I was chair bound.

I added a new poll. Under the archive section - click the cast your vote button.

Working on gathering resources for next weeks message... It keeps on chugging. :)