Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Meeting day with the staff team. We went to Miss Lisa's tonight for ice cream with the kids - that was awesome because it means summer is on its way!!! I have this deep desire to get everything organized - from my garage to my schedule.

Tonight I met with my prayer partner at his place. It is so humbling to have someone pray for you. I really want to grow in the area of dependence on God and right now I'm feeling like it is needed. I am taking a day on Thursday to do some advance planning and take time with God. I am looking forward to seeking God's presence and direction.

I can't keep blogging because 24 is on.

Bauer time,

Monday, March 29, 2004

We have been blessed to have church partnerships in New Zealand. One church is about the same age as our church and is led by a great bloke named Mike Yates. The name of that church is SHORE GRACE. Link to left.

Another church we are connected to is a new church called CESSION|COMMUNITY. They are also in Auckland and led by none other than our friend, former watermark short term staffer and his cooler than school wife Kristin. Their web site is up and I thought you'd want to check it out so you can keep in the loop on God's goings on in KIWI country! LINK TO LEFT.

I very much desire to strengthen such partnerships, because it can be sooooooo easy to get self absorbed.

N8 - I want to ask you to set up another blog that can be a commentary and guide to understanding your current blog... :)

I'm loving it,

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Wow - I feel like I have been non-stop all day!
1) Gathering & set up and tear down: 7 am to 12:30 pm
2) Lunch with a church planter looking at West Michigan: 12:45-2:00 pm
3) Drive to Lansing to meet up with Vicki's dad: 2:00-3:15 pm
4) Hung out with Vicki's dad (flew in from Oregon): 3:15-6:00 pm
5) Drove home to Grand Haven: 6:00-7:30 pm
6) Fuel up car: 7:30-7:50 pm
7) Put kids to bed: 8:00 pm
8) Chat on phone with long time friend: 8:30-9:30 pm
9) Hang out, catch up on email, read blogs, watch television and typing this...

So - it was a day of movement... It feels good to sit still. Is being still a spiritual discipline?

The show "Jesus" is on television as I type this. I can't help compare it to "The Passion." This version just seems to lack the realism and punch of the story. The televised version seems to be neuterd. I guess that is why Mel Gibson made sure that he pushed the realism factor with the violence. Anyways, I also realize how listening to Jesus speak english makes it seem less real as well. I am not sure how good the aramaic or latin was in the Passion movie, but it felt like you were observing the story from being there.

Anyways the crucifiction scene is on and it again reminds me of the sacrifice. Wow - thanks Jesus. I am bought with a price.

Love so amazing; so divine...

Saturday, March 27, 2004

AHHHH! Spent the day working all day! I did get a walk in with the family! That was nice. Vicki and I spoke at a church in Jenison, Michigan. We did two marriage seminars for their "date night." When we drove up to the church they have a church sign and it reads: "DATE NIGHT 7-9 PM SPECIAL SPEAKER: STEVE DEUR"

I turned to Vicki as we drove in and said, "I am not sign worthy." Anyways after placing the additional pressure of having to be any good firmly behind us, Vicki and I shared about the design of marriage and the importance of being a student of your spouse. Overall it seemed to go well - I know Vicki and I enjoyed doing it and grew in our marriage through it.

So we got back around 10 pm and I just got done changing the whole ending to my message. It aligns with what I was sharing about needing to depend on God more and more.

Well - good night. Remember to take the poll (it is newer.) Here is a pic of one of my favorite bands from my past... "Depeche Mode." I was a bit of a dance hall days boy back in the 80's. Very progressive european. Huh?

"Reach out and touch faith"


Friday, March 26, 2004

Here is a brief slice from an article that I came across... It gives me hope for a long life. :)

"Picking your nose and eating it is one of the best ways to stay healthy, according to a top Austrian doctor. Innsbruck-based lung specialist Prof Dr Friedrich Bischinger said people who pick their noses with their fingers were healthy, happier and probably better in tune with their bodies. He says society should adopt a new approach to nose-picking and encourage children to take it up."

But - it hasn't helped me in my health this year! I better get to work. WHAT?! Wierd thoughts. I am feeling better though and spent a lot of time getting my message for Sunday done. I really feel like Watermark needs to deepen our dependency on God and I think that the story of Nicodemus will bring this out. It is funny how you can plan a message months in advance and it comes at the right time. As we approach spring it can be a time to be tired, uninspired and apathetic in the shadow of summer. In this time we must remember that God is calling us to something truly God sized and therefore, we must be desperate for Him to move in and through us. This must start with me. I am giving time and prayer at the moment in my attempt to understand what I must become or do to be in a position of deeper dependence on God.

Well - time to work with Vicki on a marriage talk.

Keep on pickin,

Thursday, March 25, 2004

I am sick and my life orbits the bathroom. Yuck! I have not emptied my tummy like this in a long time!

In between emailing, thinking about trying to do my message and sleeping - I am being entertained by my daughter doing "magic." My own personal Harry Potter. I am sick of our family being sick.... :)


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Had an early meeting with a guy from Watermark. I came away from that meeting being challenged and encouraged to spend more time cultivating the quiet with God and listening to Him. That was a fitting encouragement for the day, because I was scheduled to have a Day Alone with God. Of course I felt like I didn't have the day to give to a day of reflection and growth...too much to do. But, I decided to go forward with my plans. I spent the morning studying the Bible. I had lunch with my family and spent the afternoon reading and journaling.

It was a good day and I am realizing that one of my top priorities is to be listening to God and growing in my relationship with Him. THIS IS SO OBVIOUS AND PROBABLY NOT WORTH WRITING! But, I feel like I don't have that relected in my calendar and priorities enough. I always say it is foundational and a given, but if I do not truly take the time - then I am kidding myself.

My daughter loves Star Wars episode 4 (New Hope) - you know the "original one." She is watching it right now. Funny... Especially when Shrek, Barbie and other kiddo movies are available.

Sweetie - I am your father's, friend's, son's hair dresser.

Carter - update your blog. :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

New poll. Get to know who you are questions.
Vicki is sick. Will our family ever be healthy? "Expect a miracle brother!" :)

We spent some time today working through growth plans. These are plans for the staff gang to fill out and live out. They deal with spiritual, personal and ministry growth and goals. We also laid out an evaluation process. I have had to do evaluations of other staff members before, but this will be my first time in this sort of Lead Pastor role. I am excited about how this will help our team be focused and aligned. I really want to encourage an environment throughout our church of growth, reproduction and support. I am enjoying the role I have been serving in. I think I'll write more about that sometime soon... Anyways - we also spent time laying out our top 2 goals or priorities for the year. We are going to all rally around these priorities for the year. This will bring a good team atmosphere and unity and alignment.

This week we are looking at John 3 - Nicodemus. For a know it all he didn't know it all. Sounds like the upbringing I had in some ways... This would speak to our community and our vision of people's understanding of what it is to follow Jesus being redeemed.

** Personal Like and Dislike **
This is a quick insight into who I am and what I enjoy and do not enjoy. (It may be amazingly boring to you - if so just skip it.)

Tai Green Curry! I love all things curry. Indian food... Tai food... Anything spicy and exotic and ethnic. Maybe it is in response to my meat and potato dutch food upbringing. :) Thanks mom for giving me a good foundation and for filling my belly.

Fruit. I don't like watermelon or pears and hate peaches. Wierd. Some people get giddy over fruit like it is a small "g" god. I think it is slimy, messy and over rated. Maybe it is the result of the Fall (Genesis 3) - if I was Adam we still would be in the garden! :) Yeah right.

Talk to me... Tell me your name... (for ya biff) Number 29.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Prayer tonight was much needed and brought me a lot of excitement and peace. I am wrestling a bit right now and I think it comes down to a desire to be more dependent on God. It is utterly amazing how quickly we drift from dependence on God! One minute I am following closely and then I get anxious or selfish or frustrated and slide into doing things in my power, but I don't realize it until later and then it is knee jerk reaction! :) So - it seems that the discipline that keeps me most on track is prayer. As my prayer connection with God goes...so goes my position and dependence on God.

So - I am praying that I would grow into that first line of our vision statement (once again!!!!):
"Because Jesus is the center of our lives and we are devoted to Him..." Lord make that true in my life and in my family's life and in our church! Make that true in our communities and in our nation. Make that true in the world.

>> Switch Gears <<
I quick shout out to the first flying, atom splitting, mountain climbing kiwi! What is it about our kiwi friends that makes them do crazy things! Is it little man syndrome??? They think: "Let's take the smallest thing and make it smaller!" "Let's take the highest peak and make it taller!" Anyways - I give love and support to my kiwi friends and I am so pumped about what God is doing! Looking forward to being with you in the future.

>> Drop it into park <<
Tomorrow we have a strategic meeting with some of the fellas. Going over growth plans and such. I want to leave you with this picture for no reason and just want to say hello to my buddy Dick. (Really)


Sunday, March 21, 2004

Today was my first full day back into the swing of things. It was great to be back with the Watermark gang during the gathering. I love the sense of movement and direction that comes from living life together with the people of Watermark. I love being a part of something that is bigger than any of us on our own. Today was a good day and I really enjoyed being with the kids all day - since it had been a bit over a week without them.

So... our gathering had a cool moment. I spoke on the topic of Zachaeus and answering the question of "for whom did Jesus die for?" And more specifically - "was Jesus' death for people like Zachaeus?" Don't know the story? Read Luke 19 and know that tax collectors like Zachaeus was a moral leper, thief and traitor.

Anyways - we spent time following the message writing names on the bottom of our newly purchased chairs of people in our lives that need God. We also encouraged those who were searching for God themselves to write their name on the chair. We moved the room around to help people fill in more of the seating and made it easier for them to come in and out.

Well - the vacation was wonderful. I spent a lot of time in the sun and my chest is as red as a tomato. I enjoyed my time of relaxation and being in other cultures. Being in other countries feeds me in a unique way. It may be that my first spiritual gift identified is: missionary. So getting into new cultures is a recharger.

I'll write more on the trip later. One thought from the message today that kinda came out and I want to think about more. Understanding that the crowd following Jesus hated Zachaeus and crowded him out, but Jesus stopped to notice him and call him by name... The crowd complained about Jesus showing mercy to Zachaeus. Am I being more 'crowd-like' or Christ-like with the Zachaeus' in my life?

Adios amigos,

Saturday, March 20, 2004

I am back. Blogging tomorrow. Tanned, rested and ready to rumble. :)

giddy up,

Friday, March 12, 2004

Check him out at the kiwi jones link.

I'm off!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Gearing up for our vacation. So I will not be blogging much, but please stop in and visit the other links, fill out the poll and find out how the adventure goes... :)

See you soon,

Vicki is full blown sick and in a lot of pain. On top of that - there is the stress of getting organized in the near future for our vacation. Pray she will be healed of this head congestion and pain. Thanks.

I just got back from working out with my work out / accountability parter. It went well - we lifted - did cardio and then grabbed some diet cokes and did accountability. It was great hanging and connecting. I love working out for a lot of reasons... The first reason is tied to my heritage as a dutch boy. I don't want my financial investment to be wasted. I want to get my money's worth! :) Following that are little reasons like wanting good health and not having a heart attack. Oh the pull of the genes are strong - the pull of my heritage is stronger. I don't understand why I wrote that.

ANYWAYS - we had our first 10 minute check in meeting with the staff guys today. That went long, but well. We will refine it and get better. The idea is to share in a minute what is going on that day and clarify any questions. Then we pray and go. It is especially nice considering that we do not have a central location to work from.

I am soooooo far behind on my message in a few weeks (following our vacation). I need to get it done by tomorrow - so I don't have to do it during vacation, but I don't see me getting it done with Vicki being sick, the kids needing attention and other loose ends to tie up. Weird - I have a bloody nose. I must have worked out so hard that my blood vessels blew up inside my head! After all I am getting huge. Below is a photo of my emerging body: (no roids just like you Barry Bonds - right? What!)

Well - have a great day. I need to go see the passion of the Christ again sometime soon.
Remember to check out "Follow the Rabbi" link to the left for great Jesus material - in regards to the passion.

We're gonna party like it's yo birthday,

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

My day today...

9:30-11:00 Meeting with the fellas (tactical staff meeting)
11:30-2:30 Driving to the Flint area
2:30-5:00 Funeral and connecting with family (Vicki's grandmother passed away)
5:00-8:00 Driving back home (while my son cried for 2 and a half hours and my wife was sick)
8:00-8:30 Wife to bed sick... I put the kids to bed.
8:30-now Check email / American Idol / Checking blogs and writing this...

Anyways - it was a great funeral tribute of Grandma Lulu. They had an audio interview with her that they played. I thought it was interesting that when asked what advice she would give her grand kids and great grand kids she mentioned tithing. She mentioned how when she used to make $4/day she would give $.50. It was interesting that giving was one of the things she wants to make sure her family gets. Made me think along with the usual thinking about life and death and what I am passing on.

Pray that my honey will get better! We have a cruise coming up and this sickness thing is getting old! 2004 has been the year of sickness and we need a knock us down healing! Catch us deacons! :)

BE HEALED! That would rock!


Sunday, March 07, 2004

Getting ready for Core Focus tonight. Today's gathering was great. Dan Seaborn from Winning at Home came (link to left) and spoke. I helped out in Surf City and served in the nursery so I missed the message, but everyone was extremely positive. Surf City was great and we had an awesome team of people serving - as usual!

We had a lot of people there today and a lot of faces I didn't know. I always find it difficult to balance between connecting with "core" friends and giving time to them and meeting new people and helping them feel welcomed... I fear that I may cut conversations too short on those mornings, but alas - if I am doing life together with our Watermark gang - I should get other times to connect with them.

WE GOT OUR NEW CHAIRS! We also got a new trailer to haul them. They are great! They are sturdy! They are built for wide booty's. Anyways - we are debriefing the Passion movie. I feel like I have already lost some of what I gained from watching that - I need to see it again and write some stuff down.

Gotta go! Baked potato bar tonight. :)

Getting ready for Core Focus tonight. Today's gathering was great. Dan Seaborn from Winning at Home came (link to left) and spoke. I helped out in Surf City and served in the nursury so I missed the message, but everyone was extremely positive. Surf City was great and we had an awesome team of people serving - as usual!

We had a lot of people there today and a lot of faces I didn't know. I always find it difficult to balance between connecting with "core" friends and giving time to them and meeting new people and helping them feel welcomed... I fear that I may cut conversations too short on those mornings, but alas - if I am doing life together with our Watermark gang - I should get other times to connect with them.

WE GOT OUR NEW CHAIRS! We also got a new trailer to haul them. They are great! They are sturdy! They are built for wide bootys. Anyways - we are debriefing the Passion movie. I feel like I have already lost some of what I gained from watching that - I need to see it again and write some stuff down.

Gotta go! Baked potato bar tonight. :)


Friday, March 05, 2004

In regards to the post below... The key to understanding the quote is to think about prayer... Got it? :)
As far as Russ' - I am a dutch boy and I will always love it as a boy loves his homeland. It is a point of origin. Had Harrison's b-day party. Lots of fun hanging out and Harrison got COVERED in cake. Vicki made a little cake for him in the shape of a mini-cooper, but she said it looked more like a Desoto.

Big and busy day is now complete... Ahhhh - relaxation!

Check out this quote from my dad's blog (link to left):

"I noticed the other day that when most people would receive their food order at Russ' Restaurant, they'd stop for a minute and begin rubbing their eyes in unision, then gradully look up, look around to see if anyone was noticing their dilemna, and begin eating. There's got be something in that food that causes such an allergic reaction."

INTERESTING! Could there be a slow destructive force at work in the food?
Russ' food = eye irritation?


Thursday, March 04, 2004

My boy - little Aitchie (H-e) - is one today! Happy birthday bubbles! :)
Click on link for a recent photo of Harrison: Aitchie0204.JPG

Also my sister has her birthday today - happy birthday Caleb (Lisa).

I have been cleared for full weight bearing on my leg and no more need for a crutch. I am going to get a walking stick for longer walks and support. Thank you God - no more blue brace and crutches.

I am in therapy three days a week for my knee. (Physical therapy - I could use the mental side too.)

Long live the "H!"

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Sorry for another quick post, but it was time I spoke up for a man I believe in...

Rally with me for Aussie prime minister John Howard and say no to Mark Latham.
(I figure I can be political since it doesn't deal with my own country!) :)
But believe it or not I really care... Crazy.



My aussie friends can sound off on this... :)
Vicki woke up with "the sickness," which meant i was MR.MOM / Worker today. I would get the kids organized and catch as much work as possible during naps and eating and playing. Vicki is just plain sick and in pain. Praying she'll kick it tonight as she sleeps... We have been in a world of hurt since 2004. My knee - all the kids sick - Vicki and I sick...Round and round it goes. When it stops - CRUISE! Thank you Lord - Cumebya (spelling is whacked.)

Great meeting with P - Yo today from the Mother Church. He is the wise rabbi - my Yoda and he is a great friend - like Han Solo... not like Lando - who betrayed Han. I am a Sci-fi geek.

Anyways - got some great insights and had an opportunity to share with him for a while. I went with Autumn to some Watermarker's home tonight and had an awesome time hanging out. They are a great couple with cool stories and they are a lot of fun to chat with. Autumn had a blast because she got to have a cupcake and ice cream. We found out that they liked Indian Food - which I am GA GA over... I love curry - I could bathe in the stuff. MMMMMMM curry.

Then I went to the gym at 10 pm because my work out partner was SUPPOSED to meet me. He is reading this and getting mad at me, because I stood him up all last week with my insane schedule. It was great to go and ride the bike for a while, stretch out the leg and lift my little bar bells for a while. I am weak, but I think that I have old man strength. This comes after 30.

Meeting mania tomorrow! Lord give me wisdom. I will look for a picture to inspire you and also to thank you for making Deurty a part of your day... PS - if you ever want to hear me do web site talks (2 min. takes) go to the winning at home link to the left. :) Self promotion + spiritualization + fake humility = going to hell. What?

Cricket great David Boon... HOWZAT!


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I received and read the book: "Death by meeting" yesterday. It was a great book on how to have successful and meaningful meetings. The basic premise is that we need to have more passion / drama / conflict in our meetings. That we need more meetings in different contexts rather than trying to cram in all in fewer less effective melting pot meetings. He lists 4 contexts for meetings:
1) Daily check ins (5-10 min.) These are quick check ins to give updates and clarify anything.
2) Weekly tactical (30-60 min.) These are weekly meetings (without agendas) in which you give a brief report of what you are working on and then dealing with the items that arise. These are the tactical things needed to make things happen toward that weeks goals.
3) Monthly strategic (2+ hours) This is a strategic session of planning, philosophy discussions, advancements, bigger picture items. This is where only a few items are battled out and decisions made that will impact the future.
4) Quarterly offsite (6-8 hours) This is a one-two day meeting dealing with big picture items. Wrestling with big stuff and major moves.

Anyways - I found it to be an easy read and I am considering putting it into our context at Watermark. I often feel like I do not lead exciting meetings. And the fact of the matter is - we have the most important task and boss in the world! We must be passionate and listening to His voice and handling a variety of topics.

I added a link if you are interested in the book.


She bangs, she bangs...

Monday, March 01, 2004

I am home sick today. Actually I was sick yesterday as well, but God gave me some of that go-juice to keep me plugging along during our gathering. Following the gathering I got home and slept and then woke up and went to "The Passion."


What an amazing movie. I kept wanting to stand up and say, "You are my hero!" As I watched the movie I found myself remembering verses from Scripture that applied... An impacting moment for me was watching the way of suffering to the place of the skull where Jesus would be crucified. As I watched that long journey - full of whips - taunts - pain and exhaustion I kept hearing in my head... "If anyone wants to come after me - you must take up your cross daily and follow me." Is that what it looks like to take up my cross to follow Jesus? Is it that full of self denial and humility? GUT CHECK!

The movie was very thought provoking and my wife had a great comment. She said she felt very guilty and unworthy while watching it, but felt no condemnation. Ah the grace of God.

I was also amazed at how everyone seemed so self serving in the movie except Jesus. But watching his followers flee, Judas betray, the religous leaders threatened, Pilate covering his own backside, the Romans full of pleasure beating him, the thief on the cross taunting him... But Jesus just kept moving forward in submission to His father.

Oh to be like Jesus.

It was an inspiration and I applaud the movie as a faith building experience. I'll see it again, but not for a few days or more...

Well - have a good day and pray for some of our students at the Willow Creek Student Conference - that God would ignite a student movement to impact homes, friends and schools for Him.

The sick kid,