Thursday, July 03, 2014

This month I am stepping away from Facebook. What used to keep me connected to people has actually had the reverse effect. So, I'm pausing and retreating for a month.

I've been challenged by John 15 and the teaching of Jesus. In John 15 Jesus points out that fruitfulness comes from abiding/remaining in Him. So often I try to force fruitfulness and skip abiding because I like to control the pace and make things happen.  Jesus challenges us to find more effectiveness and fruitfulness by doing the counter-intuitive thing, and abide.  Mike Breen encourages people to work from the position of rest, rather than resting from work.

I do unplug, but instead of abiding I can find myself avoiding...avoiding issues, problems, pain, responsibility, etc...  Also, instead of remaining, I can quickly remove myself.  I don't think abiding and remaining in Christ is an escape. Rather, it is bringing all the stuff, anxieties, worries, and responsibilities and again placing them firmly into the hands of Jesus. It is getting your identity back. It is getting perspective. It is turning the sound down on the loud voices around us and tuning into the voice of the One who truly matters most.

I'm in a season that I desire to abide. The challenge is to not merely avoid.

So, pulling away from Facebook is one attempt to carve out some additional space for health.