Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The other white meat. is what I've been working on lately. I am posting some past messages, articles, and highlights.

I will be starting another blog down the road for another reason that I will share with you in the next week...

We are doing a study on the cross of Jesus for the next four weeks. I have really enjoyed the study and have been moved.

The weather has been amazing!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Google your name

There was a report on the "Today" show about people having the same name as you and finding them on the web.

Have you ever "googled" or "yahooed" your name? Do you pop up? How popular are you in the electronic listing?

Anyways - I like to type in the name's of people I know under "images" in Google and see what my friend's namesakes look like.

Here are some examples:
Brad Zimmerman

Steve Thompson

Brett Jones

With the web the world shrinks and we find out that we aren't the only person with our name. Someone else has the audacity to run around their town with your name!

I found out that there were two other Steve Deurs in the Holland/Zeeland area when I was in college. I worked with one at a grocery store and I met another one at a camp. Strange.

So - what comes up when you google your name?

At least we still have our fingerprint,

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Vacation is like a band aid.

Vacation is something I look forward to.
I usually feel tired and in a rut by the time a vacation finally rolls around.

So when the vacation begins I find that it takes me at least two-three days to totally wind down, get into a new state of mind, and let things go back home.

When this happens it is like a band aid. I am cut up a bit - worn down - and scabbed up - vacation is placed neatly over my body and soul. For a little while I am aware of the band aid - it feels different - it smells different - I still feel a bit of pain under it - I am a man with a cut in need of a band aid.

But over time I forget about the band aid. I adjust - it seems to be a part of me - natural - doing its healing work... THIS IS WHEN I EMERGE TRULY ON VACATION.

BUT, then I return home. It takes two to three days for me to actually let a vacation work on me, but it seems like an hour after I return home - I am ripped out of the warm cozy womb of vacation and thrown into the cold world of reality - where I am measured, weighed, and spanked so I'll cry and prove I'm alive... Wait - I'm mixing metaphors.

So - you know where this is going don't you? When I return I realize that I have a band aid and it is coming off... So how do you get a band aid off? RIP IT QUICK!

Vacation goes on and comes off like a band aid.

It comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion.

Back in the pocket,

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


THE MONKEY IS OFF THE BACK OF THE DETROIT TIGERS! I resume my chocolate eating tomorrow at Cold Stone. Bless you boys - finally a win!

Enjoying vacation,

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Prayer and Fasting

Please disregard my last post as young and dumb idealism.

After another absolutely ugly loss and an 0-6 record I, Steve Deur, hereby commit to fast from my favorite thing (chocolate) until they have a win. Every time I crave chocolate I will pray for the Tigers.

This may be shallow and meaningless, but I have an ache in my tummy.

It may be gas or it may be heart break.

No choco till win!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Take a deep cleansing breath.

When I was a kid I enjoyed watching the Detroit Tigers play on television with my dad, my uncles, some cousins, and my grandpa Van Wieren. The game was filled with names like Trammell, Parish, and Morris. One other name always seemed to find its way to the end of the game when everything seemed to matter more. That name was Gibson. Kirk Gibson, or as my grandpa called him, "Big Boy."

Big Boy always seemed to be up when they needed a hit most and the air inside the family room of my grand parent's home was electric and filled with anxious feelings.

Often if it got too intense I think my grandpa actually turned off the television or walked away. I could here him saying things like, "it is over..." "here they go again." (I don't know if those were the words, but I remember the feeling. The idea was - "they will blow it or not come through... especially Big Boy." So just turn it off now and spare yourself the pain.)

Anyways - I am a lot like my grandpa. A bit fatalistic with the Tigers. I love them - always have - but I tend to see the glass half empty when it comes to my boys of summer.

So... fast forward to this year. I went into this year cautious - not believing the hype - not willing to say this is the year. I remember Big Boy's game ending strike outs and I have too much of my grandpa to believe. BUT - I WANT TO BELIEVE and i want them to win.

So here we are. 0-5 to start the year. Swept by the Royals. In a funk. Here we go again... just turn off the year... just walk away from another disappointment... Big Boy will whiff once again...

Before I hit the panic button I will take a deep cleansing breath and do something that is not natural for me. I will choose to be optimistic. I will choose to see the Tigers as half full. I believe they will make the playoffs (just barely). :)

I choose to keep the channel on - I will not walk away - I will watch BIG BOY take the count to 0-2 and expect him to slam a homer (which he only does for the Dodgers).

God - please bless these boys.

ps - the fact I have a post this long about the Tigers is troubling.