Saturday, July 31, 2004

Friday, July 30, 2004

Well - we are getting ready to go drop off the kids at my folks, do a wedding tonight in Jackson, MI and tomorrow head to a cottage with the rest of my extended family near Traverse City.

I have been going to this cottage since I was a baby. It is cool to share the lake, the fishing and fun with my kids now. A great relaxing and recharging time that we take annually.

I may end up doing some Audio Blogs from time to time.

Picked up the van today.

Everybody wang chung tonight!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I was just thinking about a dude from college who used to tell his girlfriend that she looked more beautiful to him everyday and today was tomorrow. Get it? I guess he was trying to persuade her that she was more beautiful than he could articulate, but then again he did articulate it. Why am I saying this? So that you single guys have a sappy line to use on the ladies! Just kidding - you should stay single - that is the Biblical way... WHAT! How do you read your Bible? :)

I have been watching the Democratic National Convention the last few days when the work day is done. I saw Al Sharpton yesterday. That dude is funny and his hair should be a national treasure. He made a comment that said (roughly quoted): "We need to stop trying to control what people are doing in the bedroom and start worrying about putting food on the table in the kitchen!" He got a big cheer for that - and then he basically said the same thing again. It was almost like he accidently said the line again. Anyways - he seems to speak without any regard for facts, but he is entertaining - unlike the drone of many other speakers. I am amazed how people can look so stiff and struggle to look human in front of others... But I guess speaking in front of thousands for many people would be like me getting on my roof. (I am afraid of heights).

WHAT FEAR DO YOU HAVE? (heights? dogs? Kiwi's?, etc...)

Today I am running down to Spring Arbor, Michigan to walk through a wedding rehearsal for my buddy Paul. I will enjoy the drive and listen to a talk for the hundreth time by a dude named TIM KELLER. He is from NYC and has a talk on postmodern ministry from the Mars Hill Conference in 1999. That tape has been an incredible tape to mine and grow from in ministry philosphy and his understanding is phenominal. I am going to track down more copies of that tape, but I don't see the average Watermarker getting into it - but those who dig that stuff will like it.

In the tape he works through different models of ministry:
(rough from memory - with some of my terminology)
1. Absorbed model (Where Christians look and act like the culture in everyway - inside and out)
2. Military model (Where Christians fight the surrounding culture and try to institude Christiandom - politics is the method)
3. Subculture model (Where Christians on the outside look pious [no drink, no smoke, etc...] but inside are like the world)
In this model the Christians have their own coffee shops, television, etc... but are not changed inside.
4. Revivalist model (Where Christians get as many people as possible into the church and don't engage in the community.)
In this model the believers are waiting for a movement of God to change the culure and we are just waiting.
5. Countercultural model (Where Christians look on the outside like the culture [not in areas of sin] but inside like Christ.
In this model Christians are active in the community, but live out generosity, humility, peace, joy, etc...

He makes the case for the fifth model. One thing he said that I always could relate to was the fourth model (revivalist). In this model the community's problems were not mine. The public school is going down the tubes, but it is not my problem. I saw myself utterly disconnected from responsibility and involvement in my community. Even in ministry I didn't get involved much in the schools (even as a youth pastor) and cared more about getting them into the church. So I confess I have struggled with many of these, but particularly that one. What do you think?

This is a long post. By the way we bought a mini van. I am now the family man.

Running for House of Representatives in 2016,

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Another friend (and former Spring Arbor Alumni) Doug McPherson (Dougie Fresh) started blogging. Doug is a great guy with a great heart and his family is active in a very young church reaching the lost. The name of the church is Heartland and it is in Ionia. Read about Doug under the link entitled: "D Fresh."

Just got back from a late night fire at Takas'. We chatted with some guys about what we want our legacy to be. One thing I said was that I wanted my family to say that I listened to them - that I always had time for them - that I valued them. I first thought of all the spiritual things, but went with this one, because it is easier to be held accountable for.

So - am I listening to my family? Am I putting down this stupid computer and listening? :)

Can you hear me now? Good.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Watermark Update:
We are going to be adding another gathering and are currently looking for the exact timing, but have a phenominal team working on details and waiting to get insights from people on stuff. I will send out a letter and FAQ sheet to Watermarkers this week. I will lay out more reasons why later - probably tomorrow... But don't hold me to it! :)

Blogging World:
I am pleased to introduce you to a good friend and a blogger to his core: Wade Breeden. He plays the didge, has an awesome family and follows Jesus. Check this dude out and feel the vibe at: "Wade da drumma" link to the left.

My throat:
Still hurts and I am popping Ibuprofin like a mad man.

My son:
Wears his plaid hat all day and even sleeps in it! I have no idea where he gets the idea to wear his hat all the time! :)

We have a vacation coming up the first week of August in the Traverse City area. I'll hit that soon.

I really want to follow Him more and love Him more and live in Him more.

Brett Jones:
Has my deepest respect and I need to talk with him.

You have my vote,

Saturday, July 24, 2004

For the last few days I have had a terrible sore throat. Today I woke up and went to the emergency room to visit with a doctor. I am not someone who goes to see a doctor. When I was a kid the philosphy of my folks was that eventually we would get better - why see a doctor? So - stubborn Steve rarely goes and when I do they don't seem to give me anything to help. Today was an example of this. It is a virus that I have to wait out. Before hearing that it was a virus I suggested that the doctor give me the anti-biotics needed and I would be on my way... (kind of a joke) the doctor went into his belief that we are pushing too many anti-biotics on people and that the medical community is having people wait out sickness, I felt like a guy who came acting sick to score some drugs and he was setting the record straight. Some people have a difficult time picking up joking - especially when it is done in a serious manner with not enough sarcasm in the tone of my voice.

Kinda funny - so I hung out on the couch, got a bunch of paper work done for the gathering and worked on my Surf City talk for tomorrow. Also tomorrow we are going to announce that we are looking into adding a gathering. We have a team of people working on this and the timing of it all, but planting a gathering would be a great step forward for us in effectiveness and making room for others. I will go into more detail on the reasoning. My hope and prayer is that Watermark will be unified in the vision and mission God has given us and that we would plant a gathering to provide greater effectiveness in our kid's ministry and more room for people to belong.

Nate Smithy is bringing the thunder tomorrow and next week one of my spiritual mentors is speaking. His name is Ron Kopicko and he is an awesome Bible teacher and chaplain of Spring Arbor University. He made a huge impact on me following college while I worked at Spring Lake Wesleyan. I would drive to meet him half way and he challenged me and encouraged me. So it is an honor to have him with us at Watermark on August 1st.

Anything Box was a good band,

Friday, July 23, 2004

Well my honey is home. She even survived IKEA. Many of you have heard my difficulties with IKEA. When we lived in Sydney we had a close relationship with the furniture giant. We lived about a five min. drive to a big ole store. Also our church, Crossroads, leased a former IKEA warehouse (from my memory). So Vicki and I were excited to learn that IKEA was in the states as well. But what used to be a little adventure in Sydney - now became hell on earth in Chicago's suburbs. I am all about a bargain (I am dutch background), however the loooonnnngggg wait in traffic, the exciting build up of finding great deals to write down only to not find it in stock ANY TIME WE GO!, and the unhelpful staff that discusses how they can avoid work drives me bonkers! But alas, I am a follower of Jesus and I should not be concerned with material possesions and petty frustrations....right? But - anyways - it is nice to have Vicki home.

Tonight I was going to go golfing, but found myself with a horrible head ache and body pains. Bugger.

I have been keeping up with politics as usual and one story that I find helpful for my self esteem is the Sandy Berger situation. Here is the former National Security Advisor "ALLEGEDLY" stuffing notes and papers down his pants and socks that are of the confidential nature! When found out and confronted by the national press the new talking point for this is that Sandy is SLOPPY. In fact former President Clinton said his team is laughing about this because Sandy is always buried under a mess of paper and he is a work aholic. SOOOOO - if one of the top aids to the President can be buried in paper and be a sloppy mess - surely I can be too. I feel better knowing that I am okay and our nation entrusted National Security Leadership to someone as sloppy as me. Makes me sleep better at night. What? :) Just kidding. Anyways - we should be hearing the tough talk from both the Donkeys and Elephants heat up in the monthes to come. The joys. This is like the Superbowl for me.

I am pumped about our REIMAGINE conversation series! Should be fun! Also we are heading to the Leadership Summit with some folks - I always am challenged and stretched. I am very determined to impliment at least two things I learn that fit our context and roles. I do not want to spend the money and go - only to hear and talk about good stuff. I want to turn vision and learning into action. This is the year of EXECUTION! Can you dig it?

Finally, I enjoy playing a game called: "bzflag" - it is a tank online game that is heaps of fun and I encourage you to download it and play with me sometime. Just type in the name and you should find it and then let me know. That is my little fun in the late evenings when I get a chance.

Eating ice cream,

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

My dad (Dave Deur: aka: Dibs; aka: Deurty old man) has come up with a fun look at different types of people. He asks "what kind of Bob are you?" He plays off Bob the Builder and SpongeBob Square Pants. Check out Dibs and his Bobbing at: DIBS

Things worked out well today at home with the kids. I even made it to work out first thing in the morning! Yikes that was hard.

I spent some time with Mike Morgan for lunch and Eric Laug in the afternoon - good time with good fellas. Then hung out with my dad for Marios pizza in Holland. I really like Marios. In fact let me get some quick comments on the best pizza in West Michigan... Where is the best pizza around here?

I have something spiritual to say I suppose - because all of life is spiritual right? :) Check out my dad's thoughts.

Bye now,

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Staff meeting this morning. We worked through:

> Coast Guard Parade
We are planning on having a float in the parade in which we are going to pass out flavor ice to the crowd. This is an act of kindness to the city with no strings attached. Lots of work to do. It is August 7th and gives us an opportunity to show love to our community.

> Baptism
We are going to have a special baptism at North Beach (in Lake Michigan) on August 15th. We are working through the details. Over ten people have signed up - with more time for people to sign up! That will be a special evening.

> Leadership Summit
We are going to this great leadership event and worked through some items related to it. This is August 12-14th.

Finally, I wanted to mention that I will be Mr. Mom for the next two days. My lovely wife is going to Chicago with my sister and mom. Vicki has set my pathetic self up well for meals (I guess cereal isn't good for the kids to eat for every meal.) :)
So - I'll be working and meeting at home for the next two days... I hope to thrive and not just survive - maybe I'll take a dive...what?


Sunday, July 18, 2004

Real quick - i'll connect on the gathering later... Welcome Clint and Jamie Ussher into the blog world. Clint was my Aussie intern and all around good friend. We go way back with Jamie. :)

Vicki makes awesome alfredo pizza!

I believe I can fly,

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Hung out with Paul and Stephanie today. Great time!
We went downtown tonight and grabbed some ice cream, walked to the end of the pier and then took in the musical fountain.

The fountain's musical theme was the 1980's. I expected Devo, Flock of Seagulls, even Bryan Adams, but endured Neil Diamond, The Beach Boys and a little, "Don't worry be happy." It is funny how some music defined the decade and others were just made and played in the 80's.

I won't make a spiritual analogy.

We did hear a little Christopher Cross - who reminds me of my dad - because my dad loved the song "sailing." Also he just makes me chill out and feel good. I need to listen to Christopher Cross more. :) Then I'll throw in some Dan Folgerberg and James Taylor and finally look in the mirror and declare myself a "family man" with no taste in music. Then I'll announce: "I don't care."

Funny - as a teen I made fun of the family guys in their vans and poor choices of music. Now I am that guy (minus the van) and I don't care. Could it be that they didn't either... hmmmmm.

Boy, that was a waste of brain power.

Gathering tomorrow and Nate Smith is bringing the message. Bring it brotha!

I find myself struggling to re-enter life after my time of planning away...

"I am the musical fountain."

Friday, July 16, 2004

Back in the pocket.
Great time away of planning and work with my dad.
Beautiful spot high above the Muskegon River.
Woods surrounding us - on a deck - listening to the river...
Peaceful. Quiet. Calming.

I slept well.

Got the following done:
> Completed a book entitled: "Making Room for Life"
> Worked on my schedule and standard week for the year ahead
> Spent time listening to God and working through some personal items
> Laid out Core Focus ideas, potential dates and communicators
> Worked through priorities for this season of Watermark for myself and the team
> Read the book entitled: "Missional Church"
> Listened to three tapes by Dwight Pryor regarding the church
> Studied other materials regarding the purpose of the church
> Laid out the August conversation series about the church: "Reimagine."
> Finished the first message (Aug. 8th) for that conversation
> Identified details and little things hanging over me that needed to be done and completed what I could
> Read a chunk from the book: "Execution" and thought through areas we need to better execute and how
> Thought through some upcoming leadership decisions and future needs for Watermark

I had a great time with my dad. He got a ton done and I enjoyed watching him work himself silly. What?! We enjoyed our times in the evenings. We went to two movies and ate out. I also enjoyed chatting with my dad about ministry, life and spiritual gifts.

HEY! I found out the Trooper has more problems!!!! AWESOME! That means we would have to put way too much money into it than what it would ever be worth! SWEET! :) So it looks like we will donate it and look for another mode of transportation... So much for all the great financial plans we laid out. But that is life and we keep rolling and smiling.

One of my best buddies from college, (my roommate from my sophmore year), Paul Wiley, is coming into town with his fiance'. He is freaking hilarious and I look forward to hanging with them and having them at the house tomorrow and at the gathering on Sunday.

Cars are of the devil.

Good to be with the family!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Monday, July 12, 2004

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Gone this week until Friday evening.
I will be:
> Planning message topics and conversations for the year
> Studying for and writing messages for our August conversation
> Reworking my schedule and life to bring more balance and health
> Strategically looking at the fall and next steps for Watermark

I think I picked too many things...

Please pray that God would guide and I would hear Him. Also for the family as we are apart.

He gives and takes away,
this is an audio post - click to play

Saturday, July 10, 2004

** Real quick ** I just noticed that my dad (Dave Deur) had someone find his blog from a anti-gazing ball comment he made in the early days of his blog. He gets probably one to two hits every few weeks from some random stranger typing in "Menards gazing balls." Instead of finding someone giving praise to these looney creations they get a mind full from the DIBS master!

So - I want to join the band wagon and get some poor sucker to waste their dialup time loading deurty while they look for these bizarre balls...
Menards Gazing Ball
Menards Gazing Ball
Lowes Gazing Ball
Builders Square Gazing Ball
Lawn ornament gazing ball
Bowling ball gazing ball
Garden gazing ball

I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime I will also try to attract some of my old classmates:
1990 Holland Christian High School
Holland Christian Alumni
Class of 1990
HCHS 1990
William King's buddy
Geoffrey Goorhouse

(If you came to this site because you were looking for gazing balls - please reconsider!!!!!! for the sake of your neighborhood!)


Yesterday: Had district conference for the west michigan district of the wesleyan church. (denomination we are a part of)

Did you know? That Wesleyans were born as an anti-slavery movement? Wesleyan's were a part of the underground railroad.
Did you also know? That Wesleyans were active in women's issues and promoted women in ministry before the 20th century.

One of our general superintendents (big bosses) said that even though we were extremely active in the anti-slavery movement we have a very small percentage of african american's apart of our churches. We need to work on the BELONGING... We come from a socially progressive denomination that pushed for social justice as an outgrowth of holy living.

The question for Watermark and every Wesleyan church... WE HAVE A GREAT HISTORY - WHAT DOES THE PRESENT AND FUTURE LOOK LIKE? I am happy to be apart of the God given wesleyan story and I want to see us recapture the love of Christ that leads us to holy living that leads to social impact from love.
> > > > > > > > > >
We have been enjoying our fire pit. SMORES! I eat my marshmellow with two halves of chocolate (no graham cracker) - it is messy and tasty and a bit fattening.
< < < < < < < < < <
Hung out with Ed this morning - very encouraging and impacting time. I need to do SERIOUS work in my life to bring health on multiple levels. I'll keep you updated, but I will not fall into the trap of commune karl and the thompson clan :) Just kidding.
> > > > > > > > > >
Mowed the lawn today - I like that. Brings me back to my days as a lawn boy for the cemetary in Holland. I love the cemetary - really I do. I worked at a cemetary where my great great great grandparents, my great great grandparents, my great grandparents and one of my grandmother is buried. Us dutch people didn't move around much. :)
< < < < < < < < < <
Hung out with Boeve's tonight - great encouraging and helpful time chatting about life, marriage and kids. They are great encouragers and awesome examples.
> > > > > > > > > >
Tomorrow my dad gets ordained as a minister. I am proud of him! Way to go DIBS!

Welcome back Falcon - only two weeks of camp - do you remember where you live? I am sure everything was epic.

My wife is city (good looking),

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Got my kicks on mentoring 66.

Spent time with two interns from Spring Lake Wesleyan and downloaded ministry stuff and church planting. I love to talk about who God is calling us to be. It really gets me excited. The sheer cost and payoff of living life in the vision God has been laying out is refreshing and compelling. (I would say intoxicating if I was a New Zealand Wesleyan.) :)

I was reminded of a few things:
1) This vision God has laid out is something I and my family are called to regardless of anyone else joining or leaving.
2) If Watermark disolved would the community we live in miss us? I want that to be a resounding yes because we are bring Christ and His Kingdom.
3) We are to be a GO and BE Church - not a COME and SEE Church. We want people to see themselves as extension chords and not as batteries.

Batteries need recharging and then they use up their energy and come back for more recharging. ("come" to church to be filled)

Extension chords are plugged into the power source and is a conduit to connect others to that source - going out from the power to the thing in need of the power. ("go" and power others to be connected.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
So I got some stuff done today for Sunday's talk and spent time with Takas and Thompson.
Had an awesome meeting with Jeffrey Boeve - very encouraging and refreshing.
Epic time with the interns.
Good quick chat with a buddy named Matt that I haven't seen in a while.

To top the day off - we had a fire in our back yard (in the fire pit) and had six of our former high school students (from our youth years at SLWC) stop over and hang out for the night. It is so great to hear what is going on in their lives. Vicki kicked booty on the fire. BEAUTIFUL FIRE! AHHHHHH.

It was a God moment.

Basking in the coals of the Lord,

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

time for bed.

(other random stuff not in order)

had prayer with paul hp today

laid out this sunday's gathering and talk

played bz flag for a while

worked on my chat for the high school group (cession) tomorrow morning

met with kris m and laid out some future stuff

prayed for thompson's special time with the doctor

chatted with rj deckert for a spell

did the hungry howies thing - ugh

did some planning on my study break for next week



Monday, July 05, 2004

Golfed this morning and had my best round of nine ever on a normal course! I shot a 43, which for me is outstanding. I had a great time with a few guys from my life group and a neighbor of one of the guys. Very good time, but Vicki said I never told her I was going. I left at 7 am for a 7:30 am start time and I thought (KNOW) that I told her I was going at that time.... BUT alas - I may have said it, but just thought it. She knew I was golfing, but was unaware of the time - so she woke up and thought something bad happened, because I was picked up and the cars were around, but no Steve! Anyways - I just realized again how poor of a communicator I am when it comes to my wife. HELP! :)

My Trooper needs a new transmission! AHHHHHHH! It will cost way too much dough and it wouldn't be worth fixing - at least I don't think. I need to crunch numbers and look at the potential life span for that white beast. We are looking at different options... Trade in and buy a mini-van. Fix it and pray it works for the long haul.... Needless to say this DESTROYS our financial picture and a plan we laid out... Time to adjust and thank God for the opportunity to have a job, a home, food, family and cars (even though they are from the devil.)

Well - I gotta go. Have a great day and remember to tell your loved ones where you are going.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Friday, July 02, 2004

My friend and former student Luke Beattie is in the blog world and sharing some thoughts from his side of the hemisphere. I'll call him "aussie Luke." Luke and I sang Billy Corgan tunes together back in the day. :)
Spent the day with my family and extended family at my folks. They live across the street from a park and a beach on Lake Michigan. We hung out under the blazing sun and I got burned.

I went and picked up hot dogs and stuff for Sunday morning. It will be fitting to gather and worship God, the ultimate freedom giver, on the fourth of July.

Have a great weekend! I'm golfing tomorrow with my dad and two brother in laws.

I'm addicted to caffeine,