Sunday, November 30, 2003

Whoa! We experienced quite the church planting experience today in our gathering time! I arrived to the high school at around 7 am to set up when I saw our trailer and the fellas heading the other way. I stopped and asked what was up and they told me that the school had a fire and we couldn't meet in the cafeteria!

Apparently someone broke into the school, poured petrol around the library and struck a match and left. There was obviously some damage and odor issues. We ended up in the Performing Arts Center at the High School. It is a very very very nice auditorium that we could not afford. Kid's had to move as well - so we were all being flexible and we had an awesome team of people rise to the challenge.

Everything went smoothly and seemed to come off well. I enjoyed the room, but would not want it regularly... wierd. I think it feels too performance (hence the name). It also did not have a ton of room to move around and allow for connecting - which is a staple in our gathering diet. Soooo - it was fun to be fast on our feet. God was good.

We finally finished up our ORIGINS conversations (series). Today was on Joseph - which went fine - but it is a HUGE story and it took a while. I look forward to the shorter topics ahead for a change.

Spent some time with family after the gathering. Great time - also got to see my parent's house that they are building - very cool and closer to us! :)

Well have a swell evening and God bless!

About to hit the sack after finalizing my message on big Joe from Genesis. I had to cut about 3 pages off of it. It is difficult to cut stuff out that would make great insights and other messages, but that is the point! I need to have a point! Not two or three or four of them! Stay with the program DEUR! :)

Went to a wedding of one of my past students and current friend and her new hubby/youth leader/buddy. It was good to see a ton of our old teens and youth leaders and friends. Vicki and I even got to dance a little. I did a bit of an 80's dance move and it felt like old times sake - plus about 30 pounds... Anyways it was good to get out, see people and have fun. I need to do more of that "fun" stuff I've been hearing about.

My neighbor bagged a deer and I helped hang it up in his garage. It gave me the itch to get out into the woods and kill something (for their own benefit of course - as well as my benefit in the food department.) Pretty cool to see the heat rising off the body of the deer as it hung in the cold garage. Sorry if this offends the anti-hunting group, but well... I guess I'm not sorry. Oh well - hope you have a nice day!

"Without vision the people can't see." - Steve Deur (Leadership quote) WHAT?


Friday, November 28, 2003

I am at my folks right now. We are about to eat a big ole meal. I got done with my message but it is waaaaay to long - so I'm trimming the fat tonight.

The message deals with dreams and having our dreams and our lives bow to God. It made me think about what my dreams are... Interesting to think through.

I have dreams for my family - that they all follow God and devote their lives to Him. I have dreams for Watermark - that the vision would be fulfilled. I have dreams for myself - different opportunities and experiences I would like to have... BUT would I be willing to give up everything for God if required?

Well - gotta go eat. :) Have a swell day!


Thursday, November 27, 2003

Thanksgiving was great. Did the usual family gig. Hang out at the gym at my folks church. Eat a lot and play hoops. I played hoops for quite a while and was extremely tired. It was fun, but I only play basketball once a year at Thanksgiving now... (bad knee and bad jump shot.)

In the game I got totally smashed in the nose by the basketball! My nose still hurts. A guy was basically throwing the ball as hard as he could to a fellow player and my nose was in the way. OUCH! That's okay - I was very manly and handled it like a champ (or maybe chump.)

Hanging out with the family was good fun and a good recharge. Tomorrow morning I need to finish my message. We also need to get cranking on our office area that we are renting soon!

Tomorrow is shopfest and I never partake - maybe I fear it...

(Hello to my cousin Mike!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Pushed hard on my message today. This week we are looking at Joseph (Gen.37 - till end).
We'll be talking about dreams... Anyways - it will be our final conversation in the ORIGINS series we are doing. Next up: SAM X.

Anyways - we are still not finished raking and bagging our lawn and I don't know when we will get time between the rain and snow that is coming... AHHHH! It was good to get out in the late afternoon and do some lawn work and appreciate the weather.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday! Allow me to write a few things I'm thankful for...
> My God who loves me and does not give up on me.
> My wife who is my friend, partner and love.
> My kids who give me joy and help me understand God in a deeper way.
> My family who support, encourage and love me.
> My friends who know me and still like me and even put up with my talking. :)
> My church - you are a dream come true and I can barely type this without tearing up...
> My current staff team and leaders - you are the dream team and working with you in a joy.
> My ex-coworkers - from Crossroads, to Daybreak to Watermark -
you are more than staff, you are friends, partners and you have deeply impacted me.
> My mentors - you invested in me and believed in me. (From Mrs. Spoelhoff to Dennis Jackson)
> My past students, kids and leaders in ministry - I love seeing God work in and through you!
You are the church of today! You have impacted me more than you can imagine!
> My heritage of faith and family.
> My home, food, clothes, warmth, job, health, hair and other things I regularly take for granted!
> For you - :)

Anyways - some day I'll lay out all the stuff and be more specific, but I don't think a blog is the best format for that.

Let me close with a prayer: "God thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have so much to thank you for. I thank you for your Son Jesus and for the love that sent Him to live and die for me. I thank you for the life you've given me - even though I don't deserve it. I thank you for your presence in my life. God as we celebrate Thanksgiving - be the CENTER of my thanks! Every good and perfect gift comes from you! In Jesus name, Amen."

Have an awesome thanksgiving and God Bless,


ps - I am thankful for :) shameless plug for Kory's site.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Well - the hair has been redeemed by the clippers of Michelle. The new salon that she co-owns is great. The name is "Gingers." It was very nice and it was a long way from my SUPER CUTS days! :)

Anyways - I think I'm ready to roll now that I killed the beast that was sitting on my head.

Vicki and I are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary (a bit early) by going on a cruise in March! We are cashing in a retirement thing from a past job and doing it. That may be dumb - but you only can celebrate milestones like this once! So we are totally excited! We will be going with my sister and her husband, who are also celebrating their 10th anniversary.

SOOOOO - I must begin the workout routine to get into "take my shirt off the whole trip" shape. :) HELP! Anyways - it will be a great thing for us. My folks are watching the kids. I am so glad that we have an INCREDIBLE team of staff, volunteers and leaders who can step into the gatherings and leadership and have Watermark not skip a beat! God has blessed.

Tonight is '24' and JACK BAUER TIME! After that is Joseph and the Bible time! Even more exciting... really! :)

I had a meeting with other guys starting churches in Lowell, Michigan. It was great to hear their stories and how God is moving in their situations. It again reminded me how small I am... Think about it...

I am one of billions of people,
on a average sized planet,
rotating around a mediocre star,
in a ho hum galaxy,
that is a part of millions of galaxy's...


I don't know science, but I understand the scope and scale of who I am - dust. How is it that God choses to reside in my human soul? How is it that I can know Him? How is it that He cares for us puny people... What awesome love. What is man and woman that you are mindful of them? That puts God's story of bringing us to Him in powerful perspective.

I think I take forgranted that God is the lover of my soul. It almost seems like something I deserve, but God out of His love and grace lavishes me with His love and mercy. Little ole me and little ole you. Cool.

Well - gotta get crackin on the conversation for this week: Joseph! The dreamer... DREAMWEAVER...

Geeky saying of the day: 'My boss is a Jewish carpenter.'

PS -getting my haircut tonight by Michelle.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Yo - what up? It snowed big time today! Today is test day... We chose to follow God and live in West Michigan even though we knew this would happen... I am very anti-snow, but I think this year I will try not to complain about it - too much... After all we followed God and chose to be here. :) So for all of us trapped in the "wonderful winter wonderland" let's make a pact to press on and be positive and know that God put us here together! (Wow - I wonder if I can follow that...)

I am a natural complainer when it comes to snow and ice - is not complaining about that a spiritual issue? Oh wait...
Philippians 2:14 - "Do nothing without complaining or arguing," Does that fit the whole snow thing? huh.

Well we planned stuff out today with the staff team. I am excited about our next conversations in December called SAM X. For three weeks we are going to be under the guidance of SAM X - the "Christmas planner." He helps us spend more, get more, run more, jam more in our calendar and confuse what Christmas is all about. It will be a lot of fun!

I am hoping that the band can pull off the Van Halen song, "dreams," this week since we are talking about Joseph and the God of the dream and dreamer. I love the 80's! VH1 junkie!

Though none go with me - I still will follow,

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Today was sick day at our gathering. We had a ton of people out sick or with sick kids! Wow! I'm just glad I am finally getting healthy. Anyways - we had some real battles this morning with the tech stuff, but it all came together at the last minute. Thanks to Mike for stepping in as a super sub! Brett did a good job sharing the message. It would be great to keep he and Kristin around longer! But i'm excited about their ministry in New Zealand too...

We had a "What is Watermark?" lunch and had about 20 or so people there hearing the vision of the church and some basics of Watermark. It was cool to see new people catching on and getting plugged in.

We spent the rest of today with my family and I went over to my folks church tonight with them. Good day! I am excited to get together with the fellas tomorrow - I am feeling energized. Giddy up.

Well - have a nice evening!

Saturday, November 22, 2003

This is a test...
A lot of individuals, including myself, enjoy looking at trends of emerging churches and how the church will look in this new era. So - to become one of the heroes of the new "post modern" church movement you have to be seen in the blog world as part poet, part philosopher, part ranter and all around innovative fella. The goal is to be trendy by being anti-trendy. Anyways - I like the post modern ideas and definately fall into that category (even though we are supposed to hate those right?) So I thought I'd joke around and see if this blog would attract the masses of pastors in my shoes looking for the next thing... I think I've found that the next thing is the Bible. Weird huh? But alas, I love my Leonard Sweet and Emerging Church stuff... So if this lost you - sorry - I'll get back to my mind numbing stuff about my terribly exciting life as a guy starting a church later... So I am going to type a bunch of "key words" and terms that may catch readers... If I got you this way...HELLO - I hope you don't feel used - that was so modern of me! :) Maybe you'll stick around - since I may be a bit like you (not to label or anything.)

Here is my statements:

"Postmodern Church"
"Emerging Church"
"Worship Stations"
"Generation Next"
"Worship Evangelism"
"Ancient Future"
"Leonard Sweet"
"Briand McLaren"
"The Journey"
postmodern, postmodern, postmodern, postmodern, post modern, next generation, candles, stained glass and a cross.

:) Just an experiment. If this wasted your time - sorry - hopeful you found it amusing. But I did realize something in this process... The whole "emerging church" has its own heroes, verbage and lingo... Postmoderneze is the new language. We are becoming that which we despise. Our parents. :) although - my parents rock.

Lots of love and time to finish up stuff for our "gathering" :)

Today I'm home with the kids while Vicki does the lunch and shopping adventure with my sisters and mom. I always find it difficult to manage my expectations on the days I am alone with the kids. My inner expectations drive me nuts! I WANT to spend great time with them and make them a priority, but also struggle with wanting to get other stuff done. So in other words... When I'm working I feel like I should be spending time with my family and when I'm with my family I feel like I should be working... AHH! Anyways - I'm doing better with this than I ever have before because I know the drill. But that is the struggle inside me that I wrestle with.

Last night I went to the movie "ELF" with my dad. It was pretty funny and a great holiday flick. It was great going away with just my dad. Vicki will from time to time encourage me to catch a flick for a recharger - she is awesome!

Tomorrow we have a gathering and we are going over the life of Jacob. It'll be a fun morning and I'm looking forward to hanging out a bit with the kids ministry. As far as church stuff goes - I am excited about a "What is Watermark lunch" tomorrow. This is a lunch for those who are more recent to Watermark and want to connect in and get to know what is up. This gives me an opportunity to cast vision - which I am hungry to do and have to look for more ways to do...

I need to get out today and finish my lawn!!!! HELP! :)

Aint no lie, baby, bye, bye, bye,


Thursday, November 20, 2003

Hey - me again - I think this little article explains my reason why I sometimes get frustrated in figuring out some amazing thing to BLOG. Like I have to change the world through a few key strokes and 15 people a day reading. :) Anyways - this little thing from the Twisted Banana (link to left) is a rant on serious bloggers. Kinda funny and true I reckon in some ways.


The Serious Blog writer bites!
Have you ever read a blog that spews out serious content?
They are painful to read... Why? Because no one cares!

We at THE TWISTED BANANA appreciate the personal blogs.
These are full of fun stories and self debasing humor.

We, however, find the so-called intellectuals of the blog world to be the lowest form of blogger. If you have something serious to say - get published! If you can't get published - look in the mirror!

If you are unable to be published - don't drag your sorry enlightened thoughts or your life changing views to the common man in blog form.

The serious blogger is our TWIST of the month.

I want to be a serious blogger. I have words to say that will change you. Gaze into my blog, I see the future. Pay only $25 cash to my assistant. :)

Had small group tonight. I really like my small group. Cool people, great meals, lots of laughter and great to connect. I really see our group growing more together and with God. So anyways we meet every other week from 6-8 pm. We also meet once a month just as couples and do something on the town.

My sister Jody is in town from Oklahoma City with my niece Savanah. It will be great to connect with her and begin some awesome family time over the course of this next week with Thanksgiving and all...

I am feeling uninspired in writing this so I'll just let it go. :)


Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I spent the morning at Western Theological Seminary in their library. I went up to the 5th floor and spent time getting quiet with God. I just opened up the notebook I and wrote down what I sensed God sharing with me. For a while I just wrote down praises to God - everything from family and friends to the gift of life. I also spent time praying and read a little while.

Afterwards I stopped in to visit my grandpa and my friend William. Then I finished my day reading and preparing for the message next week. Anyways - it was a great day and I enjoyed my time praying and connecting with God.

Right now the Bachelor is on the tube and I think Bob will choose Estella (not that I should care...) Oh well - reality tv is the new stories of our culture... I hear people talking about that stuff all the time in public! You can have an instant connection with someone if you have an opinion about who should be with Bob the bachelor... It is a community builder!

Well - I enjoyed chatting with Josh Jackson on the phone tonight. Josh is working at the church Vicki and I helped start in Sydney with his wife Kari. You can check out their blog to the left... I enjoy chatting with Josh because he is so eager to grow, learn and honor God. I think he is a living sponge who is humble and wants to absorb as much as he can. I know God has amazing things in store for him...

Anyways - thanks for stopping in...


Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Tonight I met with a prayer partner. His name is Paul and he prays for me through out the week. Anyways - I always enjoy getting together with him because we get to chat about stuff and pray about it. It also gives me a chance to pray for him. I am amazed that there are people who pray for me. It is a humbling experience. It is a VITAL NECESSITY! I don't always treat prayer that way, but I believe that it needs to be a bigger priority in my life, because initmacy with God is the most important thing.

Anyways - tomorrow I have my once a month DAWG (Day Alone With God). For those of you who don't know what this is... I spend a day reading, praying, worshiping, talking to people about God and just being quiet with God. This is a time to creatively spend the day with God to grow my relationship with Him, seek His guidance and just align with Him. Tomorrow I am going to spend time listening to God.

How will I listen to God?
1) Get in a quiet place and bring a notebook, Bible and pen.
2) Be quiet and listen to God in my spirit.
3) As ideas pop into my head (usually things I SHOULD be doing) I just write them down as reminders.
4) As those ideas and worries dump - I get to a quiet time and focus on God with an openness to what He wants to say.
5) I decide that I will do whatever He tells me to do (after checking it with Scripture).
6) I write down thoughts from God.

I look forward to seeing if I can be patient enough to quiet myself to hear God's voice... I'll let you know how it goes (if appropriate I will get specific.)

Anyways - that's tomorrow. Tonight I watched '24.' I love that show. I better go to bed, but first I need to finish sending the program stuff for Sunday's gathering.

Break like the wind,


I know I have been talking about the Twisted Banana - I just want to highlight an interesting "sermon" they have listed regarding vomit... Maybe I'll preach it sometime! (link to left)

Monday, November 17, 2003

Brad is back in the blogging world - check him out on the link to the left.

"STAY IN THE BOX! God put you in that box for a reason!" - The Twisted Banana

Today I had meeting day and it went well. We are now over a week ahead in planning for gatherings. This week I am going to try to get ahead in my message preparation. (Yeah right)

We went to LOWES tonight to look at microwaves and price them out. Ours died in mid-warm up of left over meatloaf. Fun!

Our gathering went well yesterday. We dedicated children and looked at the story of Abraham offering Isaac up as a sacrifice. It was fun to study and teach, but I had way too much to say and way too little time. It could have easily been a two week study by itself! But I think the main thoughts cam across when I had to cut the last three pages off because of time! :) STEVE LEARN TO TRIM! THIS IS A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT!

But one thing I do realize is that now that I am speaking more regularly I am still feeling like there is not enough time in the year to get all that I want to teach on out there! I thought the hardest thing about speaking regularly would be coming up with stuff that was fresh, but the hardest part is deciding what not to do and putting away cool ideas for another day. (I guess the veteran pastors are saying - just wait sonny!) I know I am ignorant, but let me stay in my bliss for a little while longer.

Vicki is currently painting the kitchen green and I am plopped on the sofa with the dog. Wow, I am a helpful husband! WHAT!

Be kind, please rewind,

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Great leadership mock articles at the twisted banana. Check it out... link at left.

Watermark has a partner church in New Zealand named SHORE GRACE. It is led by Mike Yates. They launched today! Here is their report! I am excited about developing relationships with churches like SHORE GRACE to advance what God is doing! For more info. on this new church we are in relationship with:

Here is the report email from Mike following their launch!

Steve I haven't e mailed anyone else yet...wanted you to know...
201 in attendence! Way exceeded our expectations. Many of them well wishers and fellow Wesleyans but you know what's great...i (know) all these different people who we didn't know last week who are now saying they want to be a part of Shore Grace!!! (from the local area) Worship was awesome...Matt and the team did a great job. The Lord blessed. Non Christians were there and some redemptive conversations were had with people and bystanders interested in knowing what was going on. We even feed some street youth at the BBQ before hand. I don't know that they stayed for the service but they experienced the Lord's hospitality. Such a good location. Right in the hub of the village. The Lord challenged others on different levels......He's building his church. We got a great offering from the Lord's faithful servants.

We have felt so lifted in prayer and supported from you guys. Let me know how you are doing and how we can pray for you. Thanks for the encouragement notes Steve, it was just what I needed for the countdown.

Another church is planted, praise God!


God is moving all over the world! It is fun to be a part of it!

Happy Birthday Wade!


Saturday, November 15, 2003

Hey - I just added a counter to see if people read this... but to be honest - I guess I do this more for myself. Maybe though, you get encouraged some times through this... If not keep reading and maybe someday you will. :)

Today we went to the Flint area to celebrate the 99th birthday of Vicki's grand father. 99! Holy Cow - one year from now he will be able to be highlighted on the Today show for the Smuckers old folks celebration moment with Willard Scott. (Boy was that a horrible sentence!) Anyways - it was good and we had a good time eating fast food and driving in the dark while the rain beat down on our easy tip Trooper. BUT we are home and safe and we are gearing up for tomorrow's gathering.

Our web site for Watermark should be up Jan.1st. It will come down to whether or not we get the stuff to our graphic guru and his wonderful wife. We hope that it will be a great front door for people as well as an information hub.

Have you ever watched "Clean Sweep?" It is half decorating and half pop psychology. People wrapped up in their old stuff and the organizers talking them down from the fear to let go... It is whacked yo! But it is my wife's favorite show - maybe because I need to let go of my old junk - like baseball cards, clay heads, old toys and college notebooks with notes from classes I hated. WHAT! I AM WHACKED!

I close with lyrics from an old song I loved back in the day,

"Last night I dreamt
that somebody loved me
no hope - but no harm
just another false alarm"


Keep punching,

Friday, November 14, 2003

Got back today from the "Marriage Rendezvous." Vicki and I went to the marriage conference where we got to help and soak stuff up. I warmed the crowd up with questions to couples like, "what habit do you wish your spouse would get rid of?" We then would put them on the big screen in front of thousands while sticking a microphone in their face. It was fun. We even had the crowd dancing to Barnie's "I love you song" which was performed by an attendee... Vicki helped with merchandise and we both helped tear down. We also were able to attend and get some great insights into marriage. It was inspiring and we had a great talk about our marriage and areas we want to grow in... I'm praying that I can make some great strides.

Anyways - my mom stayed with the kids over night so we could go to a hotel in Grand Rapids! Very cool to just get away and be able to sleep in this morning! Friday's are typically my day off so it worked out well... (Even though some of you think that everyday is a pastor's day off - right fake blonde bongo boy?) :)

Well - I need to finish up my message right now. I am pumped about the story we are going over this week! Abraham offering up Isaac! WOW - incredible story - fantastic foreshadowing of Jesus - deep and big stuff! Also we have child dedication this week - so it should fit well.

Enough jibber jabber - may God bless you this weekend!

Oh, I want to close with another lyric from a song from back in the day that I like.... (I think only Kevin Stinehart will care and maybe Kory - but it's fun for me...)

I know the PERFECT SONG! It was the ultimate slow dance song for my kind of teen back in the 80's... And it fits the theme of loving my awesome wife! Enjoy:

Depeche Mode Somebody lyrics

I want somebody to share
Share the rest of my life
Share my innermost thoughts
Know my intimate details
Someone who'll stand by my side
And give me support
And in return
She'll get my support
She will listen to me
When I want to speak
About the world we live in
And life in general
Though my views may be wrong
They may even be perverted
She'll hear me out
And won't easily be converted
To my way of thinking
In fact she'll often disagree
But at the end of it all
She will understand me

I want somebody who cares
For me passionately
With every thought and
With every breath
Someone who'll help me see things
In a different light
All the things I detest
I will almost like
I don't want to be tied
To anyone's strings
I'm carefully trying to steer clear of
Those things
But when I'm asleep
I want somebody
Who will put their arms around me
And kiss me tenderly
Though things like this
Make me sick
In a case like this
I'll get away with it

Oh Martin L Gore is so sensitive.


Tuesday, November 11, 2003

If you are reading this and have skills in setting up templates for blogs and think this site could use some serious help - drop me an email if you can help or have a template I could use. Thanks!

Today I am sick. I have been laying low all day and feeling horrible.
I did get to study the scripture we are studying this week at the gathering... (Gen.22)

I wanted to let everyone know (all 3 of you who read this) that my Dad's Blog is back in business! Check out Dave's Dusty. I happen to think that my dad is an incredible man of God and the real deal - so maybe his thoughts and chat about life can be beneficial to check out...

Tonight "24" is on! Jack Bauer Time!

Anyways - tomorrow we have a planning day to plan out the gatherings for the next month or so... Hopefully I'll be back in action. :)

I think I'm going to close these blogs out with lyrics from songs I like from back in the day:
"When the routine bites hard
and ambitions are low
And the resentment rides high
but emotions won't grow
And we're changing our ways,
taking different roads
Then love, love will tear us apart
again (4) - Joy Division


Sunday, November 09, 2003

Great gathering this morning! It is always so much fun to see the different people connecting in and building relationships. I walk away from gatherings every week totally amazed and uplifted that we get to be invoved with this movement of God.

Tonight we got together with the "core team" for some hang time, hearing stories and being reminded of why we are doing what we are doing - or rather - why we are being who we are being.


So it was awesome to get together, encourage, love, listen and praise God. It was awesome to share the vision and mission again. I need to hear it myself at least once every week...or I get selfish, tired and discouraged.

Thanks God for your Word the Bible - it is the ultimate vision book - it is the greatest mission manual - it is the ultimate love letter!

Gotta jet -


Saturday, November 08, 2003

I came across a site from a friend and thought they had some funny takes on Mike Ilitch - who I am not a fan of...
Anyways: It is called: The Twisted Banana (seems twisted)

I found that it may keep you out unless you go to it and back in and out of it... Maybe it was just my Mac. :)

The link has been added in case you want to go there... Also is a fun place to check out. Kory has put that page together (under the link: Kory's book) For your enjoyment. We love KevinStinehart and the web site made in his name!


Thursday, November 06, 2003

Had a great dinner with our neighbors - we took them out to Damon's - the place for ribs. Hopefully we were able to just be encouraging to them. We are trying to make a connection with them - they are great. They've been coming to Watermark, which is cool too...

Going to matrix revolutions right now. :) Giddy up!

I am the sci-fi geek!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Last night I was in the hot tub with my daughter and it was raining a bit.
I stood the cover up against the deck next to the tub.

All of a sudden a huge wind kicked up and knocked the cover down back onto the tub.
I didn't see a thing and whammy I got nailed on the top of the head.
This thing is HEAVY! I tried to re-orient myself and figure out what happened.
Autumn was missed because it landed on my head! :)

Anyways - the reason I was in the tub in the first place was to bring relief to a head ache.
I was totally foggy and had a horrible pain in my head.

I think I have a very slight concussion. Feeling nausea a bit yesterday and slightly today. A bit clumsy. And also feel like I am in a fog - like I can't fully wake up. Anyways - my message prep. today was not real helpful because I kept forgetting what I read.

I think I just need to take it easy today. :)

Maybe a trip to the hot tub will help!


Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I am reading a ton on Abraham today.
There, I blogged.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Wow - what a great sunday!
7 people baptized from Watermark and a guest who decided to go public right there at poolside!
Anyways it was amazing! Baptisms are always my favorite because they are full of stories.

Steve T. did a great job with a groups orientation following the gathering. I am extremely excited about where we are heading with groups. We are ripping off New Life Church in Colorado - we are using a West Michiganized version of their system. For more info or understanding go to:
Check it out and read about it. Good thoughts on de-centralizing ministries and helping people far from God make the connection.

So overall a great day - our small group rocks and Alicia is doing a tremendous job at organizing us. Baptisms! Great team! Groups getting going! God is blessing and it is all because of Him! Wo to me if I ever feel like it's me!

Well - tomorrow I'm doing the message prep. thing. :)


Saturday, November 01, 2003

My wife rocks!
I spent over six hours today editing a video and when I returned home late... I was greeted with a hot meal and an understanding smile!
Anyways Steve Thompson and I slugged out the video for tomorrows baptism stories. Seven people are scheduled to be dunked!

I want to again thank Spring Lake Wesleyan for their generosity and Kingdom spirit - they let us use their video editing suite. Also I got some left over candy from their candy carnival last night... Yumm...keep me fatted up!

Tomorrow I am speaking about Genesis 3 - the rebellion of man and woman and the pull to sin. We are looking at God's Question that opens us up for repentance... that question is: "where are you?" I pray that tomorrow people will respond to that question with a heart that is open to God.

We have a life groups meeting following the gathering. Going over our philosophy and all that jazz...

By the way - if you live in the Grand Haven area and are looking for a salon to have your hair done... then check out a new one staring soon - GINGER'S. Cool look inside - cool people cutting - cool style all the while. WHAT!

There - I promoted a great new business. :)

See you at the YMCA tomorrow!

Good week, but busy. Tracking down people who are getting baptized - going over stuff - video work... yada yada yada.
I had a very cool time with one couple that made a cool decision in following God - which was the coolest thing of the week!
(Can you tell the word, "cool" is on my mind.) I am the Fonz.
I am excited about the baptisms - this will be a great encouragement!

Vicki speaks tomorrow at a women's conference with my mom. They are doing a talk on 'The in's and out's of mother & daughter in laws'
Vicki has been sick most of the week and without a voice so we are praying that God will give her back her voice before tomorrow.

We are back at the YMCA this week - then back to the highschool! Gotta be flexible! :)

Anyways - got some good stuff done this week... Chairs ordered and being shipped... Office rental finalized with a great local Christian ministry in town... Insurance stuff taken care of... Baptisms organized... and heaps more. Not bad for a week of feeling a bit sick and dare I say crabby.

Well - tomorrow I'm with the kiddos - hopefully mowing the back yard - setting up for sunday - and working on the baptism video.