Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back in the Pocket

I am back in the pocket. I have returned from my time in jam packed NYC. Many highlights, but the best was spending time with my dad. I got to see the Yankees lose, eat breakfast outdoors every morning, take in Times Square lights, eat NY cheesecake, take a nap, read a couple books, ponder in Central Park, try Japanese candy, etc... It was a refreshing time. I am sure my dad will post some pics and I'll rip him off and add to his reflections or photos. Go there:Dibs Maturing

My dad and I did see this dude (Richard Belzer from Law and Order) eating with friends.

Of course I saw him and promptly ignored him.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Big Deurty in the City

211.3 New York City - Broadway - USA

I am getting out of Dodge and heading to NYC for five nights with Dibs (aka: Deurty Old Man, aka: Dibs Maturing, aka: my dad.) I am looking forward to this trip and it is coming at a really good time.

I hope and pray that it will be refreshing and a good infusion of creativity and vision. Going to a big city always seems to stir my heart. I'll be reading, journaling, visiting sites, planning some leadership things, and having fun. We are going to a Yankee game and I'll be quietly rooting against them. (Sorry Nate Sean) We will be visiting a couple churches while we are there. The ones I am sure about are linked below:

Redeemer Pres.
Brooklyn Tab.

We'll do the prayer meeting on Tuesday night at the Brooklyn Tab.

Anyways I'd appreciate your prayers for my family as I am away and for my own soul's renewal. Also that my dad will be okay with me walking into him. :)

Thompson is 36 today,

PS: One of my all time favorite posts by my dad is from July 2003 and it was a rant about lawn ornaments. (This fits nicely with the season we are in.) Enjoy!

"...Steve and I went to Menards to pickup a part for his monster lawn mower and while we were there, I noticed a few of those "lawn ornaments". Maybe you've seen them. Maybe some of you even have one in your front yard. What's up with those things?! They look like a shiny glass bowling ball on a pedestal. The sign advertising these for sale - as if they expect people to actually buy this trash - said that these lawn decorations are for "gazing". Give me one good reason to gaze at a glass ball that's sitting in your yard on top of a pedestal. I don't get it. I believe these glass balls are equipped with hidden antennas that allow extraterrestials to eavesdrop on us. Don't fall for this ploy. If you need to put one of these gazing balls in your yard, at least protect all of us by enclosing it in a lead sleeve. Thanks!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What would really stand out around here?

This week we are talking about being an alternative transformational community. This is a mouthful, but a great image.

In the book of Acts (in the Bible) it describes the earliest followers of Jesus as a community that stood out in the surrounding culture. They were promiscuous with their money and stingy(chaste) with their bodies. This stood out.

I may have commented on this before and so forgive me if I have, but it appears that, as followers of Jesus, our primary concern in being an alternative to the surrounding culture is to just listen to Christian music (which I like some), avoid swearing (we all have different levels of what swearing is), don't drink booze (for some denominations), don't smoke (at least don't inhale), don't ride a motorcycle (unless it is a Harley for most pastors trying to keep their mojo), etc...

Are these really the distinctive marks of a life following Jesus? These are so easy. What about character issues? What about not seeking revenge when we are hurt and forgiving the person who harmed us? What about living simply and not using or getting more than we need? What about being ridiculously generous?

So my question to you: How could a follower of Jesus really stand out in our community?

I wanna pop,


Monday, May 07, 2007

Taking credit goes both ways.

Have you ever noticed that when someone tells a parent that their baby is adorable the parent says, "thank you." Maybe they are speaking for the baby who is unable to say, "thank you." But it seems as if the parents are taking credit for the baby being cute. I am sure that good looking people have a better chance of producing a child that is so cute that you could just "eat his little face." But what about babies that are not nice to look at? Should we have parent's apologize for their baby's looks? If we take credit for the cute we should probably take credit for the not cute. (code for ugly)

So, I want to say thanks for my kids and I want to apologize on behalf of my parents for me. :)

Out on the streets - out where we meet...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It's over. I am out. We raised, $460.00 thanks to some really generous people. Thanks again to those who contributed. Thanks also for sticking with me as I took time to talk about this. I hung out with Maryanne Gregory (from Watermark and also in jail) at Snug Harbor and got to eat some donated grub from Arbys while I made some phone calls. (Including you Wade Breeden!)

Why did I do this?
First of all, I was asked. Oh the power of "the ask." I forget about the power of being asked. It forces you to make a decision.

Secondly, I wanted to participate in a community oriented event. As a pastor it can be easy to get focused on only the local church and this was another way to help the wider community and assist in a cause that wasn't my normal environment. (I believe the local church has to be my focused environment, but sometimes it is easy to become limited in my focus.)

Third, it was a stretch that I wanted to do. My word for the year was, "courage." This pushed me out of my comfort zone to serve in a different capacity.

Finally, I got to have a swell picture- which I'll throw up here soon. :)

Ah, freedom!

Tonight is the first softball game of the year. Prepare to be mercied.

Lock up time

Today at 1 pm I will get arrested "for good." My goal was to raise $1,000 and so far we have raised $390. If you have been considering giving but haven't yet you can visit my MDA website and donate online. Thanks again - this should be interesting. :)

Deur MDA Lock up

Slammer jammer,

I'll give you an update.