Tuesday, July 25, 2006

this week...

hey gang (all two of you beautiful people you!),
last week i spoke at a youth camp in indiana. it went well and our family had a great time.
autumn cut her self and received nine stiches. it is a hard thing to watch your child in pain and to know they must go through it. she was brave and i was proud of how well she did.

autumn and i got to go sailing, which was a real treat. i really had a great time and found it relaxing. i would love to get a little sailboat (sunfish). good fun!

the past couple of weeks we have been meeting at mulligan's hollow on the lawn and it has gone very well... in michigan you need to take advantage of the weather in the summer or you are bumming all winter!

this week we are meeting at the waterfront stadium near downtown GH town. 10 am.

lots to do this week so i will say hasta lavista,

Monday, July 10, 2006

This week in gathering...

Meet with us for the next couple weeks (July 16 & 23) at Mulligan's Hollow behind the YMCA in Grand Haven.

We are getting together at 10 am.

Bring a lawnchair or blanket.

The weather is supposed to be amazing! So get out into the sun and hang with the gang...

Hola & Adios,

Friday, July 07, 2006

I am a sci-fi dweeb, but I am okay with that.

I have been hanging out with J-Z (Jerry McCammon) on Tuesday evenings to watch the short lived series, "Firefly." I have totally been sucked in to the story, the characters, and the whole backdrop. I am bummed that this series didn't make it beyond a season, but they did get a full length feature film called, "Serenity," which is good, but you miss some of the clever interactions between the characters... Anyways - if you enjoy science fiction and want to try something different - I encourage you to rent the series on DVD... A little joy in the middle of the week. Plus, I get to hang out with J-Z.

This weekend we will be gathering at Grand Haven High School at 10 am.

you can't take the sky from me,

Monday, July 03, 2006

Throw your arm out

My brother in law and I decided to throw the baseball around yesterday afternoon.
I felt like a kid again as we threw fly balls to eachother, tagged out imaginary runners, and fielded ground balls. Playing catch has been one of the most simple and meaningful connecting events in my life. I know that is a big fat statement, but I think it is true.

Playing catch with my dad is a huge memory for me.
Pitching with my mom as she squated like a catcher for me as a young high school boy on a Colorado vacation.
Playing long toss and spending countless hours with William as we threw the ball around.
Warming up in high school with friends.
Out on the lawn with Paul, at Spring Arbor, while cutting class on an exceptionally warm day.
Playing catch with new friends in Australia as a part of the Seven Hills baseball team.
Warming up with Watermark softball fellas - the perfect moment, before the perfect storm!
And now a time of chucking the ball to Bif.

Good times with two gloves, one ball, and hope.

Happy fourth of July - and if you have a kid - go play catch with them.