Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Stopped in to say hi and to say I am excited about the new conversation series about Jesus.

Want to see funny videos?
Go to: and download some hilarious clips of our warped views of Jesus.

Buying bunkbeds,

Thursday, March 16, 2006

the end?

I am seriously thinking about taking a big fat break from blogging.
I write this to say that I may not be around for a while, but I will be checking in on others.

blah blah blah

I may change my mind... i may blog occasionally at certain points... i may just throw it out for a spell and come back another day.


love you like a healthy diet of government cheese :)

The social game of first graders

My daughter recently came home with an interesting story. She shared that some kids in her class said some things to exclude her. She was frustrated, but loyal to them as I tried to squeeze out the details.

First, let me say that it is hard to get information from kids when they want to avoid talking about something. I need to go to the "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" seminar on kid interogation. :)

Second, my own emotions got clouded quickly. I was defensive and angry for my daughter. I was hurting for her. I was remembering my own experiences of being left out and sidelined through words. My clarity on the situation was harmed by my own emotions as a father.

Third, I wanted to get back - to make it right - to fix it! First, call the parent and shame them for being such a terrible parent that produced such an evil child. Second, to make small hurtful - almost undetected comments to the kid who set this up - so that I would knock them back into emotional pre-school. Third, protect, protect, protect - my daughter. Fatherhood is a powerful thing - I think it could move me to almost anything...

My first reactions seem to be as childish as the first grade child that started this thing! I think we keep a lot of the same games of first graders when we become a "mature" adult, but we get better at spiritualizing them and dressing them up.

Anyways - protection isn't always the best policy on all levels. Where can my children have freedom to fail - to feel brokenenss - to be hurt? I can't rob them of shaping moments that will make them more wise, kind and dependent on God - because I am an emotional first grader ready to pounce.

I really sense a need to rely on God as a parent.
To teach my kids their identity in Jesus Christ.
To give support and care as they navigate tough stuff.
To allow them to be the key player in bringing resolution to a tough situation.
To listen first and try to give advice second.
To take a step back and get some wisdom.
To learn. ("you gotta learn" - dave deur)

Anyways - parenting is hard work, but one of the most rewarding, joyful, and life shaping experiences!

rattle and hum,

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Fabulous Life of Jesus of Nazareth

In a couple of weeks we will begin a conversation series with the above title.
In a nutshell we will be looking at the life of Jesus.
We often see Jesus as the universal - Son of God - savior, but we will be looking at who the man Jesus is why his thirty three years of living is important to us.
Should be fun to explore the man, the mission, and the methods of Jesus of Nazareth and what this means to us as followers of Jesus.

I now prefer Diet Coke over regular Coke,

If I start liking TAB... hurt me.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

drive and prayer

Well we are loading up to head back to Michigan.
Vicki woke up sick and we are hoping it is morning sickness.
Please pray that she will feel better for the long car ride ahead.

Praying and thinking of the Watermark crew as they gather together today...


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Little H-bomb

Today my son, Harrison, turns three.
Today my sister, Lisa, turns thirty.
Today I got burned.
Today we pack up to come home.

Happy Birthdays all around.

I think there are churches that need to be planted in Florida for just the winter monthes... :)

red skinned deurty boy,

Friday, March 03, 2006


Today we go to Busch Gardens.

Went to Lakeland to hang out with retired Free Methodist people. Good time in the pool, but I think the kids splashing frustrated some of the older people who wanted to retire in Florida with a crabby disposition. :)

Last night we went to the Globetrotters and the kids loved them. When they actually played basketball they looked extremely athletic, but a bit sloppy. Their tricks were fantastic and they are great entertainers and the kids had a blast. The Nationals (the team they played) were playing "no hands up, a step behind" defense.

Peace, love and harmony,

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sand as white as snow

Our days have been filled with sitting at the pool and eating.

Yesterday we went to Siesta Key to go to the beach. The sand is unbelievable. White, cool to the touch, extremely fine, and soft texture. It is like a whole beach of cocaine. Or maybe powdered sugar. In anycase - it was nice.

Today we go to Lakeland to visit family and tonight we catch the globetrotters. I am sure they will remind me of the Wesco Ballers. :)

Been reading a book entitled, "the Question Behind the Question." Basically a book that is filled with common sense and a push toward personal responsibility. The premise is: the questions you ask will determine the answers you get. So ask the right questions - the solution oriented questions... Questions that start with HOW or WHAT are good questions. Questions that involve you are solution oriented are good. So in a situation where we want to throw a pity party and say, "Why are they... or When will they... or Who will do...?" We say, "How can I help find a solution?" "What can I do to communicate better?" See, basic. But, it is always good to be reminded to be action oriented, a team player and positive.

Have a swell day!