Monday, June 02, 2014

It has been eleven years since I left my position at Spring Lake Wesleyan Church (now All Shores Wesleyan) to embark on planting Watermark Church. I spent some time and looked back through the posts from that first Summer.  Good memories, but also a lot of fear and insecurity. I don't think those things ever really go away.

I remember walking around the downtown area of Grand Haven that Summer of 2003. I spent time walking around town, praying, meeting people, writing down notes and reading. That was a good Summer filled with a lot of new relationships and risks.

I'd like to  revisit the intentional missional posture that I tried to live out. Perhaps this Summer will be a time of adventure and seeking to discover where God is already doing His stuff...and seeking to humbly join in.

God, reveal what you are up to.  Deepen our relationship and give me courage to respond to Your moves.  Amen.


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